North Korea Conducts its most Powerful Nuclear Test to Date – Video Reports – 9/9/16

Breaking: North Korea Announces Successful Test of a Hydrogen Bomb; 5.1 Magnitude “Seismic Event” Confirmed – Videos 1/5/16

China Warns U.S. that North Korea will have 40 Nuclear Weapons by 2016; Arsenal could Grow to 100 by 2020 – Video Report 4/23/15

Sony to Release “The Interview” Christmas Day; Will be Shown in Limited Number of Theaters; List Growing to 200+ – Video 12/23/14

State Dept. Spokesperson Marie Harf Suggests North Korea Pay Compensation to SONY, but can’t Explain how that can Legally be Done! – Video 12/22/14

North Korea Releases Two Americans; DNI James Clapper Bringing them Home – Video 11/8/14

Reports: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un may have been Overthrown; Situation Murky; Last Seen Walking with a “Pronounced Limp” in July – 10/3/14

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Reviews Military Exercises Simulating Attack on U.S. Bases in South Korea – Video 8/4/14

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Limps Noticeably in Newly-Released State Video – Video 7/8/14

Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel Warns North Korea: “The North Koreans have to Stop these Provocative Actions” – Video 3/31/14

North and South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire – Video Report 3/31/14

Report: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Orders University Students to use His Haircut Style – Video 3/26/14

NBA Commissioner David Stern on Dennis Rodman “Meltdown” in North Korea; Distances League from Former NBA Players’ Trip – Video 1/7/14

Dennis Rodman Goes on Bizarre Rant During Interview from North Korea; Bristles at Question on Speaking up for Imprisoned American Kenneth Bae – Video 1/7/14

North Koreans Hold Massive Rally Pledging Obedience to Dictator Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s Decrees – Video 1/6/14

Bizarre Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman in North Korea for the Third Time; Says Dictator Kim Jong-un is His Friend – Video Report 12/21/13

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