NRA Slams Eric Holder’s Call for Requiring Citizens Under Attack to “Retreat” rather than “Stand Your Ground” – Video Report 7/17/13


Running Scared! Joe Manchin tries to Respond to NRA Ad Highlighting His Support for Obama’s Gun Control Agenda – Video 6/20/13

NRA Ad Hammers WV Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for Helping Obama, Bloomberg’s Gun Control Agenda – Video 6/12/13

New NRA Ad Defends NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte against Gun Control Attacks – Video 5/8/13

Gov. Sarah Palin Speaks to the NRA Meeting in Houston; Blasts the Media as the “Poodle-Skirted Cheerleader” of Barack Obama; Mocks NY Mayor Bloomberg – Complete Video 5/3/13


Report: Sad Turnout at Anti-NRA Rally in Washington D.C. – Photo 4/25/13

New NRA Ad urges, “Listen to the Police, Not Obama & Bloomberg” on Gun Control – Video 4/17/13


Analysis: How the NRA and Wayne LaPierre have Won this Gun Control Battle – 4/13/13

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Fate of Dems Gun Control Bill: “They (NRA) Have W–, Probably Going to Win this Fight in Washington. . .” – Video 4/2/13

Gun Range/Store Owner Explains the Reason for the Massive Ammunition Shortage across America: New Gun Owners – Video 3/28/13


Report: NRA Supports Legal Challenge to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s New Anti-Gun Laws; Lawsuit says Laws Violate 2nd and 14th Amendments

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2013: Mocks VP Joe Biden’s “Shotgun” Advice – “You Keep Your Advice. We’ll Keep our Guns!” – Complete Video 3/15/13

New NRA Ad Suggests Obama needs to Drop “Gun Control” and Exercise some “Biden Control” – Video 3/5/13

The NRA’s David Keene gives a Masterful Defense of the 2nd Amendment at Harvard University – Complete Video 2/22/13

New NRA Ad Lampoons VP Joe Biden’s “Buy a Shotgun” and “Fire Two Blasts Outside” Advice to Women – Video 2/22/13

New NRA Ad Delivers Message to D.C. Elites: “They Don’t Make Us Free. We’re Free Already.” – Video 2/20/13

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