Obama Dares GOP to Vote on Whether He has Exceeded His Authority: “I will Veto that Vote” – Video 2/25/15

Univision’s Jorge Ramos Says Obama did Change His Tune on Amnesty Order; Yet Many Latinos “Resent” Obama – Video 12/10/14

Rush Limbaugh: Everyone Knows what Obama is Doing Tonight is Unconstitutional – Audio 11/20/14

Krauthammer: Obama’s “I’ve Waited Long Enough” Rationale on Amnesty Something a “Banana Republic” Leader would Say – Video 11/19/14

Devastating Compilation Video: Obama Makes the Case He would be Violating the Law to impose Amnesty by Executive Order – Video

UPDATE: CNN Reports Obama to Announce Amnesty Order Thursday Night during Primetime – then Head to Las Vegas. . . UPDATE: Jon Karl Says Announcement could come Thursday. . . CNBC: President Obama to make Executive Order Amnesty Announcement Friday in Las Vegas – Video Report 11/19/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Asks Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest if Obama still Agrees, “I am Not an Emperor” – Video 11/18/14

Boom! MSNBC Liberal Lawrence O’Donnell Says “Not One Democrat” can Give Legal Justification for coming Obama Amnesty Order – Video 11/17/14

Sen. Mike Lee: Obama “Needs to Respect the Rule of Law. Ours is Not a Government of One” – Video 11/16/14

Krauthammer: Obama Planning “a Flagrant Assault on the Constitution” with Amnesty Executive Order – Video 11/13/14

Dem Pollster Peter Hart: Obama Executive Action to Order Amnesty would be “Divisive” – Video 11/12/14

Our Lawless President “Looking Forward to taking Executive Action on His Own” on Immigration – Video 11/11/14

Fournier: Obama Executive Action to Legalize Millions of Illegals would be a “Nuclear Bomb” on the American Political Scene – Video 8/6/14

Liberal Ed Schultz Warns Obama using Executive Order to Legalize Millions of Illegals would be “An Electoral Death Knell for Democrats” – Video 7/29/14

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich: Obama May Legalize Millions of Illegals to Incite Impeachment ahead of 2014 Midterms – Video Report 7/29/14

Obama Calls on GOP-Controlled House to “Get the Ball Rolling” on Amnesty; Only “Two to Three Months” to Get It Done – Video 5/14/14

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