Krauthammer on Obama Presidency: Obama “has No Interest in Reducing the Debt or Deficits. . . The Priority is to Increase Entitlements. . . Spread the Wealth” – Video 10/17/13

Charles Krauthammer Schools Leftist Sally Kohn on Obama as “Aggressive Spending Cutter” and the Democrats’ Detroit Disaster – Video 7/23/13

Flashback Video: Obama Attacked President George W. Bush for $4 Trillion of “Unpatriotic” Debt; Has Added $6 Trillion Himself – Video 7/2008

Via The Rightnewz, here is flashback video to four years ago today – January 7, 2009, when Barack Obama was the President-Elect, 13 days away from taking office. He talked about the “irresponsibility” of the massive debt facing the nation, and the near-trillion dollar annual debt he was going to inherit. He said he was going to take strong action to get America’s fiscal house in order.

Yet, four years later, he has added nearly $6 Trillion to that “irresponsible” debt, and has run more than $1 Trillion annual budget deficits EVERY year he has been President! He just pushed through a “Fiscal Cliff” Deal that raised taxes but had no spending cuts. This is a good example of how Barack Obama operates. In public statements he portrays himself to be something he is not. He passes himself off as a moderate, reasonable, average-American who intends to do the right thing. In reality, he is a radical Leftist who is committed to massive debt, high taxes and an ever-growing Federal Government.

Flashback: Obama in 2009 Talked about the “Irresponsibility” of the Nation’s Debt; Has Added Nearly $6 Trillion to It as President – Video 1/7/2009

Here is video of of Illinois Democrat Rep. Danny Davis actually arguing that President Barack Obama should have unilateral authority to just raise the nation’s debt-ceiling anytime, and to any amount he desires – without Congressional approval! No matter that the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse.

To support his argument, Davis actually likens his desire to see Obama unilaterally seize power to raise the debt-ceiling to Abraham Lincoln’s issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation 150 years ago. In doing so, he said if Lincoln had not issued the proclamation, the Civil War might have gone on for several more years and “thousands and thousands of people” might have “lost their lives.” Of course, the Civil War DID go on for nearly two-and-a-half more years after the Proclamation was issued, and many tens of thousands more did die. The Emancipation Proclamation did not bring the Civil War to a close! It’s ironic that increasing the debt-ceiling again and again is only adding to the financial burden on future generations of Americans. Rather than declaring people to be free – as Lincoln’s Proclamation did – raising the debt-ceiling only helps to ensure that all the people of America will live and labor under the burden of massive debt for many years to come.

Via Daily Caller

Dem Rep Argues Obama Should Unilaterally Increase the Nation’s Debt-Ceiling Burden the Way Lincoln Freed the Slaves – Video 1/4/13

Here is video of CNN’s Erin Burnett nailing Barack Obama and his Campaign operative Stephanie Cutter on their attack on Mitt Romney that he wants to give a %5 Trillion tax cut to Americans, particularly to the rich, without paying for reduction in tax rates. Burnett points out to Cutter than their analysis shows Romney does NOT propose a $5 Trillion tax cut because he will close some deductions and exemptions along with lowering rates. This will be accompanied by economic growth, thus paying for the reduction in rates. In the course of their back and forth, Cutter admits the $5 Trillion number is the sum of lowering rates, but does not take into account any closing of exemptions, loopholes and deductions, nor does it take into account any economic growth that will result from lowering rates! She got very defensive when Burnett pointed that out. Cutter essentially admits here they are deliberately not telling the truth about what Mitt Romney is proposing.

I wish for once someone in the media would ask when Barack Obama suddenly got concerned about the deficit and debt? He wants to throw stones at Romney’s plan when he is the man who has more than doubled the annual budget deficit AND added nearly $6 Trillion to the National Debt! He and his minions are the LAST people on earth Americans should take seriously on what to do or not do about reducing the debt.

