Here’s video of Time’s Mark Halperin today admitting that the Obama Campaign is “at least a little bit worried” about Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney is making a push for votes there.

Via Battleground Watch

Time’s Mark Halperin Admits the Obama Campaign is “at least a Little bit Worried” about Pennsylvania

At National Review, Josh Jordan has done an outstanding analysis of what he calls “The Two Polls that have Chicago Terrified.” He is referring to the very extensive polls by Gallup and Rasmussen on the current Party I.D. of U.S. Voters. The results have dramatic implications for the 2012 Presidential Election This is a MUST read:

NATIONAL REVIEW – Josh Jordan: For all of the polls that are flying out almost hourly now, there are two common trends emerging: Mitt Romney is leading independents by healthy margins, and who holds the overall lead is entirely dependent on the party split within the sample. As of last night, Romney has a razor thin lead of eight tenths of a point nationally against an average Democratic partisan advantage of 4.4 points. In 2008, Barack Obama won the election by 7.2 points (52.9–45.7) and Democrats outnumbered Republicans by eight points. Compared to the average today, Obama has dropped eight points while only losing 2.6 points of the turnout advantage. That is due entirely to Romney’s strength with independent voters, and reason enough to sound the alarm in Chicago.

But of all the polls that have been released, there are two polls that will have Team Obama waking up in a cold sweat knowing that if these polls are even somewhat accurate they might be on the other end of a dramatic victory on Election Day: The party-affiliation polls from Gallup and Rasmussen. . . . Read More

If the electorate that actually turns out in 2012 is close to the Gallup and Rasmussen Party I.D., it will explain why the results are so different from much of the polling of the race up till now. Most pollsters have been using turnout models from 2008 when it was a Democrat +7 advantage. If the turnout this year is closer to Even, or slightly GOP+, the results will be dramatically different. It’s going to be fascinating to see how it actually ends up.

Analysis: The Virtually Unspoken Polls that have the Obama Campaign “Terrified” – 10/27/12

Here is video of CBS News’ John Dickerson characterizing what he is picking up from the Romney and Obama Campaign’s as to the current state of the Presidential Race. He summed it up by saying, “Romney is on the march.”

John Dickerson on State of the Race: Romney Campaign “on the March” while Obama Campaign pointing “to the Quality of their Sandbags” – Video 10/26/12

Here is video of NBC News’ Chuck Todd saying Barack Obama’s message “feels like the past.” It is clear Obama is not telling anyone what he will do with a second term. Certainly more of the same is not what the nation needs.

NBC News’s Chuck Todd Agrees Barack Obama’s Message “Feels like the Past” – Video 10/19/12

Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday telling a huge rally crowd in Florida that Barack Obama’s Campaign has “become the incredible shrinking campaign,” “reduced to petty attacks and silly word games.” Romney said that stems from the fact Obama has “no agenda for the future.”

Mitt Romney has hit his stride on the campaign trail, and his sounds like the winning campaign right now.

Mitt Romney: Obama’s Campaign “has become the Incredible Shrinking Campaign. . . Reduced to Petty Attacks and Silly Word Games” – Video 10/19/12

Even the liberal media thinks the Obama Campaign”s “Big Bird” line of attack is ridiculous!

Then, again, “Big Bird” is about the speed of this Presidency, and the right metaphor. As Bill Clinton once said about the Obama Campaign, the whole thing is a “fairy tale.”

Obama Campaign’s Robert Gibbs Doubles-Down on their Ridiculous “Big Bird” Line of Attack; Matt Lauer Asks if the Campaign Will Remove “Big Bird” Ads – Video 10/10/12

Could be. Rumors are swirling about this and it could be coming next week, with the Washington Examiner reporting “more likely, Monday.” If Newsweek/Daily Beast break it, it will be shocking, because they have been heavily supportive of Obama. We’ll see.

If more information emerges this weekend, we’ll update this post.

Is a Major “National Magazine and National Website” about to Break a “Blockbuster Donor Scandal Story” on Barack Obama’s Campaign? UPDATED: Story Likely to Break Monday or Even Leak out Sunday Night

Here is video of Mitt Romney speaking today in Mansfield, Ohio, saying President Obama’s “Forward” Campaign slogan would better be “Forewarned!” Romney said the first four years of Obama failure makes it clear the American People can’t afford four more years of Barack Obama. “We’re forewarned and that’s why we’re not going to re-elect this man. . . . “

Mitt Romney: Obama’s Campaign Slogan “Forward” Should be “Forewarned!” — “We’re Forewarned and that’s why We’re Not Going to Re-Elect this Man” – Video 9/10/12

Since the Obama Campaign and their minions in the media want to accuse Mitt Romney and Republicans of “playing the race card,” it might be instructive to remember that this is nothing new for them as a strategy to win elections. When things get tight, they accuse the opposition of “playing the race card” – of being racist. This video show former President Bill Clinton reacting to questions about whether he believed the Obama Campaign had “played the race card” against him back during the 2008 Democratic Primary. Clinton was left defending himself, “I am not a racist.”

