Here is video of a very emotional President Barack Obama thanking Campaign workers yesterday following his re-election victory.

An Emotional President Barack Obama Thanks Campaign Workers Following Re-Election Victory – Video 11/8/12

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, Businesses across the country are no longer in “wait-and-see” if he gets re-elected mode. It appears many companies are now deciding to lay off workers ahead of the full implementation of ObamaCare and other anticipated Obama policies:

FREEDOM WORKS: Last night’s victory for the President marks the first time since its inception that Obamacare is no longer a what-if; it is the future of health care in America.

It also means a near immediate impact on the economy. With 20 or so new or higher taxes set to be implemented, ranging from a $123 billion surtax on investment income, through the $20 billion medical device tax, all the way down to the $600 million executive compensation limit, Obamacare will be a nearly unbearable tax burden on the economy.

Who will pay? The middle-class workforce, of course.

So with another four years for President Obama to look forward to, and the obvious inevitability of Obamacare that this entails, let’s examine the very real jobs that will be lost, and the very real lives that will be affected. . . . See the List of Companies that have announced layoffs


Companies Announce Layoffs in Wake of Obama’s Re-Election

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh’s opening segment today in the wake of President Barack Obama’s re-election victory in yesterday’s Presidential Election. Rush summed up the victory by Obama as, “It’s just very difficult to beat Santa Claus.”

Essentially, that’s what it comes down to.

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh Sums Up Obama’s Re-Election Victory: “It’s Just very Difficult to Beat Santa Claus” – Audio 11/7/12

Here’s the headline on the Drudge Report the day after President Barack Obama is re-elected to a second term. The division of the popular vote right at 50%-49% shows just how divided we are, with two very different worldviews as a people.

NEW YORK TIMES: Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday, overcoming powerful economic headwinds, a lock-step resistance to his agenda by Republicans in Congress and an unprecedented torrent of advertising as a divided nation voted to give him more time. . . . .

Mr. Obama, 51, faces governing in a deeply divided country and a partisan-rich capital, where Republicans retained their majority in the House and Democrats kept their control of the Senate. His re-election offers him a second chance that will quickly be tested, given the rapidly escalating fiscal showdown. . . . Read More

NYT: Re-Elected President Obama “Faces Governing in a Deeply Divided Country” – 11/7/12

Barack Obama’s Presidential Re-Election Campaign is moving to appease the far-Left “Occupy” Protest Movement, adopting their language and anti-Capitalist themes:

DAILY CALLER: President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign continues to move leftward in search of enthusiastic voters, even as the public grows more worried about the economy and skeptical about his adminstration.

In a Sunday speech dedicating the new Chinese-designed memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr., Obama signaled his support for progressive groups protesting in New York City and elsewhere.

That afternoon in a remark that reflected the protesters’ chosen language, White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the president will work to ensure the “interests of 99 percent of Americans are well represented” in government.

On Friday, Obama’s chief political adviser said his campaign would leverage the public’s anger at Wall Street to slingshot Obama — and his top Wall Street aides — back into the White House for a second term.

“We intend to make it one of the central elements of the campaign next year,” David Plouffe, Obama’s chief political advisor, said in a Washington Post interview.

That anti-capitalist emphasis is also shaping campaign officials’ criticism of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, whose Boston-based investment firm is already being painted as a Wall Street predator.

But these leftward moves further threaten Obama’s shrinking base of support among swing-voting professionals, who provide roughly 17 percent of the vote in elections, and a larger share of donations and social approval. . . . Read More

Obama Re-Election Campaign Adopting Language, Themes of “Occupy” Movement

The natives are getting restless with Barack Obama. Now, an op-ed in his hometown newspaper is suggesting he might ought to think twice about running for re-election:

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: When Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984, his slogan was “Morning in America.” For Barack Obama, it’s more like midnight in a coal mine.

The sputtering economy is about to stall out, unemployment is high, his jobs program may not pass, foreclosures are rampant and the poor guy can’t even sneak a cigarette.

His approval rating is at its lowest level ever. His party just lost two House elections — one in a district it had held for 88 consecutive years. He’s staked his future on the jobs bill, which most Americans don’t think would work. The vultures are starting to circle. . . . Read More

Op-Ed in Obama’s Hometown Paper: Appropriate Obama 2012 Slogan, “Like Midnight in a Coal Mine” – 9/18/11

It’s the first time I’ve heard the “L” word (“Landslide”) mentioned in a story about the 2012 Election. All the pundits assume Obama is going to be hard to beat in 2012. But some signs in key Battleground states suggest it is Obama who just may be in for a very hard time:

NATIONAL JOURNAL: President Obama’s job approval rating in the latest national polls has been in the danger zone, ranging from 42 percent (Gallup) to 47 percent (ABC News/Washington Post), with every survey showing him with higher unfavorables than favorables. Needless to say, it’s not a good place for a president to be, especially since his numbers have worsened over the past two months.

