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President Obama in His Newly Redecorated Oval Office

President Obama to Speak to the Nation on Tuesday, September 10, to Make His Case for War against Syria

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As President Barack Obama’s First Term comes to a close, and his second term begins tomorrow at 12 Noon, CBS News’ Mark Knoller helps us to take a look back at the First Obama Term by the numbers. Here’s just some of the statistics:

*Number of speeches, remarks and comments: 1,852

*Number of speeches delivered with Teleprompter: 699

*Number of speeches in which he referred to SlurpeesĀ®: 35 (During the 2010 midterm election campaign, Mr. Obama often portrayed Republicans as “sippin’ SlurpeesĀ®” while Democrats struggled to pull the U.S. economy out of a ditch.

*Number of domestic trips as president: 245 (spanning 417 days; this does not include local outings in the DC area)

*Number of states visited to date: 44. States not yet visited: 6 (Arkansas, Idaho, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah)

*Town hall meetings: 58

*Vacations: 13 (spanning all or part of 83 days)

*Vetoes: 2

*Bills signed into law: 654 (90 of which named U.S. Post Offices)

*Bills signed into law by Autopen: 3

*Cabinet meetings: 19

*Commencement speeches: 15

*Visits to Camp David: 29 (spanning all or part of 72 days)

*Foreign trips: 25

*Nations visited: 35 (several more than once)

*Golf outings: 113 (Most frequent venue: 52 rounds at Joint Base Andrews)

*Media interviews: 591 (The major TV networks got 104 interviews)

*News conferences: 21 formal, solo, full-length White House news conferences (Mr. Obama had 108 press availabilities of all varieties including 57 joint sessions with foreign leaders)

*Meetings with foreign leaders: 131 (multiple meetings with many of them over 4 years) State dinners at the White House: 6 (India, Mexico, China, Germany, South Korea, Great Britain)

*Addresses to the nation: 8

*Addresses to Joint Sessions of Congress: 6

*Flights on Air Force One: 836

*Flights on Marine One: 801

*Evening outings (dinner, theater, shows): 57

*Days with no public or press appearances: 93

*Presidential pardons: 22

President Barack Obama’s First Term By the Numbers: 1,852 Speeches, Remarks & Comments; 699 Speeches with a Teleprompter; 113 Golf Outings; 13 Vacations – 1/19/13

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Here is complete of President Barack Obama’s marathon “framing” speech today in Ohio designed to reset his Presidential Campaign and frame it as a clear choice between two visions for the nation.

It was like the hundreds of other speeches you have heard Barack Obama read, designed to paint Republicans as the bad guys and himself as the champion of the people. In fact, if you did not know it to be true, you would think Barack Obama has not been President for 3 1/2 years, and that he never had control of both Houses of Congress for his first two years. Obama got everything he wanted for two years – and it did not work. But he is now trying to frame the election as the choice between finishing the job – which he has not even begun to start correctly – and “stalemate.” Obama actually wants to be re-elected with Democrat control of the House and Senate once again. But the reality is that the re-election of Barack Obama will ensure “stalemate” – because the Democrats won’t win the House and could very well lose the Senate.

There really was nothing new here – just more of the same. Obama is a one-note piano. His “hope and change” rhetoric is all he has – and his agenda to radically transform America into a far-Left European style Socialist state. His biggest problem now is that Americans are onto his game. Now, unlike in the 2008 Election, more than 46% of us know what he actually means by “change we can believe in.”

President Barack Obama Delivers 50+ Minute Speech Designed to Reset His Presidential Campaign – Complete Video 6/14/12

Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney predicting that President Obama’s “Framing” speech today – designed to reset the Presidential Election Campaign – will be long on words but short on substance and reality. Romney said Obama will “be asking for four more years,” even though Obama said himself in 2009 that if he did not have the economy turned around in 3 years he would be looking at a “one-term proposition.” Romney urged people to look past Obama’s empty words to his dismal record in office.

Mitt Romney Predicts Obama’s “Framing” Speech Today will be Full of Empty Words; Urges Voters to Look Past the Rhetoric to Obama’s Failed Record – Video 6/13/12

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Here is video of President Barack Obama addressing the American people tonight from Afghanistan. Obama said “the goal that I set” – to defeat Al-Qaeda – “is within reach.”

Somehow, I thought the goal to defeat Al-Qaeda started long before anyone even knew who Barack Obama was?

President Obama Speech from Afghanistan: “The Goal that I set to Defeat Al-Qaeda. . . is Within Reach” – Complete Video 5/1/12

Here is video of President Obama in a VERY odd moment at the Washington Navy Yard where he went to speak today. Obama went to the lectern as if he was ready to speak, and then stood in silence for a full minute. In actuality, he was waiting on a 21-gun salute in the distance to be concluded in his honor, but it was not apparent to many tuning in via Television why he was waiting in silence.

Video via Mediaite

President Obama Stands at Lectern for Full Minute in Silence; Many TV Viewers Unaware He was Waiting on 21-Gun Salute in His Honor to Finish – Video 8/5/11

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