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Dick Cheney: Obama Jeopardizing National Security in 2nd Term by Appointing “Second-Rate People” to Key Positions – 2/9/13

President Barack Obama

Quinnipiac: President Obama’s Approval Rating Drops from 53% to 46% in One Month – 2/8/13

Here is video of Ed Rollins on “Fox News Sunday” yesterday where he said Barack Obama’s second term “could be twice as bad as the first term.”

In addition to the economic mess still facing the country, Rollins argued Iraq and Afghanistan could very well “come apart in the next four years.” With the Foreign Policy challenges, Rollins said Obama is going to get a chance “to earn that Nobel Peace Prize that’s somewhere in the Oval Office.”

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Ed Rollins on Obama 2nd Term: “I Would Argue that this Term could be Twice as Bad as the First Term” – Video 12/2/12

Here is the panel on “This Week” today discussing the lessons to be learned from the 2012 Election and the challenges to be faced in the 2016 Election for both Republicans and Democrats. Joe Klein wondered if Barack Obama will put changes to ObamaCare on the table with Republicans to make it more local/regional-based and more market-based in order to get it fully implemented. It was also suggested that now that Obama does not have to get re-elected again, it will be his supporters on the Left who will be “squealing” about his compromises with Republicans in the weeks ahead.

“This Week” Panel on GOP, Democrat Challenges for 2016 Election; Will Obama Put Changes to ObamaCare on the Table in 2nd Term? – Video 11/25/12

Since Barack Obama won’t tell anyone what he will do in a second term as President, a new Mitt Romney ad fills in the blanks on what will happen if Obama is re-elected.

New Romney Ad: “Five Reasons We can’t Afford Four More Years of Barack Obama” – Video 10/20/12

Here is Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin pointing out yesterday that Barack Obama “did not lay out a second-term agenda” in the second Presidential Debate any more than he did in the first one. In fact, Halperin says he has not addressed that question at all – what will he do in a second term. Yet he expects the American people to just return him to office.

Mark Halperin on “Morning Joe”: Obama has Not Set Forth a Second Term Agenda – Video 10/17/12

And another new RNC Ad, this one focusing on the very real concern of what Barack Obama would do in a second term as President. It highlights his massive spending in the nearly $1 Trillion Stimulus that sent money overseas and to many Democrat special interests in the U.S., and says his plan for a second term will be to “do it again.”

RNC Ad Warns of Obama’s Second Term Plans: “Again” – Video 7/27/12

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