Raw Video of President Obama Golfing on Martha’s Vineyard; 15-Day Vacation Begins – Video 8/9/14

President Barack Obama

President Obama Plays Golf on 3rd Day of 17-Day Hawaiian Vacation; Protested by a “Polar Bear” – Video 12/24/13

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President Obama and Family Biking on Martha’s Vineyard – Video 8/16/13

Reports indicate President Obama will leave Hawaii and return to Washington, perhaps as early as tonight, to “deal with” the looming “Fiscal Cliff” that he has known about for over a year and done nothing substantive about:

CNN: President Barack Obama might end his Hawaiian vacation Wednesday to make a late-hour bid to reach a fiscal cliff deal before the year ends.

“We are likely to leave as soon as tomorrow,” a White House official said Tuesday.

House and Senate members are expected to reconvene Thursday.

Obama and Republicans have been at loggerheads over how to prevent automatic tax increases for everyone and deep spending cuts that will be triggered in the new year without an agreement.

With neither side showing any sign of blinking, the battlefield will probably shift to the Senate this week after GOP disarray in the House stymied any progress before Christmas.

According to multiple Democratic and Republican sources, no weekend conversations occurred between the White House and Senate leaders from either party or their aides. . . . Read More

Report: President Obama to Return from Hawaii to Washington to Deal with Looming “Fiscal Cliff”

Here is video of “O’Reilly Factor” Producter Jesse Watters in Martha’s Vineyard where President Obama is vacationing. He asked folks there what they thought about Obama vacationing there during such tough economic times. Watters told O’Reilly the support for Obama is still about 65%-35% in favor, but that the “rock star” status has faded from the last two years, and there has been a “big erosion” of his support.

“O’Reilly Factor” Producer Jesse Watters Interviews Folks on Martha’s Vineyard about President Obama’s Vacation – Video 8/22/11

Here is video of Ann Coulter saying that the “big three” GOP Candidates now are “Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Chris Christie – though he’s technically not announced yet.” She said the top GOP Candidates would be “10 times better” than John McCain as a nominee. If Perry begins to falter, that’s when Coulter said she thinks Chris Christie will get in the race (he has said repeatedly he won’t run).

Coulter also tweaked Obama and his Martha’s Vineyard Vacation by saying she wishes he “would take more vacations – I wish he would stay on vacation from now through the end of his term. At least when he’s bicycling on Martha’s Vineyard, with a helmet (emphasis), he’s not socializing another part of the economy.”

Via HotAirPundit

Ann Coulter on Obama Vacation: “I Wish He Would Stay on Vacation from Now through the End of His Term” – Video 8/19/11

Here is a video report by Fox News’ Ed Henry on President Obama’s first full day of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, even as Americans all over the country struggle with the dire economic times.

Henry reports that Obama and his team tried to portray Obama as working hard on his vacation – having an official photo of a serious-faced Obama taken during a briefing. But later in the day, Fox News managed to catch a glimpse of Obama driving a golf cart on an exclusive golf course near his $25,000 a week Blue Heron Farm vacation home.

Henry says White House aides claim they are not worried about fallout from Obama taking a 10-day vacation at the exclusive location in the midst of such economic difficulty.

Via Fox Nation

Obama Plays Golf on Day One of Exclusive Martha’s Vineyard Vacation; Obama Aides Say They are Not Worried about Fallout over Lavish Vacation During Tough Economic Times – Video 8/20/11

As jobless claims were higher than expected yesterday, and the Stock Market took another massive dive, President Barack Obama headed off to the playground of the rich – Martha’s Vineyard – for yet another 10-day vacation:

AFP: US President Barack Obama has defied the mockery of Republicans and sought refuge from the troubles battering his White House on the well-heeled resort of Martha’s Vineyard.

With the stock market tanking on new fears of a double-dip recession and with the unemployment rate at 9.1 percent, critics said the president should be staying in Washington rather than taking 10 days off. . . .

Obama, who plans to take excursions from his rented Blue Heron farm with his family and indulge his passion for golf, will also spend time preparing a major jobs and deficit plan he will unveil in September, Earnest said.

But on a day when global stock markets tanked, the president’s critics enjoyed the chance to poke fun at him, suggesting that his decision to recuperate on the millionaires’ playground amounted to a dereliction of duty.

“If I were president today, I wouldn’t be looking to go spend 10 days on Martha’s Vineyard,” Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told WLS 980 Radio in Chicago on Wednesday.

“If you’re the president of the United States, and the nation is in crisis, and we’re in a jobs crisis right now, then you shouldn’t be out vacationing.” . . . Read More

Here’s video of the exclusive Blue Heron Farm where the Obama’s are staying while on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a 28-acre estate that cost $25,000 a week back in 2009.

From 2009

President Obama Heads Off to Luxurious $25,000 a Week Martha’s Vineyard Estate while Jobless Claims Rise and Markets Tank

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