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Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Morsi

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The Muslim Brotherhood now controls Egypt after their candidate – Mohamed Morsi – was declared the winner of recent Presidential Elections there. The Brotherhood’s rise to power follows the deposing of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, with the help and support of the Barack Obama Administration. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar” filled Egypt’s Tahrir Square once the decision was announced. Now, of course, those who said the Brotherhood would never even field a candidate are saying there is no need to fear the radical Muslim group because the military is in firm control of Egypt in many ways. No worries.

Muslim Brotherhood Candidate Mohamed Morsi Declared Winner of Egypt’s Presidential Election – Video 6/24/12

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Remember this? I can’t resist posting it again. It is video of Niall Ferguson just destroying Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy, particularly related to his decision to throw Egyptian President Hosni Mubarack under the bus in support of the “Arab Spring.” This is Ferguson on February 14, 2011 on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where he totally burst the bubble of the crew who were still basking in the glow of what they believed was the second American Revolution. Ferguson was eerily prophetic, pointing out that Obama had essentially opened the door for the radical Islamic “Muslim Brotherhood” to take power in Egypt, and said if that happens, you will be looking at something akin to what happened in “1979″ when Iran fell to the radical Islamists when Jimmy Carter was President.

In early 2011, the media was hailing Obama for the “success” of the Arab Spring, and claimed there was no chance the “Muslim Brotherhood” would take power, because they said they were not a political party and would not have a Presidential Candidate. And if they did, there was nothing to fear because they are secular.

But now the Muslim Brotherhood just won the Egyptian Election and they are clearly an Islamist Party. Today, as well as in early 2011, Rush Limbaugh – like Ferguson – was warning we were looking at Barack Obama being another Jimmy Carter and Egypt falling under radical Islamist control as Iran did. Be sure and watch this video. It’s a classic as Ferguson just destroys the Left and Obama’s Foreign Policy even as they desperately tried to claim the “Arab Spring” was a great victory.

Flashback Video: Niall Ferguson on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Destroys Obama’s Foreign Policy on Egypt; Predicts Muslim Brotherhood Takeover; Likens it to Carter Losing Iran to Radicals – Video 2/14/11

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh reminds listeners he predicted in early 2011 that the vaunted “Arab Spring” supported by Barack Obama would turn into the fall of Egypt to Islamic Radicals just as Jimmy Carter lost Iran to the radicals in 1979. With the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, that has now come to pass, despite what everything the liberals were saying in early 2011.

Remember Professor Niall Ferguson destroying Obama’s Foreign Policy in February 2011 and predicting the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Limbaugh: Obama has Lost Egypt to Radical Islamists the way Jimmy Carter Lost Iran in 1979 – Audio 6/18/12

Here is a video report on the decision by the Obama Administration to grant Egypt’s “Muslim Brotherhood” White House meetings this week. The Muslim Brotherhood was assisted greatly by Obama last year in pushing longtime Dictator Hosni Mubarak from power. They promised then they would not try to seize power, but are now explicitly violating their promise not to run a Presidential Candidate in this June’s election. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to impose Sharia Law in Egypt, and they want to throw out the peace treaty with Israel.

Why in the world Obama would choose to grant them White House meetings rather than simply talk with them via the U.S. Ambassador and through State Department channels is beyond me. The Muslim Brotherhood will make hay back home with their victory of being invited to the White House. While the Obama Administration officially claims to support the more moderate candidate in the Election, their actions just gave more legitimacy to the candidate who would place Egypt under the rule of Islamic Sharia Law.

Obama Administration Grants White House Meeting to “Muslim Brotherhood” that Wants to Impose Sharia Law on Egypt – Video Report 4/5/12

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