FL Gov. Rick Scott Tells CNN: “Destroying ISIS” should be Focus, Not Gun Control – Video 6/17/16

Krauthammer: Obama Trying to Dishonestly Change the Subject from Islamic Terrorism with Gun Control Push – Video 6/16/16

Clueless Obama: Orlando Attacker “had a Glock with Lots of Clips in It” – Video 6/13/16

Obama Throws Tantrum against the 2nd Amendment in Announcing Measures to Infringe on the Rights in “the Paper” (Constitution) – Video 1/5/16

Obama Press Secretary can’t give One Example of how Gun Control would have Stopped a Terrorist Attack – Video 12/10/15

Obama Vows to “Keep Talking About” his Gun-Grab Agenda – Video 10/2/15

Sanctimonious Obama Politicizes Deaths of Oregon Students to Push Leftist Gun-Grab Agenda – Video 10/1/15

Obama Admits He doesn’t Know if His Desired Gun Grab would have Prevented Charleston Church Attack – Video 6/19/15

Obama at Navy Yard Memorial Seeks to Push Failed Gun Control Agenda Once Again – Video 9/22/13


Head Fake? White Attention Focused on Syria, Obama Issues Two Gun Control Executive Orders – 8/29/13

President Obama Laments the Fact So Many Americans think He Wants to take away their Gun Rights – Video 4/3/13


Report: Obama’s Entire Gun-Grab, Gun Control Agenda in Danger of Going Down to Defeat – 4/2/13

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Knows Public Support for His Gun Control Agenda “is Waning” – Video 3/28/13


Sen. Ted Cruz Issues Statement on Obama Gun Control Comments: “Saddening to see the President, once again, Try to take Advantage of this Tragic Murder to Promote” Agenda that “Will Undermine Constitutional Rights” – 3/28/13

Obama once again Seeks to use Emotion to Revive Flagging Gun Control Agenda – Video 3/28/13


Sen. Lindsey Graham Tells Obama to Stop being a “Cheerleader” for New Gun Laws; Says We Need a President who Enforces Current Law – Video 2/13/13

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