Kimberley Strassel on MTP Reminds Liberals that Obama sent Rep to Iran in 2008 to Create Back-Channel Communications; Destroys Latest Narrative against Jared Kushner – Video 5/28/17

Obama Accuses GOP of “Making Common Cause” with Iran Radicals as He Paves the Way for a Nuclear Iran – Video 8/5/15

In Wake of Deal with Iran, Obama Stumbles over Name of U.S. Hostage Still in an Iranian Prison – Video 7/21/15

Israeli TV Reporter Schools Obama on Danger of Nuke Deal with Iran – Video 6/2/15

As the World Burns around Him, Obama Lectures Americans on how Calm and Peaceful the World actually has Become! – Video 4/21/15

Obama won’t Admit Iran Deal Emboldened Russia to Sell Missile Defense System to Iran; Says He’s Surprised it Took this Long – Video 4/18/15

David Ignatius: Obama “Left John Kerry like a Beached Whale” on Senate Committee Vote; Hung Kerry out to Dry – Video 4/15/15

Krauthammer: “Demonstrably False” that Obama has any Deal with Iran; Iran Slams U.S.; Says No Inspections of Military Facilities – Video 4/9/15

CNN: Congress Nearing “Veto-Proof Majority” on Bill that would give Congress Final Say on Nuclear Deal with Iran – Video 4/7/15

Huckabee on Iran Nuke Deal: Obama is “Expecting something Good from Bad People” – Video 4/4/15

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: “Iran is Running Circles Around” the Obama Team in PR Surrounding Nuke Talks – Video 4/2/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Blasts Obama, Kerry Pending Nuclear Deal with Iran as “Unconscionable”; Cites Iranian General saying “Israel’s Destruction is Non-negotiable” – Video 4/1/15

Krauthammer: Obama, Kerry Offer “Farcical Excuses” to Explain “One Cave after Another” to Iran on Nuclear Deal – Video 3/30/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped” – Video 3/29/15

Report: Iranian Defector Says Obama Team is “Speaking on Iran’s Behalf” in Nuclear Deal Negotiations – 3/28/15

Sen. John McCain: Middle East Allies No Longer Trust U.S.; Believe Obama is “Siding with Iran” – Video 3/27/14

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