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Here is complete video of President Obama, and Vice-President Joe Biden unveiling their anti-2nd Amendment proposals at the White House today. Surrounding himself with Gun Control advocates and children, Obama set forth his agenda. Essentially, Obama is calling Congress to take the most drastic steps – an “Assault” Weapons Ban, limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds, and a Universal Background Check – while signing 23 “Executive Actions” that focus heavily on pushing various Government agencies to do things involving the words “Commit,” “Review,” “Study.” It is unclear whether any of the major proposals can get through the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, much less the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

President Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden Unveil their Anti-Gun Agenda at White House Event – Complete Video 1/16/13

Shameless manipulation. Now Obama’s White House is releasing what they claim are the letters of distraught children as a way to push his anti-2nd Amendment agenda. The word is, Obama will surround himself today with children who wrote letters in the aftermath of the Newtown School Shooting:

WEEKLY STANDARD: The White House today released letters from little kids pleading for gun control, just hours before President Obama is to release a comprehensive proposal to limit guns and ammunition. The letters were released to the Associated Press in what appears to be a coordinated effort to help shape the narrative the day of Obama’s announcement.

“Three days after six teachers and 20 students were killed by a rampaging gunman at their elementary school in Newtown, Conn., an 8-year-old from Maryland pulled out a sheet of paper and asked President Barack Obama for ‘some changes in the laws with guns,'” the AP reports. . . . Read More

Obama Releases Letters of Distraught Children ahead of Anti-Gun Rights Announcement

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