Krauthammer: “Terrifying” that Obama believes No Real Need for a Strategy to Deal with Radical Islamic Jihad – Video 2/9/15

Remember the outcry from the Left about the measures used by President George W. Bush to protect America?

The prison at Guantanamo Bay – Still open under Obama. Rendition – Still taking place under Obama. Use of Drones to kill terrorist targets – Used and even accelerated under Obama.

This is video of Charles Krauthammer tonight making the point that Barack Obama’s continuation of the strong measures to protect America is vindication of the policies of George W. Bush and the War on Terror.

Amen. Where is the outcry from the Democrats about these policies now that they are being used by Obama as President?

Krauthammer: President Barack Obama has Vindicated the Entire “Architecture” of George W. Bush’s “War on Terror” to Protect America – Video 1/3/13

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