Here is complete video of the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre responding to President Barack Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address.

LaPierre made the case for the Second Amendment Rights of all Americans, and zeroed in on Obama’s statement that “we cannot mistake absolutism for principle.” LaPierre said Obama is trying to “redefine words so that common sense is turned upside down.” He pointed out that Obama is doing this in all realms of life, including in his desire to keep spending massive amounts of money we don’t have on social programs.

On Obama’s Gun Control push, LaPierre summed it up:

“Barack Obama is saying that the only principled way to make children safe is to make lawful citizens less safe and violent criminals more safe. That’s what it amounts to. Criminals couldn’t care less about Barack Obama’s so-called principles. They don’t have principles. That’s why they’re called ‘criminals.'”

On Obama’s desire to put the Federal Government in the middle of every private firearms transaction, LaPierre said there are “only two reasons for a Federal list on Gun Owners: To either tax them or take them.”

LaPierre got to the heart of the matter when he said of Obama’s desire to redefine everything in his own terms with his own meanings:

“When Barack Obama says, ‘We cannot mistake absolutism for principle,’ what he’s saying is that precision, and clarity and exactness in language and law should be abandoned in favor of his nebulous, undefined principles. I’ve got news for the President: Absolutes do exist. Words do have specific meanings – in language and in law. It’s the basis of all civilization. . . I urge our President to use caution when attacking clearly defined absolutes in favor of his principles. Mr. President: Just because you wish words meant something other than what they mean, you don’t have the right to define them any way you want, because when words can mean anything, they mean nothing.”

To buttress his argument about the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution being “absolutes,” he quoted from former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black:

“There are absolutes in our Bill of Rights, and they were put there on purpose by men who knew what words meant, and meant their prohibitions to be absolutes.”

LaPierre said that what President Obama is doing in seeking to undermine the Second Amendment is that he “wants to redefine freedom, whittle away freedom, and infringe upon the freedoms that ‘We the People’ reserve for ourselves.”

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Delivers Powerful Response to Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address: “President Obama wants to Redefine Freedom, Whittle Away Freedom, and Infringe upon the Freedoms that ‘We the People’ Reserve for Ourselves” – Complete Video 1/22/13

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” ad that seizes on the reaction of the Mainstream Media to President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address. Much of the media called it what it was: “Liberal” and “Radical.”

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Compiles Liberal Media Hailing Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address for How “Liberal” and “Radical” it Was – Video 1/22/13

Here is video of President Barack Obama’s Second Inaugural Address today at the U.S. Capitol. We’ll post some of the reaction to it below.

President Barack Obama Delivers his Second Inaugural Address – Complete Video 1/21/13 REACTION: “More Pointedly Progressive Speech”

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