Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped” – Video 3/29/15

Report: Iranian Defector Says Obama Team is “Speaking on Iran’s Behalf” in Nuclear Deal Negotiations – 3/28/15

Sen. John McCain: Middle East Allies No Longer Trust U.S.; Believe Obama is “Siding with Iran” – Video 3/27/14

Chuck Todd on Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran: “Only Gives Iran more Opportunity to Flex Muscle and Get Stronger and more Powerful” – Video 3/27/15

Marie Harf: Of Course Iran is Destabilizing the Middle East, but it has Nothing to do with Obama’s Nuclear Deal – Video 3/23/15

Obama Concerned about Netanyahu’s Words, but Not Iran’s Ayatollah saying “Death to America” – Video 3/23/15

Iran’s Supreme Leader Says “Death to America” as Obama, Kerry beg for Nuclear Deal with Radical Islamic Regime in Iran

Krauthammer Refutes Obama Video: We don’t Oppose “Diplomacy”; We Oppose Obama’s Bad Deal with Iran – Video 3/20/15

Barack Obama makes Video with “Nowruz” Message to Iran; Begs for Nuclear Deal – Video 3/19/15

Krauthammer Spells out Obama Plan to ask the United Nations, not Congress, to Approve His Bad Deal with Iran – Video 3/13/15

Sen. Marco Rubio on Letter Warning Obama and Iran: “I would Send another One Tomorrow” – Video 3/10/15

Petulant Obama Lashes out at 47 U.S. Senators for Reminding Iran the U.S. does Not have a Dictator – Video 3/9/15

Krauthammer on Obama’s Willingness to Allow Iran to get Nuclear Weapons within Ten Years: “Simply Catastrophic” – Video 2/24/15

Dem Sen. Bob Menedez Says Obama and His Admin “Sound like Talking Points that come Straight out of Tehran” – Video 1/21/15

Israeli PM Netanyahu Warns Against Deal on Iran’s Nuclear Program; Cites Iran Calling for “Annihilation” of Israel – Video 11/10/14

Jay Carney Asked if Obama would Veto New Sanctions on Iran: Says Obama “Strongly Opposes” New Sanctions – Video 12/3/13

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