Great New NRA Ad Ties Trump to Reagan; Proudly Stands with Trump in Defending American Values – Video 4/24/17

New NRA Ad Mocks Hillary Clinton Gun Grab Obsession! – Video 1/1/16

Great New NRA Ad: “It’s Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again” – Video 4/28/14

NRA Ad Hammers WV Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for Helping Obama, Bloomberg’s Gun Control Agenda – Video 6/12/13

New NRA Ad Defends NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte against Gun Control Attacks – Video 5/8/13

New NRA Ad urges, “Listen to the Police, Not Obama & Bloomberg” on Gun Control – Video 4/17/13

New NRA Ad Suggests Obama needs to Drop “Gun Control” and Exercise some “Biden Control” – Video 3/5/13

New NRA Ad Lampoons VP Joe Biden’s “Buy a Shotgun” and “Fire Two Blasts Outside” Advice to Women – Video 2/22/13

New NRA Ad Delivers Message to D.C. Elites: “They Don’t Make Us Free. We’re Free Already.” – Video 2/20/13

New NRA Ad Reveals Obama’s Real Anti-Gun Agenda: “Gun Buyback with No Exemptions”; In Other Words, “Confiscation of Legal Firearms” – Video 2/13/13

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continues doing what he seems to do best these days – giving aid and comfort to President Barack Obama and his radical agenda. Here he labels as “reprehensible” the NRA web ad that simply points out the clear hypocrisy of President Obama being fine with armed guards at his daughters’ elite school, but not getting behind the NRA’s desire for every child in America to have the same kind of protection at their school.

“Reprehensible” is a good word for this situation. But it’s not the NRA ad that the word should be applied to.

Gov. Chris Christie Again Comes to the Aid of Barack Obama; Blasts NRA Ad that Points out Obama Hypocrisy on Armed Security for School Children – Video 1/17/13

Here is a great response by the NRA to President Obama’s gun control agenda announced today!

NRA Responds to Obama’s Gun Control Announcement with Powerful Ad: “America Speaks for Itself” – Video 1/16/13

Here is a brand new NRA ad that hammers Barack Obama for opposing the most obvious measure to protect school children in America – Armed Security. Yet, Obama and his children have armed security for themselves. As the ad concludes:

“Protection for their kids and gun-free zones for ours.”

New NRA Ad Slams Obama for Opposing Armed Security for School Children: “Protection for their Kids and Gun-Free Zones for Ours” – Video 1/15/13

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