You know something has gone horribly wrong when even the Leftists in Europe are pointing to America’s President as a proof-text for why it is okay to “nationalize” industries. That’s what the French Industry Minister has done: “Barack Obama has nationalized.”

French Industry Minister Points to President Obama as Proof-text for Why it is Okay to Nationalize Industry: “Barack Obama has Nationalized” – Video 11/29/12

Pretty well sums up what we have lived through now for nearly three years of the Barack Obama Presidency.

“Absolutely. . . I think Barack Obama is a Socialist.” – Gov. Rick Perry

Via Gateway Pundit

Gov. Rick Perry Tells O’Reilly: “Absolutely. . . I Think Barack Obama is a Socialist” – Video 11/18/11

A truly wonderful ad by Rick Perry.

It’s brief and to the point, and has Perry telling it like it is. He takes President Obama to task for calling Americans “lazy,” and he flat out says, “Obama’s socialist policies are bankrupting America.” With ads like this, don’t count Perry out just yet.

New Rick Perry Ad Hammers Obama for Calling Americans “Lazy”; Says “Obama’s Socialist Policies are Bankrupting America” – Video 11/16/11

Perry is refusing to be “politically correct!”

NEW YORK TIMES – The Caucus: In an interview with Time magazine, Gov. Rick Perry showed that he had no intention of softening the cactus-thorned rhetoric he developed during his decades in Texas politics, notably repeating his characterization of President Obama’s policies as “socialist.”

“Look, when all the answers emanate from Washington, D.C., one size fits all, whether it’s education policy or whether it’s health care policy, that is, on its face, socialism,” Mr. Perry told Time’s Richard Stengel and Mark Halperin.

In 2009, Mr. Perry told a Republican group in Texas that the Obama administration is “hell bent on taking America towards a socialist country.” This year, as he faces charges from his rivals for the Republican nomination that his positions are too extreme to win the general election, Mr. Perry said he will not change the way he speaks to appeal to the nation as a whole. . . . Read More

Gov. Rick Perry Calls President Obama a “Socialist” in New Interview

Here is video from last night’s Frank Luntz focus group after the GOP Presidential Debate in South Carolina. It shows Luntz asking the group how many of them believe Barack obama is a “socialist.” Just about every hand went up. Luntz acted shocked that many people would use the word “socialist” in connection to Obama. This was a GOP group, but my guess is that there are a lot of Independent voters out there who voted for Obama the first go around who now have recognized exactly who he is.

Video from Gateway Pundit via HotAirPundit

Frank Luntz Asks His Focus Group in SC if Barack Obama is a “Socialist” – Video 5/5/11

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