President Trump Speaks to the NRA Meeting; Zings “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren! – Complete Video 4/28/17

Great New NRA Ad Ties Trump to Reagan; Proudly Stands with Trump in Defending American Values – Video 4/24/17

President Trump to become the First Sitting President since Reagan in 1983 to Address the NRA – Video 4/18/17

Dana Loesch, NRA Hammer Leftist New York Times: “We’ve had it with your Propaganda, your Fake News”; “We’re Coming for You” – Video 4/10/17

Fox News’ Carl Cameron: “Trump, NRA Essentially in Agreement” on Restricting Gun Sales to People on Terror Watch List – Video 6/16/16

Donald Trump Vows to Defend the 2nd Amendment in NRA Speech; Receives NRA Endorsement; Says Hillary will “Abolish the 2nd Amendment” – Complete Video 5/20/16

Great New NRA Ad: “It’s Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again” – Video 4/28/14

Mark Levin at the NRA has a Direct Message for Barack Obama – Video 4/25/14

New NRA Ad Takes on Bloomberg’s $50 Million Drive to Restrict 2nd Amendment Rights: “Let’s See Who Crushes Who!” – Video 4/25/14

S.E. Cupp: NRA Thrilled to have Michael Bloomberg as the Face of the Gun Control Movement – Video 4/20/14

Ohio Gun Control Rally Fails Miserably as 2nd Amendment Advocates Turn Out and Take Control – Video Report 9/1/13

NRA Slams Eric Holder’s Call for Requiring Citizens Under Attack to “Retreat” rather than “Stand Your Ground” – Video Report 7/17/13


Running Scared! Joe Manchin tries to Respond to NRA Ad Highlighting His Support for Obama’s Gun Control Agenda – Video 6/20/13

NRA Ad Hammers WV Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for Helping Obama, Bloomberg’s Gun Control Agenda – Video 6/12/13

New NRA Ad Defends NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte against Gun Control Attacks – Video 5/8/13

Gov. Sarah Palin Speaks to the NRA Meeting in Houston; Blasts the Media as the “Poodle-Skirted Cheerleader” of Barack Obama; Mocks NY Mayor Bloomberg – Complete Video 5/3/13

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