The race for president isn’t a national contest. It’s a state-by-state battle to cobble an electoral vote majority. So while the national polls are useful in gauging the president’s popularity, the more instructive numbers are those from the battlegrounds.

Those polls are even more ominous for the president: In every reputable battleground state poll conducted over the past month, Obama’s support is weak. In most of them, he trails Republican front-runner Mitt Romney. For all the talk of a closely fought 2012 election, if Obama can’t turn around his fortunes in states such as Michigan and New Hampshire, next year’s presidential election could end up being a GOP landslide. . . . Read More

The Obama-enthralled media don’t even see this happening. But Americans are coming to the realization that however much they may have hoped Obama would be a transformational figure, he is destroying the U.S. Economy – and there is no hope in sight. In the end, they will vote accordingly – even in Democrat strongholds like Michigan. That is exactly how Ronald Reagan was able to win 49 states in 1984. Mondale ran on a platform of higher taxes. Obama is the champion of bigger government and higher taxes. We’ll see how that works out for him.

Obama in Trouble in Key Battleground States; Is the “L” Word in Play?

Increasing scrutiny is being paid to President Obama’s fundraising activities – particularly his use of the White House to host big donors and bundlers for his 2012 Re-Election Campaign. GOP Rep. Darrell Issa is looking into it. While Obama may be talking about his focus on the economy and a Debt Limit Deal, his real focus, as always, is himself – and his drive to raise $1 Billion to keep his job despite the disastrous U.S. Economy:

DAILY CALLER: President Barack Obama’s controversial meeting with supporters in the White House’s Blue Room on March 7 included 16 attendees who collected at least $3.95 million for his 2012 election race.

Sixteen of the meeting’s attendees are listed as wealthy donors in a report posted at Obama’s campaign’s website on July 15. One of the attendees raised between $50,000 and $100,000, six attendees raised between $50,000 and $100,000, four raised between $200,000 and $500,000 and five raised more than $500,000. These donors are called “bundlers” because they amass donations from friends for the campaign.

The March 7 meeting is being criticized by Republicans as possibly violating campaign-finance laws that bar the use of government property for political fundraising.

On July 11, for example, California Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House oversight committee, called for an investigation into the meeting, asked for information from the White House, and called for the preservation of documents related to any campaign-related events hosted by administration officials. . . . Read More

Increasing Scrutiny of President Obama Using the White House to Fund-raise for His 2012 Re-Election Campaign

Gallup has released new polling on voters’ preference between President Obama and a “Generic Republican” candidate. They report that their latest survey finds voters moving against President Obama. A “Generic Republican” now leads Obama by eight points at 47%-39%.

Perhaps even more ominous for Obama is that he now trails among Independent voters by 10-points, 44%-34%:

Independent registered voters are currently more likely to vote for the Republican candidate (44%) than for Obama (34%), though one in five do not have an opinion. Republicans and Democrats show strong party loyalty in their vote choices, with Republicans showing somewhat stronger loyalty.

While it is true that Obama won’t face a “Generic Republican,” it shows how ripe many voters are to be won over by whoever the Republican nominee will be. Notice how far below 50% “The One” now is, as Americans begin to ponder the reality that Obama has failed miserably.

Gallup: President Obama Now Trails a “Generic Republican” by 8-Points – 7/14/11

In our Weekly Poll for June 26 – July 3, we asked what readers thought would be President Barack Obama’s biggest obstacle to re-election by the time November 2012 rolls around. The clear winner with 59% of the vote was “Unemployment.” A strong second was the “Massive U.S. Debt” with 29%:

59% Unemployment

29% Massive U.S. Debt

9% Monetary Crisis

2% A Foreign Policy Crisis

2% Social Issues

1% High Gas Prices

Thanks for participating in our Weekly Poll. Please vote in the new poll found in the sidebar. A new poll is posted each Sunday.

Poll Archives

FL Weekly Poll Result: 59% Believe “Unemployment” Will be Obama’s Biggest Obstacle to Re-Election by November of 2012 – 7/3/11

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It seems we don’t have to worry about Barack Obama and his family being too upset if he is defeated in 2012.

