In Russia, A Halting President Obama Continues to Press Case for War against Syria during Press Conference – Video 9/6/13

President Obama at Press Conference: Al-Qaeda has been “Decimated” and has “Metastasized” – Video 8/9/13

Obama Does Not Answer Whether Anyone at White House Knew about IRS Targeting of Conservatives – Video 5/16/13

President Obama Holds Press Conference with Turkish PM; Refuses to Appoint Independent Counsel to Investigate IRS Targeting of Conservatives – Complete Video 5/16/13


Obama Summons U.S. Marines to Hold Umbrellas over His Head and Turkish PM During Rainy Rose Garden Press Conference – Photo 5/16/13 UPDATE: Video Added

President Barack Obama

Scandal Watch – Obama to Hold Joint Press Conference with Turkish PM at 12 NN ET Today; Will take Two Questions from U.S. Reporters, Two from Turkish Reporters – 5/16/13

President Obama Holds Joint Press Conference in Mexico City with Mexican President Pena Nieto – Complete Video 5/2/13

President Obama Holds White House Press Conference – Complete Video 4/30/13

Obama Claims He is “Not Familiar” with the “Notion” Benghazi Whistleblowers are being Blocked and Threatened – Video 4/30/13

Obama at White House Press Conference: “Maybe I should Just Pack Up and Go Home” – Video 4/30/13


President Obama holds Press Conference as the “Sequester” Cuts Get set to Kick In Today – Complete Video 3/1/13

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Here is complete video of President Barack Obama’s Press Conference today where he demanded that Congress give him a blank check to keep up runaway deficit spending by increasing the debt-ceiling. He also threatened he was going to use “Executive Powers” to move against the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. He indicated there are some steps he can take without legislation, and he intends to take those steps where possible. He did not specify what those steps will be.

President Obama Holds Final Press Conference of His First Term; Demands Debt-Ceiling Increase; Says He Intends to use “Executive Action” to move Against 2nd Amendment Rights – Complete Video 1/14/13

Here is complete video of President Barack Obama’s first White House Press Conference since being re-elected as President. This was Obama’s first formal Press Conference in eight months.

President Barack Obama’s White House Press Conference – Complete Video 11/14/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer talking about President Obama’s Press Conference yesterday, with Krauthammer describing Obama as “droning on,” and “dull.”

“It was very odd. Because on one hand, you get the sense that he was droning on, he was speaking in a way I found incredibly dull, almost disinterested. And you get the feeling of a sinking, contracting presidency. The one time he got sort of energetic is when he went into attack mode. . . . It’s as if he hasn’t been president for the three years he’s been president.”

Actually, “droning on” and “dull” is standard fare for Obama.

Via Daily Caller

Charles Krauthammer on Obama Presser: “He was Droning On. . . Speaking in a Way I Found Incredibly Dull” – Video 10/6/11

The arrogance of President Obama was on full display at his Press Conference today.

CBS News’ Chip Reid asked one of the rare pointed questions of Obama at one of these events. He pointed out that a huge majority of Americans disagree with Obama about raising the Debt Ceiling. Reid asked Obama if it was not true that he has failed to convince the American people that we have a crisis on our hands.

Obama’s answer? The general American public “is not paying close attention” to what is going on, as opposed to profesional politicians. In other words – Americans are just too stupid or ignorant to know what’s good for them!

It just couldn’t be that Americans are right, and Obama is out in Left field – could it?

Obama Arrogance Again on Display: Americans Oppose Debt Ceiling Increase because they are “Not Paying Close Attention” to what is Going On – Video 7/11/11

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Here is complete video of President Obama’s press conference this morning where he was defiant in saying he is determined to get a deal with Republicans that will “add revenues” (code for tax increases) and raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling. Obama talked like a man who thinks he holds a strong hand – even though he really does not.

Republicans MUST hold the line and not agree to ANY tax increases. Obama is desperate to get them to agree to some kind of tax increase so the GOP cannot use that issue against him in the 2012 Election. What he is proposing is nothing more than a trap. Republicans must not fall for it.

After all – how can you take Barack Obama seriously on the issue of dealing with the nation’s debt? This is a man who has added nearly $4 Trillion to the National Debt in less than 3 years! And now he is “Mr. Fiscal Responsibility?” I don’t think so.

Obama lamented that there is “strong resistance on the Republican side to do anything about revenues.” “Revenues” has become Obama’s big code word for “tax increases.” What Obama is trying to do is use this “crisis” as a cover for raising taxes. The GOP must call his bluff.

President Obama Holds Press Conference to Push GOP to Agree to Deal with “Revenue” Increases (Higher Taxes) – Complete Video 7/11/11

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