MUST SEE: Neil Cavuto Plays 1963 Audio of John F. Kennedy Explaining How Cutting Taxes will Save the Economy – Video 8/23/13

Mark Levin on Cavuto Blasts the GOP: “Someone Tell Me what does the Republican Party Stand For Today? . . . It Stands for Mush!” – Video 8/20/13

Team Paul United: Ron Paul Says He Could Not Support Chris Christie as 2016 GOP Nominee – Video 8/13/13

Sen. Rand Paul: Use of Drones for “Law Enforcement” to Stop Active Crimes is Acceptable – Video 4/23/13

Sen. John McCain Apologizes for Calling Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz “Wacko Birds”; Cruz Praises McCain’s Courageous Service as a POW – Videos 3/15/13

It Turns Out Sarah Palin was Right about “Death Panels” in ObamaCare; “Mortality Index” being Developed to Determine Who Gets Treatment – Video 3/7/13

Mark Levin: Obama Trying to be an “Imperial President” who Seeks to “Smear and Crush His Opponents” – Video 2/28/13

Here is video of Neil Cavuto talking to Mark Levin this afternoon about President Obama’s Gun Control Executive Actions. Levin said some of them are just bizarre, while others are “un-American.” Levin said Obama’s order that doctors under ObamaCare can ask their patients about guns in their home is “fascistic.”

“Do we really want doctors reporting to the federal government if they think somebody might have violent tendencies? Do we really want to discourage people who have mental health issues, or people bringing them in to see their doctor, because they may become part of a national law enforcement database? How is that going to stop any crime?”

Mark Levin: Some of Obama’s Gun Control Executive Actions are “Fascistic” – Video 1/16/13

Here is GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan telling Neil Cavuto that the disastrous news of extremely slow “growth” show that the choice in this election is between continuing with Obama’s “pitiful results” or choosing a “real growth” agenda led by Romney/Ryan.

Paul Ryan: This Election is a Choice between continuing Obama’s “Pitiful Results” on the Economy, or Choosing the Romney/Ryan “Real Growth” Agenda – Video 9/27/12

Here is Gov. Mitt Romney in an interview segment yesterday with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. Romney discussed a wide range of topics, particularly his appearance yesterday before the NAACP.

Romney made it plain that he is going to share the same message of smaller Government and job creation no matter who he happens to be talking to. He said he actually believes he will chip away at Obama’s support among African-Americans.

Mitt Romney Interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto – Complete Video 7/11/12

Here is Mark Levin on with Neil Cavuto today where he said the Executive Branch of the United States Government is “out of control,” and he fully expects Obama to do everything he can to evade the decision of the Supreme Court if it decides to strike down the ObamaCare Mandate.

Levin said he is not convinced ObamaCare will be struck down, but believes it should be:

“The individual mandate is the greatest threat against the relationship between the individual in this country and the government we’ve faced since segregation. And I want to be very clear about that because we cannot have government telling us what to do and pushing us around this way so it is crucial that that provision of the statute to be stricken.”

Mark Levin: “The Individual Mandate is the Greatest Threat against the Relationship between the Individual in this Country and the Government we’ve Faced since Segregation” – Video 6/27/12

Here is video of Neil Cavuto talking to Rick Santorum by phone this afternoon, where he strongly defended himself against the furor over his remarks yesterday where he seemed to be saying, at least to many observers, that “we” might as well stick with Barack Obama as President than “risk” electing the “Etch-a-Sketch Candidate”, Mitt Romney. Santorum angrily told Cavuto he never said to vote for Obama over Romney. He explained his use of “We” in his remarks did not refer to him, but to the American people collectively. Santorum said repeatedly in this interview he would support Mitt Romney over Obama if Romney wins the Nomination.

As Cavuto questioned Santorum, the Senator sounded incredulous that anyone would think he ever meant he would support Obama over Romney. But he defended himself by saying this was not a “gaffe” on his part, but that it is “the hatchet job of all time.” It was clear from Santorum’s tone that he is very frustrated and put out about the whole controversy, and he maintained that Mitt Romney will have difficulty generating enthusiasm in the Fall Campaign if he is the GOP Nominee.

Via Hot Air

Frustrated Santorum Slams Furor over His Remarks on Romney vs. Obama as, “The Hatchet Job of All-Time”; Says He Never Meant He Would Support Obama over Romney – Video 3/23/12

Here is video of Neil Cavuto asking Mitt Romney today if he won’t have to put a “real conservative” on the ticket if he wins the GOP Nomination. Cavuto caught himself, and said, “I know you say you are a real conservative.”

Romney’s response: “That would preclude Rick Santorum,” whom he said is a conservative, but not a “fiscal conservative.

Neil Cavuto Asks Romney if He Won’t Need to Put a “Real Conservative” on the Ticket with Him: “That Would Preclude Rick Santorum” – Video 3/12/12

Here is video of Michael Reagan – son of former President Ronald Reagan – telling Neil Cavuto that “Newt Gingrich needs to find out who Newt Gingrich is.” By that, Reagan meant Gingrich has let others define him instead of putting forward his own “city on a hill” message that can galvanize support around him.

Reagan has endorsed Gingrich for President.

Via Fox Nation

Michael Reagan on Newt Gingrich: “Newt Gingrich Needs to Find Out Who Newt Gingrich Is” – Video 2/6/12

Here is video of Neil Cavuto talking by phone with Donald Trump yesterday where he said there is a distinct possibility he will run for President as a Independent in 2012 – particularly if “the Republicans nominate the wrong candidate.” Trump would not say who the “wrong candidate” would be. He did praise Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum for being willing to take part in the debate he was going to moderate for NewsMax, which Trump has now pulled the plug on since they were the only candidates willing to attend. Trump did say that if Newt Gingrich is the nominee – “Newt would be in great shape”apparently meaning a Gingrich nomination would mean no Independent Donald Trump run for President.

Donald Trump Says if Newt Gingrich is the GOP Presidential Nominee, “Newt would be in Great Shape” in Avoiding an Independent Trump Candidacy – Video 12/13/11

Here is video of Mitt Romney being interviewed today by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto. Romney got off a really good line about President Obama’s ridiculous spectacle today of trying to equate himself with Teddy Roosevelt in a speech he gave in Kansas. Romney said he was reminded today that Teddy Roosevelt formed the “Bull Moose Party” – “One of those words applies here when the President is talking about what he’d to to this economy.”

Via Fox Nation

Mitt Romney on Obama Trying to Equate Himself with Teddy Roosevelt: “‘Roosevelt Formed the Bull Moose Party. One of Those Words Applies Here” – Video 12/6/11

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