Via Hot Air

CNN’s Erin Burnett Nails Obama and His Campaign for Not Telling the Truth about Mitt Romney’s Tax Cut Plan – Video 10/5/12

Here’s a strong new ad from Mitt Romney that hammers Barack Obama as a big spender who is driving America into perilous debt. The ad points out that Obama is not only “wasting money” – He’s borrowing money from countries like China AND wasting it.

Strong New Romney Ad: President Obama is “Not only Wasting Money; He’s Borrowing Money and then Wasting It” – Video 10/5/12

Here is a new “Restore our Future” SuperPAC Ad that points out the economic realities in the Obama Economy. If you count people who have “dropped out or stopped looking for work, the real unemployment rate is 19%.”

It closes with the question, “Is America going Forward or Backward?”

New “Restore Our Future” Ad: “Real Unemployment” under Obama is “19%”; “Is America going ‘Forward’ or Backward?” – Video 9/27/12

Another excellent new Mitt Romney Ad – this one focusing on the “Prairie Fire” of Debt and Spending threatening the future of our nation. Romney says it is time for a President who will “lead us out of this debt and spending inferno.”

This ad actually ties in nicely with the audio from the fundraiser the media is trying to use to destroy Mitt Romney, as they do the Obama Campaign’s bidding. Romney there warned about the number of Americans becoming dependent on Government. That spending inferno is threatening the future of every American. Obama will only continue to throw gasoline on that fire by spending more and more. The spending is unsustainable if we are to be a strong economic nation. Romney is telling the truth to anyone willing to face up to it.

New Romney Ad: “A Prairie Fire of Debt is Sweeping Across the Nation. . . The Time has come for a President who will Lead us out of this Debt and Spending Inferno” – Video 9/18/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney Ad that hammers Barack Obama and his Presidency for “failing American Families.” The ad shows the startling reality of what the Obama Economic policies have done to reduce household incomes and dramatically increase the nation’s debt.

New Mitt Romney Ad Hammers Barack Obama for “Failing American Families” – Video 9/16/12

Something you won’t hear a word about at the Democratic Convention this week is the news that the United States has now gone over the $16 TRILLION mark in National Debt. Poetic justice that it happened on the day the Democrats began their National Convention. Yet, they remain unhinged from reality, talking endlessly about the need to “invest” in everything and everyone imaginable. “Invest” is their favorite euphemism for “tax and spend.” It’s all they know.

This ad from the RNC reminds voters that Barack Obama called $9 Trillion in Debt “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic,” but has added $6 Trillion to that number in less than 4 years as President! ObamaCare looms on the horizon, promising to only further explode the debt, along with all the other Government bailouts and boondoggles that await in a second Obama Term as President. If we are ever going to turn this fiscal nightmare around, it must begin with voting Barack Obama out of office.

As Democrats Celebrate and Praise their Tax and Spend Philosophy, U.S. National Debt Moves Past $16 Trillion – Video 9/4/12

Here is video of President Obama speaking in Ohio yesterday where he made clear what we can expect if he is re-elected: “Investment,” “Investment,” “Investment.” Of course, that is a liberal euphemism for “spending,” “spending,” “spending.” Bigger Government and increasingly massive debts as far as the eye can see. He’s already added $5 Trillion to the nation’s debt – what’s a little (or a lot) more going to hurt?

Via Hot Air

Obama’s Plan for a Second Term: “Investment,” “Investment,” Investment” – Video 7/16/12

Here is a new RNC Ad reminding Americans that Barack Obama attacked George W. Bush in 2008 for having allowed $4 Trillion to be added to the National Debt in his eight years as President. Obama actually called that “unpatriotic” on July 4, 2008. But Obama has added $5 Trillion to the debt in less than four years! As the ad says, “If $4 Trillion was unpatriotic, what do you call $5 Trillion in just one term?”

New RNC Ad Hammers Obama for His “Unpatriotic Debt” – Video 7/3/12

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