Here is video of Charles Krauthammer showing how to handle things when a liberal tries to interrupt you when you’re talking. Krauthammer was in the process of responding to NPR’s Nina Totenberg, who had claimed the Democrats deserved some “credit” for how they handled themselves in the Super Committee negotiations. As he talked, she interrupted him, bringing on Dr. K’s calm, but sharp response:

“I’m in the middle of a sentence, and I am going to get to the end, and I will let you know with punctuation, alright?”

H/T NewsBusters Via Fox Nation

Charles Krauthammer Demonstrates How to Handle Being Interrupted by a Liberal – Video 11/26/11

Here is video of National Public Radio’s Nina Totenberg actually apologizing for saying “Christmas Party” on air. She apologized ahead of using the term, as if it is wrong to say the word “Christmas” on television at the Christmas Season! Political-correctness run amok.

Via NewsBusters

NPR’s Nina Totenberg Apologizes before Using the Words “Christmas Party” On Air – Video

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer just destroying the notion that National Public Radio (NPR) upheld some kind of journalistic standard in firing Juan Williams for stating his own personal feelings on what goes through his mind when he boards an airplane and sees people dressed in full Muslim garb. Williams told Bill O’Reilly it makes him nervous, and for that (supposedly), he was fired by NPR last week.

Krauthammer confronts NPR correspondent Nina Totenberg on why Williams was fired for expressing that opinion, but Totenberg is not fired, even though she routinely expressing her opinions on issues despite being a correspondent for NPR. Totenberg was speechless. She just would not answer the question. Other panelists tried to come to her defense, but Krauthammer kept asking the question.

Via Newsbusters

Krauthammer Destroys NPR over Hypocritical Firing of Juan Williams – Video

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