H/T FL Reader “just an average voter”

Flashback: Obama Campaign Used “Race Card” Issue against Bill Clinton in 2008; Clinton Left Defending Himself, “I am not a Racist” – Video 2008

The University of Virginia has reportedly turned down President Barack Obama’s request to use their campus for a campaign rally next week. The university is citing massive disruption to the second day of a new semester, and the cost of security they would have to pay if the event went forward. Still, if the 2008 “Hope and Change” magic was still there, you have to think this rally would take place.

University of Virginia Turns Down Obama Campaign Request for Rally on Campus Next Week – 8/24/12

Here is video from this on “Morning Joe” where the crew speculated as to why Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod has been so “agitated” and “upset” in recent TV appearances. Mike Barnicle openly wondered if the Obama Campaign’s internal polling is showing something that has really got them worried. Time’s Mark Halperin believes the Obama Campaign planned to have this election won “during the summer” while they had a huge money advantage. But from this point forward, Halperin said Obama is going to be outspent by Romney. Halperin said the Obama people believe if they do not have the election in hand by the time of the nominating conventions (Weeks of August 27 and September 3), they will be in trouble.

Mike Barnicle:

Yeah, as matter of fact we were talking about it very briefly before we went on this morning. I’m wondering is there something in their internal polling that shows them that there is a pivot point in this election that is really worrying the Obama campaign. That we’re not addressing, that we don’t realize, something internal in the polling.

Whether it’s the welfare stuff, whether it’s, the fact that people haven’t clung yet to the ideological ramifications of Paul Ryan being added to the ticket. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a sense of unrest at the top of that campaign that’s palpable.

Via Fox Nation

MSNBC “Morning Joe” Crew Speculates as to why David Axelrod has been so “Agitated” and “Upset” in Recent TV Appearances; Barnicle Speculates Internal Polling Shows Something Worrisome – Video 8/15/12

After taking four days off, essentially, from open campaigning in the wake of the “Batman” Movie Massacre, it’s back to the campaign trail today for both President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. They both will be out West:

CNN-POLITICAL TICKER: After a quiet couple of days, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama return to the campaign trail Monday. The president will travel to Reno, Nevada to speak to the annual convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and will return to the Bay Area Monday evening for fund–raisers and a campaign rally.

Meanwhile, Romney is also on the West Coast, where he’ll host a business roundtable.

11 a.m. ET: Vice President Joe Biden addresses a police union in Manalapan, Florida.

1:30 p.m. ET: Mitt Romney attends a business roundtable in Costa Mesa, California.

3:35 p.m. ET: President Obama addresses the convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Reno, Nevada.

6:20 p.m. ET: President Obama attends a campaign fund-raiser in Oakland, California.

10:55 p.m. ET: President Obama delivers remarks at a campaign event in Oakland, California. . . .

Romney, Obama to Return to Campaign Trail Today; Obama Speaks to VFW, Romney to Host Business Roundtable – 7/23/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney ad that uses Barack Obama’s own words from 2008 to describe the small, petty tactics he is using to try and “destroy” Mitt Romney.

New Mitt Romney Ad Uses Obama’s own 2008 Words to Describe the “Small,” Petty Campaign He is Running against Romney – Video 7/12/12

The Barack Obama Campaign is showing they are perfectly willing to use the most outrageous accusations to harm Mitt Romney – or at least try to harm him. Today, they openly suggested Mitt Romney may be a “felon,” claiming he lied in Securities and Exchange Commission filings about his management role at Bain Capital from 1999-2002 when Romney left the firm to save the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Allahpundit at Hot Air does a great job of summarizing this outrageous and desperate attack on Romney:

We’re late to today’s Boston Globe piece, but if you missed the basics of the story elsewhere, spend five minutes on the surprisingly useful — and pro-Romney — fact-check pieces about it at the Washington Post and (see below). Nutshell version: Romney left his duties at Bain in 1999 to devote himself full-time to rescuing the Salt Lake City Olympics but retained his titles as chairman, president, and CEO of the firm for several more years. He was even listed that way on securities filings after 1999. Does that mean Romney lied to the SEC, claiming that he was still in charge when he really wasn’t? Or does that mean Romney lied to the public, claiming that he wasn’t still in charge when he really was? Democrats will accept either theory. If the former’s true, he might be guilty of a felony; one of his top spokeshacks suggested as much in a conference call today, drawing a demand for an apology from Team Mitt. And if the latter’s true then he can be held responsible for whichever post-1999 Bain deals the left is pretending to care about today to keep the focus off of Obama’s record.

