CNN goes Nuts after Trump Reminds Kim Jong-un America’s “Nuclear Button” is “Bigger” than His – Video 1/2/18

Trump Responds to Progress on Senate Tax Cut Bill; Democrat Obstruction; North Korean Missile Launch – Video 11/28/17

President Trump Returns North Korea to “State-Sponsor of Terror” List; Reverses Disastrous George W. Bush Decision – Video 11/20/17

Mattis Sternly Warns Kim Jong-un: Threats to U.S. and Allies will be met with “Massive Military Response” – Video 9/3/17

Reports: North Korea has Tested a Hydrogen Bomb; Claims ICBM can be Equipped with it – Video Reports 9/3/17

China Bans Trade with North Korea as Trump moves to Investigate China on Intellectual Property Theft – Video 8/14/17

Trump Presser: Kim Jong-Un “has Disrespected” the U.S.; “With me He’s not Getting Away with it” – Video 8/10/17

President Trump Tells Media: Maybe my “Fury” Warning to North Korea “Wasn’t Tough Enough” – Video 8/10/17

North Koreans Rally against the U.S.; Vow to “Smash” U.S. “Nest of Evil”; Threaten specific Strike near Guam – Video 8/10/17

Mattis Reinforces Trump in Strong Warning to North Korea: Must “Avoid Actions that would lead. . . “to the Destruction of its People” – 8/9/17

North Korea Threatens to Launch Missile Strike against Guam – Video Report 8/8/17


Report: North Korea has Produced Mini Nuclear Warhead to Outfit Missiles; Game-changer – 8/8/17

President Trump Sternly Warns North Korea in Wake of News they can Outfit Missiles with Mini Nukes: “They will be met with Fire and Fury” – Video 8/8/17

North Korea Threatens a “Thousand-Fold Revenge” on the U.S. for Unanimous U.N. Sanctions – Video Report 8/7/17

Reports: North Korea Launches Yet Another Missile Test – 7/28/17

Fox News: Pentagon Confirms North Korea Successfully Test-fired ICBM Capable of Reaching Alaska – Video 7/4/17

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