Chuck Todd on Obama Presser: Obama took an “Extremely Defensive” Tone – Video 11/16/15

CBS News’ Major Garrett Confronts Obama how He could be “Content” to do a Deal with Iran while Four Americans Languish in Prison – Video 7/15/15

Obama Reveals He gave 15 Minutes of Opening Remarks during Phone Call with Cuban Dictator Raul Castro – Video 12/19/14

At Press Conference, Obama Signals He will Move Ahead with Amnesty Executive Action Despite Voter Rejection of Him – Complete Video 11/5/14

Fox News Panel Slams Obama’s Weak, Lethargic Press Conference Performance – Video 8/6/14

Obama Speaks on Shooting Down of Malaysian Airliner; Says One American Dead; Calls on Israel to Avoid Civilian Casualties in Gaza – Video 7/18/14

President Obama Press Conference on Iraq; Will Send Up to 300 “Advisers” to Iraq – Complete Video 6/19/14

President Obama Issues New Decree Changing Law Again in Press Conference on ObamaCare; Says for One Year, People Can Keep their Plan – Complete Video 11/14/13

Obama at Press Conference: “We Fumbled” the ObamaCare Rollout – Video 11/14/13

Ed Henry: It is Not the Job of the White House Press Corps to “Tee Up” President Obama “to Give His Talking Points” – Video 10/9/13

Did Obama, Jay Carney Stiff Major TV Reporters because of Recent Pointed Questions on ObamaCare Disaster? – Video 10/9/13

Rush Limbaugh Reacts to Obama’s Vitriolic Presser: “Have We Ever Had a More Dishonest President?” – Three Audio Clips 10/8/13

President Obama Gives Press Conference Attacking Republicans; Seeks to Frighten U.S. Financial Markets; Press Never Asks about Disastrous ObamaCare Rollout – Video 10/8/13

Obama at Press Conference Dismisses Benghazi Scandal: “There’s no There There” – Video 5/13/13

Here is great video of CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett repeatedly questioning President Obama today at his Press Conference about why he insists the debt-ceiling be raised without negotiation or discussion. Garrett pointed out that is opposite the entire history of the debt-ceiling, and he reminded Obama that Obama himself refused to vote for an increase in the debt-ceiling when he was a U.S. Senator and George W. Bush was President.

Obama clearly did not appreciate the tough questioning, and gave one of his typical rambling, non-answers.

Obama Confronted at Press Conference by CBS News’ Major Garrett on the Debt-Ceiling – Video 1/14/13

Here is video of Sen. John McCain responding to President Obama’s “come after me” remark at his Press Conference yesterday. Obama was responding with anger to word that Sen. McCain had said he would block any nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to be Secretary of State. McCain called Obama’s response, “juvenile,” and then made it clear he will be coming after Obama by detailing Obama’s conflicting statements on what happened in the Benghazi Terrorist Attack.

McCain Slams Obama’s “Juvenile” Press Conference Statement on Susan Rice; Details Obama’s Conflicting Statements on Benghazi Attack – Video 11/14/12

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