But here’s a radical third theory. What if … Romney retained his official positions at the firm but was no longer participating in its day-to-day operations? Could such a bizarre state of affairs have existed? There’s an arcane labor concept out there called a “leave of absence” that might explain it, but I don’t know. . . . Read More

Fact looked into this matter a week ago, and responded to the Obama claims by telling them they are “all wet”:

FACTCHECK.ORG: The Obama campaign complains that we got a key fact wrong in our June 29 article, “Obama’s ‘Outsourcer’ Overreach.” We strongly disagree. We find the Obama campaign’s evidence to be weak or non-existent, and contrary to statements Romney has made on official disclosure forms under pain of federal prosecution.

The Obama complaint claims we erred in saying Mitt Romney gave up active management of Bain Capital in early 1999 to run the 2002 Winter Olympics, insisting we were then wrong in saying Romney was not responsible for shipping U.S. jobs overseas.

In fact, if the Obama campaign were correct, Romney would be guilty of a federal felony by certifying on federal financial disclosure forms that he left active management of Bain Capital in February 1999.

And after reviewing evidence cited by the Obama campaign, we reaffirm our conclusion that Romney left the helm of Bain Capital when he took a leave of absence in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics – as he has said repeatedly — and never returned to active management. The Obama campaign’s recent ads thus mislead when they point to investments made by Bain, as well as management decisions made by companies in which Bain invested, after that time.

The Obama campaign’s objections are contained in a six-page letter sent to us (and — without notice to us — to other news organizations as well). It cobbles together selective news snippets and irrelevant securities documents in an attempt to show that Romney was still running Bain Capital on a part-time basis while he was also running the Olympics committee.

In a nutshell, the Obama campaign is all wet on this point.

But the Obama Campaign very likely could not care less about how much their ridiculous attacks get shot down. They are banking on throwing out the most outrageous accusations regularly, believing a certain number of people will believe them, never hearing the truth. That appears to be their strategy, showing how completely devoid of character and integrity they actually are. But when you have no record of economic achievement to run on, you go with the the politics of distraction and destruction.

UPDATE 7/12/12, 9:30 PM: Fact has just posted once again that they find no basis in the “felony” accusations by the Obama Campaign.

Desperate Obama Campaign Suggests Mitt Romney May have Committed a “Felony”; Fact Check Group Dismisses Charges as “All Wet” – 7/12/12

Here is audio from this evening where Mark Levin on his radio show went after what he calls Barack Obama’s “number one hatchet man. . . David Axelrod.”

Via The Right Scoop

Mark Levin Hammers Barack Obama’s “Number One Hatchet Man – David Axelrod” – Audio 7/5/12

In an interview with CBS News’ Jan Crawford, Ann Romney cited an Obama Campaign Memo that revealed their strategy to defeat Mitt Romney is to “kill Romney” with personal attacks. On Obama’s rhetoric, “I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy (pointing to Mitt Romney).'”

CBS NEWS: On a mission to shatter the image of her husband as rigid and unrelatable, Ann Romney told CBS News she worries that President Obama’s entire campaign strategy is “kill Romney.”

“I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,” she said, seated next to her husband, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, in an exclusive interview with CBS News chief political correspondent Jan Crawford. “And I feel like that’s not really a very good campaign policy.

“I feel like Mitt’s got the answers to turn this country around,” she continued. “He’s the one that’s got to bring back hope for this country, which is what they ran on last time. But the truth is, this is the one that has the hope for the – for America.”

In August, some Democratic strategists let leak to the press that Obama’s top aides were looking at a massive character takedown of Romney in light of a deterring economy; “kill Romney” was a phrase used by one. “That was their memo that came out from their campaign,” Ann Romney said. “And it’s like, ‘not when I’m next to him you better not.” . . . Read More

Ann Romney Cites Obama Campaign Strategy to “Kill Romney” with Personal Attacks: “Not when I’m Next to Him, You’d Better Not!” – Video 7/4/12

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