Florida senator Marco Rubio grills Secretary of State nominee John Kerry on a wide variety of global conflicts and relationships. During his questioning, Rubio mentions Russia, North Korea, Syria, China, Libya, and a laundry list of other nations.


What I hope you would help me with, because in your testimony you alluded to President Obama’s vision for the world. And in the two years I’ve been here, I’ve struggled to fully understand what that vision is. If you go through the different countries, Russia’s been mentioned. You know the situation there has deteriorated as Russia, and its leadership, have made the decision that they want to recapture some of the Cold War stature that they had. And the best way to do that is to be confrontational with us.
Rubio continues to outline his concerns:
We move over to the Middle East, where Israel quite frankly has been concerned. Whether they admit it publicly or not, that for many, for the early years administration, they were more focused on the Palestinian question as the biggest issue in the Middle East. When in fact, the biggest issue in the Middle East is that Iran wants a nuclear weapon so they can attack Israel, and potentially other nations. We’ve talked about Iran. In 2009, the people of Iran took to the streets, in defense of the principals that we say we stand for, and the President of the United States says ‘We are not going to interfere in their sovereignty’. That totally demoralized the opposition.

Watch the entire testimony in the video above.

Grill on The Hill: Marco Rubio Questions John Kerry on Foreign Policy during the Nomination Process

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