Here is video of Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie yesterday announcing his decision to appoint Hawaii’s Democratic Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz to replace late Sen. Daniel Inouye in the U.S. Senate. The appointment appears to be controversial among Democrats because Inouye, in a letter shortly before his death, reportedly requested that Democratic Rep. Colleen Hanabusa be tapped to replace him upon his death.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Appoints Hawaii Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz to Replace the Late Sen. Daniel Inouye in the U.S. Senate – Video 12/26/12

Here is a video report from Hawaii on the Obama Birth Certificate controversy, where Hawaii Governor – Democrat Neil Abercrombie – “clarifies” what he meant when he previously said he was “there” when Obama was born. Abercrombie says he meant he was “there in Hawaii” – not in the room. But he claims he saw baby Barack Obama shortly after his birth in Hawaii.

The report cites a Hawaii Health Official as claiming she has twice inspected Obama’s official birth certificate and that there is no question he was born in Hawaii.

As usual, no one answers why Obama cannot do what any average American can do – just give permission for his Birth Certificate – not the Certification of Live Birth – to be shown publicly. Obama could do that if he wanted to. For some reason, he does not. If it is there – and it very well may be – why in the world would a President/Presidential Candidate not just release the original in order to put this whole thing to rest?

Hawaii Democrat Governor Clarifies He was Not “There” at the Hospital when Obama was Born – Video Report 4/19/11

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