Explosion Rocks New York City’s Chelsea Neighborhood; Officials Say “Intentional Act”; 29 Injured; 2nd Bomb Found Nearby – Video 9/17/16

Leftists Stage Mindless “Protest” in New York City in Support of Mindless Baltimore Protests – Raw Video 4/29/15

“Major Building Collapse” in NYC’s East Village due to an Apparent Gas Explosion – Videos 3/26/15

NYC Police Union President on Killing of Two Police Officers: “Blood on the Hands Starts in the Office of the Mayor” (Bill de Blasio) – Video 12/20/14

Bill Clinton Swears-in Far Left Bill de Blasio as Mayor of New York City; Embraces de Blasio’s Society of Dependence – Video 1/1/14

“Nanny” Bloomberg Proudly Displays Confiscated Firearms to Media; Firearms Displayed Pointing at the Press! – Video 8/19/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Presses Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer on whether He Supports Anthony Weiner for NYC Mayor – Video 5/26/13

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on “Winter Storm Nemo” – Video 2/8/13

“Monster Blizzard” takes Aim at Northeast; Boston could get up to 34″ of Snow! – Video Reports 2/8/13

Gas-rationing has begun in New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bloomberg announced the rationing (above), and you can see the long lines waiting at a station in Brooklyn (below):

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Announces “Odd-Even” Gas Rationing – Videos 11/9/12

(Daily Mail) – The New York Police Department has foiled an alleged terror plot targeting law enforcement and soldiers returning from the battlefield.

The New York Times reported that 27-year-old Jose Pimentel was acting as a ‘lone wolf’ and was taken into custody Saturday.

He allegedly was inspired by Al-Qaida, although his citizenship was not immediately known.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will hold a news conference on the terrorism-related issue tonight.

The date of his alleged attack was not immediately clear.

(Read More)

Plot to Attack Police and Returning U.S. Soldiers In New York Is Foiled – Report 11/20/11

One more Glenn Beck video today. It is a follow-up to something we posted earlier in the week, when Beck told of how his family was treated when they went to New York City’s Bryant Park to watch a movie with their daughter. Beck had told of how they were harassed and a glass of wine was spilled on his wife.

It seems a woman wrote into New York Magazine to say she was there and that Beck had told falsehoods about what happened. In the video above, Beck goes through her account, and then reveals some information about her gleaned from her Twitter account and that of her friend. What they found is very interesting.

Scott Baker at The Blaze has the screenshots from the Twitter accounts and all the details.

Glenn Beck Responds to those Who Claim His Account of being Accosted at NYC’s Bryant Park is False – Video 6/30/11

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday dropping truly shocking abortion statistics being reported by ABC New York (their article actually says 39%). In New York City, 41% of all pregnancies end in abortion – and the rate among minorities is even higher (60% among Blacks, 41% among Hispanics, 23% among Asians). The rate among “Non-Hispanic Whites” in 2009 was 20%.

Rush takes issue with the leftist takeaway from those numbers – That there is something wrong with “birth control education” in New York! Rush makes the case that there is actually something wrong with the behavior of people – that “abstinence” works “every time it’s tried.” He also points out that the real question is, “Who’s making all the money from the abortions?”

Limbaugh also quoted from a report that says “abortion kills more Black Americans than the seven leading causes of death – combined.”

Rush Limbaugh on New York City’s Staggering Abortion Numbers – Audio 1/7/11

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