Krauthammer: The Problem with Obama is Not that He’s on Vacation; It’s on what He does when He’s Not on Vacation – Video 8/15/14

President Barack Obama

President Obama Plans Mystery Return to Washington this Weekend

While Iraq Unravels, Obama Plays Golf and Attends a Fundraiser on Martha’s Vineyard – Video 8/11/14

Flashback Video: Candidate Obama said if Elected President, “Family Life, Vacations, Leisure is Gone” – Video 2008

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On Martha’s Vineyard Vacation, Obama begins Round of Golf with a Three-Putt – Video 8/11/13


Piers Morgan Admits Little or None of Obama’s Gun Control Agenda will Pass; Blasts Obama’s “Pay-Cut” Stunt – Video 4/3/13

Local Reporter Shows WH Press Corps how to Question Jay Carney: “How Does the President Justify Lavish Vacations and a Golf Trip to FL at Taxpayers’ Expense?” – Video 3/18/13

As President Barack Obama’s First Term comes to a close, and his second term begins tomorrow at 12 Noon, CBS News’ Mark Knoller helps us to take a look back at the First Obama Term by the numbers. Here’s just some of the statistics:

*Number of speeches, remarks and comments: 1,852

*Number of speeches delivered with Teleprompter: 699

*Number of speeches in which he referred to Slurpees®: 35 (During the 2010 midterm election campaign, Mr. Obama often portrayed Republicans as “sippin’ Slurpees®” while Democrats struggled to pull the U.S. economy out of a ditch.

*Number of domestic trips as president: 245 (spanning 417 days; this does not include local outings in the DC area)

*Number of states visited to date: 44. States not yet visited: 6 (Arkansas, Idaho, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah)

*Town hall meetings: 58

*Vacations: 13 (spanning all or part of 83 days)

*Vetoes: 2

*Bills signed into law: 654 (90 of which named U.S. Post Offices)

*Bills signed into law by Autopen: 3

*Cabinet meetings: 19

*Commencement speeches: 15

*Visits to Camp David: 29 (spanning all or part of 72 days)

*Foreign trips: 25

*Nations visited: 35 (several more than once)

*Golf outings: 113 (Most frequent venue: 52 rounds at Joint Base Andrews)

*Media interviews: 591 (The major TV networks got 104 interviews)

*News conferences: 21 formal, solo, full-length White House news conferences (Mr. Obama had 108 press availabilities of all varieties including 57 joint sessions with foreign leaders)

*Meetings with foreign leaders: 131 (multiple meetings with many of them over 4 years) State dinners at the White House: 6 (India, Mexico, China, Germany, South Korea, Great Britain)

*Addresses to the nation: 8

*Addresses to Joint Sessions of Congress: 6

*Flights on Air Force One: 836

*Flights on Marine One: 801

*Evening outings (dinner, theater, shows): 57

*Days with no public or press appearances: 93

*Presidential pardons: 22

President Barack Obama’s First Term By the Numbers: 1,852 Speeches, Remarks & Comments; 699 Speeches with a Teleprompter; 113 Golf Outings; 13 Vacations – 1/19/13

Here is raw video showing President Barack Obama leaving the White House and heading back to Hawaii to resume his vacation after winning passage of his “Fiscal Cliff” Deal in the House of Representatives. Obama was in Hawaii with his family over Christmas, and then returned to Washington for the Fiscal Cliff showdown. Their vacation is estimated to cost about $4 million of taxpayer money.

After Winning the “Fiscal Cliff” Battle, Obama Returns to Hawaii Vacation – Raw Video 1/2/13

President Barack Obama and family jetted off to Hawaii tonight for their lavish Christmas Vacation. Obama leaves behind the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations, just 10 days from the new year and the implementation of tax hikes on everyone and massive cuts to America’s National Defense.

President Obama and Family Depart for Christmas in Hawaii – Raw Video 12/21/12

From “Hannity” last night, here is a look at President Obama’s record of lavish vacations even as he pushes his class warfare rhetoric.

Obama’s Record of Lavish Vacations vs. His Class Warfare Rhetoric – Video 4/17/12


Here is video (skip ahead to the 12:44 mark) of President Barack Obama in Colombia where he actually said, “When I take these summit trips, part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation.”

This on the heels of a St. Louis Newsman who confronted Obama just this week about his family’s “jetting around” on one vacation after another. I think Barack Obama believes he is above voter scrutiny – that he can pretty well do as he pleases with no consequences at the polls. This clip will make another nice ad for the GOP.

Via Gateway Pundit

Obama at Summit in Colombia: “Part of my Job is to Scout Out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for Vacation” – Video 4/15/12

Absolutely outstanding!

We have become so accustomed to a liberal media in the hip-pocket of Barack Obama that when a journalist actually asks Obama a hard question, it is truly shocking!

Here is St. Louis newsman Larry Conners from KMOV interviewing President Obama. He dared to go where virtually no reporter has had the courage to go before. Conners asked Obama:

“Some of our viewers complain they get frustrated – even angered, when they see the First Family jetting around, different vacations and so forth, sometimes, they think under the color of state business, and they think ‘You’re out of touch’ – that you don’t really know what they are experiencing right now.”

Obma was clearly shocked, and side-stepped the question of his family taking so many vacations, and whether they are at taxpayers’ expense, by saying he has no choice but to travel on Air Force One because of Secret Service Security. But then he added:

“I think most folks understand how hard I work and how hard this Administration is working on behalf of the American people.”

At the end of the video, Conners calls Obama out for not really answering his question. What a great job by Larry Conners. The national press corps that covers Obama should be ashamed of themselves that with all their opportunities, they have rarely done their job in holding Obama accountable.

This video of Obama piously talking about how hard he works should provide more great material for GOP Ads this Fall!

St. Louis Newsman Confronts Obama for “Jetting Around” Vacations; Obama Retorts “I Think Most Folks Understand How Hard I Work” – Video 4/12/12

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today slamming President Obama for having the “audacity” to paint a limited, meager future for what Americans should hope for in their lives while his wife, Michelle, enjoys a lavish ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado – their “16th vacation in three years.”

Via Daily Rushbo

Rush Limbaugh Slams “Audacity” of Obama to Advocate Limited Future for Americans while Wife, Michelle, Enjoys “16th Vacation in Three Years” – Audio 2/21/12-

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