Obamavilles? Tent Cities Popping Up in New Jersey – Video Report 8/2/13


NJ Mom Sums Up the Role of Elected Officials in One-Minute: “It’s Not Your Job to Protect Me. . . It’s Your Job to Protect the Constitution and My Rights to Defend MYSELF!” – Video

Here is video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talking about the massive effort that will be needed to rebuild New Jersey’s shoreline attractions, and to help the people who lost their homes and businesses in Hurricane Sandy. Christie pledged to do whatever it takes, and said bluntly, “This is our Katrina.”

NJ Gov. Chris Christie on Massive Rebuilding Effort Faced: “This is our Katrina” – Video 11/9/12

Here is aerial video footage showing the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York.

Raw Video Shows Devastation Left by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and New York – Aerial Video 10/30/12

This video is a good example of why New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie strikes a chord with people – even if they don’t like all of his policy views. He is blunt – not always using the politically-correct speak that most politicians use.

Here he tells people it’s time to take cover from approaching Hurricane Irene, and he flatly says, “Get the hell off the beach!. . . You’re done. It’s 4:30. You’ve maximized your tan.”

Gov. Chris Christie Tells People in NJ as Hurricane Irene Approaches: “Get the Hell Off the Beach. . . You’ve Maximized Your Tan” – Video 8/26/11

NJ union leader Chris Shelton calls NJ Gov. Chris Christie “Adolf Christie” in a speech after welcoming the crowd to “Nazi Germany.” Shelton said, “Adolf Christie and his two generals are trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany” by “going after the unions.” He concluded, “It took World War II to get rid of the last Adolf Hitler, it’s going to take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie! Are you ready for World War III?”

H/t: The Blaze

NJ Union Leader: “It’s Going to Take World War III to Get Rid of Adolf Christie” – Video 6/16/11

Here is video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie being interviewed by ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer about his ongoing battle with the state’s Teacher’s Union. Christie praised the vast majority of teachers as outstanding, but said they need as union as good as they are. He then said very bluntly that “their union are a group of political thugs.”

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Says State Teachers’ Union “are a Group of Political Thugs” – Video 4/6/11

Here is video of web ad by New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie to put pressure on the New Jersey State Legislature. He has set before them the choice of passing health and benefits reform, which will enable him to pass some of that savings on to taxpayers in the form of doubling property tax relief — or refusing to do so and preventing that tax relief to taxpayers.

Christie really knows what he is doing. What a future he has!

New Chris Christie Ad Puts Pressure on New Jersey Legislature to make “The Choice” – Video

Here is video of Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney discussing several New Jersey Union Workers who have been suspended for calling in sick in order to participate in a protest to support the Union effort in Wisconsin against Gov. Scott Walker. According to Varney, the workers had jobs that involved transporting people, including the elderly and the disabled, to doctors and other places. They were reportedly left without transportation as a result.

Varney talked with New Jersey Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos about the situation, but went beyond that to also discuss how New Jersey is approaching collective-bargaining rights with public sector worker unions. Kyrillos said the GOP and Gov. Chris Christie are trying to reform pension and health care legislation to avoid taking away collective-bargaining rights. Stuart Varney disagreed strongly with the State Senator, telling him it won’t work – that in the end, they must take away collective-bargaining for taxpayers to be fairly represented and treated in the negotiations with unions.

Stuart Varney Tells NJ GOP State Senator they Must Follow WI in Going After Collective-Bargaining for Public Workers – Video 3/7/11

Here is video of New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie laying out the blunt truth to a police officer who complained to Christie about his proposal that would require them to pay a portion of their health insurance.

Christie responded that he understood the officer’s frustration, but he told him that the contracts that cities in New Jersey has with the police unions are often “obscene.” He particularly cited an example in which three police officers were able to “cash out” unusued sick leave when they retired at a cost of $900,000! The city they worked for had to borrow money to pay them!

The way Christie put it was that he was sorry he happens to be the guy in office “when the party’s over.”

Gov. Chris Christie Tells Upset NJ Police Officer He’s Sorry He’s the Guy in Office “When the Party’s Over” – Video 1/27/11

Here is video of New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie commenting on James O’Keefe’s latest expose video, which exposed some New Jersey teachers slamming Christie and bragging about how they can’t be fired for anything once they get tenure. Christie said the expose video shows exactly what he has been talking about in his battles with the teacher unions.

I think that this video makes the distinction better than I ever could. This is their leadership conference where they’ re in a hotel, having this leadership conference, singing songs together about kicking the governor in his tool box. I wonder what they mean by that? But I can tell you I sense it would hurt.

UPDATE: Here is the O’Keefe video Christie was commenting on (Via Big Government).

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Comments on O’Keefe Teachers Union Expose Video

Here is video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talking about what he’s doing in New Jersey to get the state’s fiscal house in order. Christie is telling truth to citizens even though his message hurts many constituencies. But even though his message is not want everyone wants to hear, what he is doing is working, and it appears his popularity is around the 60% level, according to Christie.

One of the statements Christie makes is that “it’s always easy for Government to get bigger – because you’re saying ‘yes’ to somebody. It’s hard to say ‘no’ – but we have to.”

To see a politician stand up for the courage of their convictions is refreshing. That’s what we need, not only at the state level, but at the national level as well.

Near the end of the interview (around the 8:00 mark), Christie made a telling statement about where America is headed if we continue to follow the liberal agenda of President Obama and the Democrats:

“We (New Jersey) are the liberal model. It has failed. What I would say to the President is, “Don’t wait for the end of the movie. The end of the movie already happened in New Jersey. I can show it to you – I’m living it. So, don’t wait for the end of the movie. What we need to do is not raise taxes on people now. We’ve got all this money sitting on the sidelines. Why is it sitting on the sidelines? Because they don’t know what their costs are going to be. How much is healthcare going to cost them? How much in taxes is he going to raise? They are saying, ‘I’m not going to make those investments now – I’m not going to do it.’ I want some certainty, and I think that’s what the President has to give the country – some certainty about where we’re going.”

Chris Christie to Obama on Liberal Agenda: “Don’t Wait for the End of the Movie – The End of the Movie Already Happened in NJ” – Video

Here is classic Chris Christie – video of him at a gathering in Camden County, New Jersey, where he responded to Teachers’ Union attacks on him that children’s education is being adversely affected by him proposing that teachers should pay 1.5% of their salary to help cover their health benefits.

Gov. Christie knows how to use sarcasm very effectively!

Classic Chris Christie: Ridicules Teacher Union Attacks – “This is the Crap I Have to Hear” – Video

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