Jesse Jackson on “Cavuto” Asked by Neil to Condemn the Rioting and Looting in Charlotte – Video 9/22/16

Ben Carson Campaign Denies ever Conceding that Carson Lied about West Point Scholarship; Jeb Bush Stands by Carson – Video 11/6/15

Carly Fiorina Answers Criticism of Her Tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard – Video 5/6/15

Mitt Romney Skewers Candy Crowley: “Look, I can Fight Anybody so long as Candy Crowley isn’t the Referee” – Video 3/24/15

Dr. Ben Carson Responds to Neil Cavuto’s “You’re Running” for President: “You Could be Right” – Video 10/1/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: “Unfortunate” to see Democrats Treat Inquiry into the Deaths of Four Americans as a “Political Inconvenience” – Video 5/5/14

GOP Rep. Tom Cotton: “In the Long Run, We have to Repeal ObamaCare Entirely” – Video 4/7/14

Larry Sabato: Nancy Pelosi Wrong about ObamaCare being a Positive for Democrats in 2014 Midterms – Video 3/20/14

Ben Stein: If Obama was an Investment Banker, He “would be Charged with Criminal Fraud” due to ObamaCare Lies – Video 11/23/13

Sen. Rand Paul Hammers Gov. Chris Christie for “Embracing ObamaCare” – Video 11/20/13

Ron Paul on Chris Christie’s Politics: His Approach Will “Go the Way of Romney and McCain” – Video 11/6/13

MUST SEE: Neil Cavuto Plays 1963 Audio of John F. Kennedy Explaining How Cutting Taxes will Save the Economy – Video 8/23/13

Mark Levin on Cavuto Blasts the GOP: “Someone Tell Me what does the Republican Party Stand For Today? . . . It Stands for Mush!” – Video 8/20/13

Team Paul United: Ron Paul Says He Could Not Support Chris Christie as 2016 GOP Nominee – Video 8/13/13

Sen. Rand Paul: Use of Drones for “Law Enforcement” to Stop Active Crimes is Acceptable – Video 4/23/13

Sen. John McCain Apologizes for Calling Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz “Wacko Birds”; Cruz Praises McCain’s Courageous Service as a POW – Videos 3/15/13

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