Obama Reacts to the Death of Prince during Press Conference in Great Britain – Video 4/22/16

President Obama Tries to Defend His Indefensible Appeasement Deal with Iran at Press Conference – Complete Video 7/15/15

President Obama Holds End-of-Year Press Conference; Takes Questions from Women Only; No Networks Called On – Complete Video 12/19/14

President Obama Holds Press Conference at the State Department; Says Nothing Significant to Warn Putin against Invasion of Ukraine – Complete Video 8/6/14

Politico’s Glenn Thrush on Obama Presser: “I was Flabbergasted by the Extent to which (Obama) just wants to Get out of Town” – Video 12/20/13

President Obama Holds Press Conference Prior to Jetting Off to Hawaii for a 17-Day Vacation – Complete Video 12/20/13

Obama Asked to Name the “Biggest Mistake” of this Awful Year of His Presidency: I Only Met “Every Other Week, or Every Three Weeks” on ObamaCare – Video 12/20/13

AP Reporter Julie Pace goes Right at Obama in Presser: Do You Understand the Public has Lost Trust and Confidence in You? – Video 12/20/13

In Russia, A Halting President Obama Continues to Press Case for War against Syria during Press Conference – Video 9/6/13

President Obama at Press Conference: Al-Qaeda has been “Decimated” and has “Metastasized” – Video 8/9/13

Obama Does Not Answer Whether Anyone at White House Knew about IRS Targeting of Conservatives – Video 5/16/13

President Obama Holds Press Conference with Turkish PM; Refuses to Appoint Independent Counsel to Investigate IRS Targeting of Conservatives – Complete Video 5/16/13


Obama Summons U.S. Marines to Hold Umbrellas over His Head and Turkish PM During Rainy Rose Garden Press Conference – Photo 5/16/13 UPDATE: Video Added

President Barack Obama

Scandal Watch – Obama to Hold Joint Press Conference with Turkish PM at 12 NN ET Today; Will take Two Questions from U.S. Reporters, Two from Turkish Reporters – 5/16/13

President Obama Holds Joint Press Conference in Mexico City with Mexican President Pena Nieto – Complete Video 5/2/13

President Obama Holds White House Press Conference – Complete Video 4/30/13

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