Here is video of President Obama in an interview with NBC’s Ann Curry where he was asked if he ever thinks perhaps one term as President is enough. After giving a rather bizarre laugh – as if, “How could you ever even think of such a thing?” – Obama said there are days when he thinks one term may be enough – BUT – he has not yet finished all that he wants to do.

Well, many of us would be just fine with one term for Barack Obama, and we want him to leave office BEFORE he finishes what he wants to do. We’ve already had enough “radically transforming” what was already the greatest nation on earth. Rather than changing that, we’d like to keep it that way.

President Obama Laughs at Suggestion One-Term May be Enough; Then Admits He has Days He Thinks About It – Video 6/14/11

A new USA Today/Gallup Poll has two things in it that jumped out at me. The summary of it does not highlight these things because they are very negative for President Obama.

First, it shows that 46% of Americans surveyed say they will “definitely not” vote for President Obama’s re-election.

Second, it also shows that only 38% said they believe Obama was “definitely” born in the United States.

The GOP Nominee will begin with a floor of around 46% support against Obama. It’s hard to imagine very many of those folks changing their mind about Obama when it’s pretty clear what we will get if we stick with him. Only 5% of everyone else has to be convinced to vote against Obama to put him out of office.

New Poll: 46% Says they Will “Definitely Not” Vote to Re-Elect Obama; Only 38% Believe Obama “Definitely Born” in USA

Here is video from an interview the Associated Press did with President Obama yesterday on a variety of topics. Obama is warning that unless he can reach a compromise deal with Republicans to raise the nation’s Debt Ceiling, it could plunge the worldwide economy into another recession.

He defended military action in Libya, saying he believes NATO action there will eventually force Gadhafi from power. This despite the fact that Gadhafi is on the offense right now.

He also would not rule out the possibility of Hillary Clinton moving from Secretary of State to Secretary of Defense to replace the retiring Robert Gates. Obama would only say Clinton has done a great job at State and that he thinks she likes her job.

Obama seems set on going ahead with beginning withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Afghanistan in July of this year.

On his re-election, Obama said he can make the case that, “I am the person who is best prepared for us to finish the job so that we are on track to succeed in the 21st Century.”

Finish what job – the job of turning the U.S. into a European-style Socialist State? Obama has tripled the annual budget deficit since taking office. That is not the track to success in any century.

Obama Says He Can Make the Case He is “Best Prepared” to Put U.S. on Track for Success – Video 4/16/11

Donald Trump appeared on Fox & Friends this morning where he fired back at the Obama White House and their dismissive attitude toward his possible candidacy for President.

Trump said he has “hit a nerve” because Obama’s Team is attacking him, “not Mr. Pawlenty,” or others. Trump had a message for Obama and his re-election team:

“I’m their worst nightmare. I am not the person that they want to run against. They know it and I know it. And I know it for a fact because they have a lot of people that are frankly contributors to him and they tell me, ‘Donald, you are not the person they want to run against.'”

Asked if their attacks make him want to run even more, Trump said, “A little bit” because while they attack Trump, they are doing nothing about the way China is ripping off America. Trump hammered Obama for his complete inability to “deal” with China, OPEC and other countries that are taking American jobs and drive up the U.S. Deficit. He said that having a President who knows how to make “fair deals” could very quickly bring down the U.S. Deficit.

On knowing that the Democrats are obsessed with him, Trump concluded by saying, “Well, that’s a good feeling.”

Donald Trump Fires Back at Dismissive Obama Campaign: “I’m their Worst Nightmare” – Video 4/11/11

President Barack Obama has launched his 2012 Re-Election Campaign today. The video above is his first campaign ad of the new cycle. The video features voters – Black, Hispanic, Students, and an older white man – saying they want to be a part of re-electing Obama. The theme of the ad is, “It begins with us,” because President Obama is so busy dealing with the nation’s problems, he won’t have time to get out and “energize” them for the campaign.

Yeah right.

President Obama Launches 2012 Re-Election Campaign; Releases First Ad: “It Begins with Us” – Video 4/4/11

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today on his radio show saying about President Barack Obama, “I think he is going to be a one-termer,” though Limbaugh does not believe Obama is going to announce it. “He is going to be rejected” by voters, Limbaugh said. He believes that will be the case because Obama has said in the past he would rather “do the right thing” – meaning follow his radical Leftist agenda – than be re-elected to a second term. In other words, unlike Bill Clinton’s move to the center to be able to get re-elected, Obama is unlikely to do that, and will instead push forward along his Leftist ideological lines.

Rush Limbaugh on Obama: “I think he is going to be a One-Termer”; “He is Going to be Rejected” – Video 11/15/10

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