Rep. Trey Gowdy: GOP Senate should Not approve Obama Nominations in Response to Unconstitutional Immigration Order – Video 12/3/14

Frustrated Obama Immigration Admission: “I Just Took an Action to CHANGE the Law” – Video 11/25/14

Shameless Obama Gives Lame Defense of His Unilateral Action on Immigration – Video 11/23/14

Petulant Obama Lectures Americans on Why He can Violate the Constitution, even as He Lectures Burma on the Rule of Law – Video 11/14/14

Devastating Video Montage Shows Obama Saying He does NOT have Authority to Make New Immigration Law: “I am Not a Dictator. . . ” – Video

Flashback Video: Obama Says Executive Order to Impose Amnesty “Would Not Conform to My Appropriate Role as President” – Video – March 2011

Krauthammer: Obama Planning “a Flagrant Assault on the Constitution” with Amnesty Executive Order – Video 11/13/14

House Speaker John Boehner Warns Obama on Immigration: “When You Play with Matches. . . ” – Video 11/6/14

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Slams Obama after Presser: “There’s Something in this Guy that Just Plays to His Constituency and Acts Like There’s No Other World out There” – Video 11/5/14

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Obama Executive Order on Amnesty “would be a Big Mistake. . . Like Waving a Red Flag in Front of a Bull” – Video 11/5/14

GOP-Controlled U.S. House Passes Bill to Reverse Obama’s Disastrous Executive Order that Spurred Border Crisis – Video 8/2/14

Liberal Ed Schultz Warns Obama using Executive Order to Legalize Millions of Illegals would be “An Electoral Death Knell for Democrats” – Video 7/29/14

Rush Limbaugh: Obama “Miscalculated” in Playing the “Children Card” on Immigration – Audio 7/30/14


GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions Warns Obama is Going to “Nullify the Immigration Laws of the U.S.”; Urges Congress to Act to Stop Him – 7/25/14

Report: Obama to Use Executive Action to Legalize Millions of Illegal Aliens; Will Act at Summer’s End, before Midterm Elections – 7/25/14

Obama in July 4 Speech: “We Should be Making it Easier” for Immigrants to come to America – Video 7/4/14

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