North Koreans Rally against the U.S.; Vow to “Smash” U.S. “Nest of Evil”; Threaten specific Strike near Guam – Video 8/10/17

North Korea Carries out Paratrooper Exercise Near Border with China; U.S. Secretary of State will Visit Beijing – Video Report 4/12/13


CNN’s Jim Clancy: No One is taking Seriously North Korea’s Warning for Foreigners to Evacuate South Korea – Video 4/9/13

Krauthammer: Not at all Clear Obama, South Korea would have Strong Response to North Korean Conventional Attack – Video 4/4/13

Jonah Goldberg Calls North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un “Bat Guano Crazy”; Says He’s “Very Worried” that War is coming on the Korean Peninsula – Video 4/4/13

U.S. Forces on “High Alert” as North Korea continues to Threaten a “Merciless” Nuclear Attack – Video Report 4/4/13

North Korean State TV Announcer says they are in “A State of War” with South Korea – Video 3/30/13

North Korea Holds Massive Rally against the United States; Vows, “We will Do Away with the B-2 Bomber” – Video 3/30/13

North Korean War Planning Map Shows Planned Strikes against U.S. Targets – including Austin, Texas – Video 3/30/13

North Korea Officially Says a “State of War” Exists with South Korea – Video Report 3/29/13


North Korea Puts Rockets “on Standby” for Firing at U.S. Targets in the Pacific and on the U.S. Mainland – Video Report 3/28/13

New North Korean Propaganda Video Depicts Invasion of South Korea; Vows to take 150,000 American Citizens Hostage – Video 3/22/13

South Korean President Vows to “Deal Strongly with North Korean Provocations”; North Korea “Carrying out War Games on an Unusual Scale” – Video Report 3/10/13

White House Press Secretary Responds to North Korean Threats: “The U.S. is Fully Capable of Defending against any N. Korean Ballistic Missile Attack” – Video 3/7/13

South Korea Responds to North Korean Threats: If North Korea Launches a Nuclear Attack, “the Kim Jong-un Regime will be Extinct from the Earth” – Video 3/8/13

North Korean State TV Threatens a Preemptive Nuclear Attack on the United States as U.N. Sanctions Increase – Video 3/8/13

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