Under Obama, National Debt Approaches $18 Trillion; Obama Called Bush “Unpatriotic” for $9 Trillion Debt – Videos

Sen. Marco Rubio Slams Budget Deal Passed by the House: “The Ultimate Government Shutdown” is a “Debt Crisis” – Video 12/13/13

Sen. Marco Rubio Responds to Paul Ryan “Read the Deal and Get back to Me” Jab – Video 12/13/13

What Does the $17 Trillion U.S. National Debt Look Like? Sizing it Up – Video 10/17/13

Obama: “Raising the Debt Ceiling, which has been done over 100 Times, Does Not Increase our Debt” – Video 9/18/13


President Obama takes to the Microphone to Attack Republicans under Guise of Concern over coming “Sequester” Cuts – Complete Video 2/19/13

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If you’ve ever been tempted to think that Barack Obama and the Democrats have any intention of dealing with the nation’s debt – driven largely by Medicare and Medicaid spending – watch this discussion between Joe Scarborough and David Axelrod / Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. It’s clear they have no intention of doing anything about the massive deficit spending that has added nearly $6 Trillion to the National Debt in just four years of Barack Obama as President.

Joe Scarborough can’t get Democrats David Axelrod, Gov. Martin O’Malley to Admit Entitlement Spending is Bankrupting the Country – Video 1/21/13

Via The Rightnewz, here is flashback video to four years ago today – January 7, 2009, when Barack Obama was the President-Elect, 13 days away from taking office. He talked about the “irresponsibility” of the massive debt facing the nation, and the near-trillion dollar annual debt he was going to inherit. He said he was going to take strong action to get America’s fiscal house in order.

Yet, four years later, he has added nearly $6 Trillion to that “irresponsible” debt, and has run more than $1 Trillion annual budget deficits EVERY year he has been President! He just pushed through a “Fiscal Cliff” Deal that raised taxes but had no spending cuts. This is a good example of how Barack Obama operates. In public statements he portrays himself to be something he is not. He passes himself off as a moderate, reasonable, average-American who intends to do the right thing. In reality, he is a radical Leftist who is committed to massive debt, high taxes and an ever-growing Federal Government.

Flashback: Obama in 2009 Talked about the “Irresponsibility” of the Nation’s Debt; Has Added Nearly $6 Trillion to It as President – Video 1/7/2009

The Drudge Headline this morning, linking to this Breitbart story, pretty well says it all about the “Deal” passed by the U.S. Senate (89-8) last night to supposedly avoid the “Fiscal Cliff.” But the real “Cliff” of mounting debt and out-of-control spending by the Federal Government is still out there. It’s interesting to note that Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Rand Paul voted “No” on the deal. Both are possible GOP Presidential Candidates for 2016.

The House of Representatives has not yet voted on the “Deal,” and conservative House Republicans are not happy about the increase in taxes and almost complete lack of spending cuts in the deal worked out by Vice-President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

UPDATE 11:30 AM ET: Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey thinks the House Republicans will “grudgingly” go along with this deal. But Ed sees a possible “silver lining” in the deal for Republicans:

“The deal did not include any resolution on either the sequester or the debt limit. If there is a silver lining for Republicans, it’s that they have successfully delinked tax rates and spending issues in this fight. The next round of bargaining will deal only with government spending, and House Republicans will have the debt ceiling as a powerful card to play.

With the Senate voting 89-8 in favor of the bill, I’d guess that House Republicans will grudgingly go along with the deal, with a big assist from House Democrats this time around. They have until tomorrow to get the deal done in this session of Congress, though, so expect to hear plenty of debate first. . . .”

U.S. Senate Approves “Fiscal Cliff” Deal that Raises Taxes and has Virtually No Spending Cuts; Faces House Today; Marco Rubio, Rand Paul Vote “No” – 1//1/13

Here is a new ad from “Fix the Debt,” founded by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson. Bowles and Simpson headed Barack Obama’s “Debt Commission” which came forth early in his first term with multiple suggestions on what needed to be done to fix the debt. Barack Obama rejected most of what they brought forward.

Erskine Bowles in 2011 pretty openly said Obama failed to lead on implementing the plan:

“Fix the Debt,” founded by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, puts out First Ad – Video 12/15/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan on “Face the Nation” today where he said Barack Obama is a person who “says one thing and does another.” That’s particularly so when it comes to cutting the nation’s annual budget deficit, which Obama promised to cut in half during his first term. Instead, he has never brought forward a budget that even attempted to cut the deficit, and has actually ballooned it. Ryan said he and Mitt Romney are offering Americans “a better economic choice” for the future that will get the U.S. Economy “growing again.”

Paul Ryan: Barack Obama is a Person Who “Says One Thing and Does Another”; Vows He and Mitt Romney Will Offer Americans “A Better Economic Choice” – Video 9/9/12

Something you won’t hear a word about at the Democratic Convention this week is the news that the United States has now gone over the $16 TRILLION mark in National Debt. Poetic justice that it happened on the day the Democrats began their National Convention. Yet, they remain unhinged from reality, talking endlessly about the need to “invest” in everything and everyone imaginable. “Invest” is their favorite euphemism for “tax and spend.” It’s all they know.

This ad from the RNC reminds voters that Barack Obama called $9 Trillion in Debt “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic,” but has added $6 Trillion to that number in less than 4 years as President! ObamaCare looms on the horizon, promising to only further explode the debt, along with all the other Government bailouts and boondoggles that await in a second Obama Term as President. If we are ever going to turn this fiscal nightmare around, it must begin with voting Barack Obama out of office.

As Democrats Celebrate and Praise their Tax and Spend Philosophy, U.S. National Debt Moves Past $16 Trillion – Video 9/4/12

Here is video of a new Republican National Committee (RNC) ad called “My Daughter’s Future,” and it hammers Barack Obama for running up massive deficits that mortgage the future for America’s children.

New RNC Ad Hammers Obama for Mortgaging the Future of America’s Children – Video 2/13/12

Back in July of 2008, Barack Obama calls it “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” to add $4 trillion to the national debt. In the video below White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest is asked how he would characterize Obama having added his own $4 trillion to the debt in under 3 years. Is it “unpatriotic” as well? Earnest’s response was to blame Bush and say that Obama’s spending was necessary in order to “pull us back from the brink of another great depression.”

H/t: HotAirPundit

Obama In 2008: Adding $4 Trillion to Debt Is “Irresponsible” and “Unpatriotic”

If you haven’t already seen it, you must go here to see an incredible visualization of America’s massive national debt. Sobering, to say the least.

An Incredible Visualization of America’s National Debt

Just how big is our National Debt? $14,300,000,000,000. IowaHawk explains that is equal to 16 million tons of $1 Bills. He has set his explanation to the wonderful song, “16 Tons,” by Tennessee Ernie Ford.


A New Way of Looking at the Size of the National Debt: “16 Tons” – Video

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