Nancy Pelosi Outraged that Republicans would Tell the Truth about Attempted Assassination by Radical Dem against GOP Congressmen – Video 6/16/17

President Trump Banters Back and Forth with Schumer, Pelosi as He Officially Signs His Cabinet Nominations in the U.S. Capitol – Video 1/20/17

Ohio Dem Rep. Tim Ryan: Democrats are “Not Even a National Party at this Point” – Video 11/21/16

Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Struggling with White Men because of “Guns, Gays and God” – Video 7/27/16

Thin-skinned Nancy Pelosi Plays the “Gender Card” on a Female Reporter for Asking if She’s Thought about Stepping Down as Minority Leader – Video 11/13/14

Nancy Pelosi Says Jonathan Gruber has Disavowed His ObamaCare Deception Remarks, and “I Don’t Know Who He Is. . . .” – Video 11/13/14

Good Grief: Nancy Pelosi Won’t Say We are at War with ISIS – Video 9/15/14

Nancy Pelosi: “Civilization as We Know it is in Jeopardy” if Republicans Win back the U.S. Senate – Video 9/12/14

Nancy Pelosi Races Across House Floor after GOP Rep. Tom Marino Tells the Truth about Democrats and Immigration – Video 8/1/14

Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare: “It’s Beautiful” – Video 5/27/14

Democrats Cave: Pelosi Appoints Five Members to House Select Committee on Benghazi – Videos 5/21/14

Nancy Pelosi: GOP Should Just Drop Benghazi because People are Tired of It; Should Pass Amnesty and Gun Control Instead – Video 5/9/14

Nancy Pelosi: ObamaCare had Nothing to do with Democrats Losing 63 Seats in the House of Representatives in 2010! – Video 5/4/14

Pelosi Uses a Favorite Democrat Euphemism for “Government Spending” to Explain How they Will Balance the Budget: “Investments” – Video 4/6/14

Larry Sabato: Nancy Pelosi Wrong about ObamaCare being a Positive for Democrats in 2014 Midterms – Video 3/20/14

Nancy Pelosi Bristles at Reporter’s use of Word “ObamaCare”: “It’s Called the ‘Affordable Care Act’. . . Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable!” – Video 3/20/14

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