Trump Presser: “I Don’t Think Iran is in Compliance”; Blasts Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/10/17

Even Democrats now Admitting Obama’s Disastrous Iran Deal does not Reign in their Support of Terrorism – Video 4/20/17

Democrat Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Blasts Obama Iran Deal as a Signal of Weakness to the Region; Encourages Aggression by Iran and Russia – Video 10/13/15

Donald Trump Speaks at U.S. Capitol against Obama’s Iran Deal; Calls it the “Worst Deal I have Ever Seen” – Video 9/9/15

VP Joe Biden: “Totally Legitimate Argument” that Iran will use Obama Deal to Enhance their Terrorist Activity around the World – Video 9/3/15

Donald Trump Press Conference in Greenville, SC: Planning Rally with Ted Cruz in Washington D.C. to Protest disastrous Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/27/15

Powerful “Vets against the Deal” Ad Slams Obama Iran Deal: “They will have Blood on their Hands” – Video 8/10/15

Report: Obama Complained about Jewish Opposition to His Disastrous Iran Deal – “It’s My Birthday. . . You’d think they’d be Nicer to Me” – 8/11/15

Marco Rubio Warns Dems on Obama Iran Deal: “This is a Vote You will have to Live with for the Rest of Your Life” – Video 8/10/15

Joe Scarborough: Will Obama Call Democrat Chuck Schumer “Ignorant” or a “Liar” for Opposing His Appeasement Deal with Iran? – Video 8/7/15

Democrat Chuck Schumer comes out Against Obama Iran Deal – Video 8/7/15

Josh Earnest Defends Obama Claiming GOP like Iranian Radicals with whom He Just did a Nuke Deal! – Video 8/6/15

Obama Singles Out Israel for Opposing His Deal with the Radical Islamists in Iran – Video 8/5/15

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Repeatedly Calls Obama’s Iran Deal a “Treaty” – Video 8/4/15

Gen. Martin Dempsey Contradicts Obama Claim We must accept Iran Deal or Go to War – Video 7/29/15

Joe Scarborough Slams “Arrogant” Obama’s Dismissal of Iran Deal Critics – Video 7/27/15

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