Obama Economy Humming Along: U.S. Economy Shrank by 0.7% in the First Quarter of 2015 – Video 5/29/15

Gasps heard on CNBC as March Jobs Number Announced at only 126,000 vs. Expected 248,000; Worst Number since 2013 – Video 4/3/15

Economist Delivers Body Blow to Obama Economy: “There is No Improvement in the Economy” – Video 2/11/15


Obama Economy: China Surpasses U.S. as World’s Largest Economy – 12/4/14

“Morning Joe” Discusses Obama’s “Total Disconnect” from how 79% of Americans Feel about the U.S. Economy – Video 8/6/14

Stuart Varney on the Obama Economy: Lower Half of American Income Earners are Worse-Off after 5 Years of Obama – Video 4/3/14

House Speaker John Boehner: Americans are Sick of asking President Obama, “Where are the Jobs?” – Video 2/11/14

The Obama Economy: Labor Force Participation Rate Hits 36-Year Low – Video 1/10/14

December 2013 Jobs Report “Horrific”, “Ugly”; Only 74,000 Jobs Added; Nearly 92 Million Americans Not in the Workforce – Video 1/10/14


Obamavilles? Tent Cities Popping Up in New Jersey – Video Report 8/2/13

Krauthammer: Obama Acts like “He’s been out of the Country for Five Years;” “It’s His Economy – He’s the President” – Video 7/29/13

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Previews Obama’s Economy Speech: Obama has “Nothing New to Say” on the Economy – Video 7/22/13

Sen. Ted Cruz in Iowa Blasts the “Failed Economic Policies” of Barack Obama – Video 7/19/13

New House GOP Ad Skewers Obama and the Democrats for adding ObamaCare to the Obama Economy – Video 5/15/13

New Ad Highlights “Insanity” of Obama’s Tax and Spend Budget – Video 4/10/13

Rick Santelli to Steve Liesman on Obama Economic / Jobs Policies: “Let’s Put the Sickle on It” – Video 4/5/13

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