Here is great video of CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett repeatedly questioning President Obama today at his Press Conference about why he insists the debt-ceiling be raised without negotiation or discussion. Garrett pointed out that is opposite the entire history of the debt-ceiling, and he reminded Obama that Obama himself refused to vote for an increase in the debt-ceiling when he was a U.S. Senator and George W. Bush was President.

Obama clearly did not appreciate the tough questioning, and gave one of his typical rambling, non-answers.

Obama Confronted at Press Conference by CBS News’ Major Garrett on the Debt-Ceiling – Video 1/14/13

Here is video of of Illinois Democrat Rep. Danny Davis actually arguing that President Barack Obama should have unilateral authority to just raise the nation’s debt-ceiling anytime, and to any amount he desires – without Congressional approval! No matter that the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse.

To support his argument, Davis actually likens his desire to see Obama unilaterally seize power to raise the debt-ceiling to Abraham Lincoln’s issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation 150 years ago. In doing so, he said if Lincoln had not issued the proclamation, the Civil War might have gone on for several more years and “thousands and thousands of people” might have “lost their lives.” Of course, the Civil War DID go on for nearly two-and-a-half more years after the Proclamation was issued, and many tens of thousands more did die. The Emancipation Proclamation did not bring the Civil War to a close! It’s ironic that increasing the debt-ceiling again and again is only adding to the financial burden on future generations of Americans. Rather than declaring people to be free – as Lincoln’s Proclamation did – raising the debt-ceiling only helps to ensure that all the people of America will live and labor under the burden of massive debt for many years to come.

Via Daily Caller

Dem Rep Argues Obama Should Unilaterally Increase the Nation’s Debt-Ceiling Burden the Way Lincoln Freed the Slaves – Video 1/4/13

He was clearly not comfortable with the question because it points out the utter hypocrisy of Barack Obama and the Democrats. Jake Tapper today pointed out to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that Barack Obama as a Senator voted against raising the debt ceiling. Now, he wants unilateral authority to raise it as President without any input from Congress. Obama is actually trying to make that condition part of the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations.

Jake Tapper to Jay Carney: “You are Aware that when He was a Senator, President Obama voted Against Raising the Debt-Ceiling?” – Video 12/4/12

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Here is complete video of President Obama’s press conference this morning where he was defiant in saying he is determined to get a deal with Republicans that will “add revenues” (code for tax increases) and raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling. Obama talked like a man who thinks he holds a strong hand – even though he really does not.

Republicans MUST hold the line and not agree to ANY tax increases. Obama is desperate to get them to agree to some kind of tax increase so the GOP cannot use that issue against him in the 2012 Election. What he is proposing is nothing more than a trap. Republicans must not fall for it.

After all – how can you take Barack Obama seriously on the issue of dealing with the nation’s debt? This is a man who has added nearly $4 Trillion to the National Debt in less than 3 years! And now he is “Mr. Fiscal Responsibility?” I don’t think so.

Obama lamented that there is “strong resistance on the Republican side to do anything about revenues.” “Revenues” has become Obama’s big code word for “tax increases.” What Obama is trying to do is use this “crisis” as a cover for raising taxes. The GOP must call his bluff.

President Obama Holds Press Conference to Push GOP to Agree to Deal with “Revenue” Increases (Higher Taxes) – Complete Video 7/11/11

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