President Trump Signs Executive Order Ending Obama’s War on Coal and American Energy – Video 3/28/17

President Trump Signs Bill that takes Big Step to Undo Barack Obama’s War on Coal – Video 2/16/17

New GOP Ad: Obama’s War on Coal is a War on Jobs in America – Video 6/2/14

Krauthammer: Obama’s EPA is “Explicitly Destroying the Coal Industry” – Video 2/7/14


Report: With 2nd Term in Shambles, Obama to Turn to Executive Orders to Push Radical “Climate Change” Agenda – 11/8/13

President Obama wants to Lead a “Coordinated Assault on a Changing Climate”; Would Destroy Coal Industry; Electricity Prices to Skyrocket – Videos 6/25/13

Here’s a strong new ad from Mitt Romney going after votes in Pennsylvania! Polls have tightened there, and this ad hammers Barack Obama’s War on Coal.

New Romney Ad Running in Pennsylvania Hammers Obama and His War on Coal – Video 10/30/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan campaigning just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today where he hammered Barack Obama’s disastrous energy policies – including his War on Coal.

Paul Ryan Campaigns in Pennsylvania; Hammers Obama’s Disastrous Energy Policies – Video 10/20/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney Ad that goes right at Barack Obama and his War on Coal. The ad hammers Obama for systematically seeking to destroy the Coal Industry in America, playing some of Obama’s words from the 2008 Campaign when he vowed to “bankrupt” coal-fired power plants using regulations. That’s exactly what he has done. This ad says bluntly, “President Obama is attacking Mitt Romney because Mitt Romney supports Coal Miners.”

New Mitt Romney Ad Hammers Obama’s War on Coal; Uses Video of Obama Vowing to “Bankrupt” Coal -Powered Plants – Video 9/27/12

And another new Mitt Romney ad hammering Obama’s “War on Coal.”

Romney Ad Hammers Obama’s “War on Coal”: “We have 250 Years of Coal. Why Wouldn’t We Use It?. . . Utility Bills are Up. . . ” – Video 9/19/12

Here is a new Mitt Romney ad that features a coal miner talking about how Barack Obama is “attacking” his “way of life,” and endangering not only his future, but the future of his grandchildren.

New Romney Ad Features Coal Miner Saying Barack Obama is “Attacking” His “Way of Life” – Video 9/19/12

Here is video (Via NewsBusters) of Coal Company CEO Robert Murray telling CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that President Barack Obama “is responsible entirely for the closure of that mine and the loss of those jobs.” He was referring to a mine he owns near Brilliant, Ohio, but he went on to make it clear that Obama and his EPA are taking credit for closing “175 coal-fired power plants in the United States of America.”

Predictably, Soledad O’Brien shilled for Obama, doing her best to paint Obama’s obvious war on coal as protecting clean air and clean water. But the reality is there for anyone willing to see it. Barack Obama said he would ruin the coal industry, and as Mr. Murray pointed out, “he is making good on that promise.”

Below is video of Barack Obama back in early 2008 saying clearly what he planned to do in making it so expensive for coal plants to operate it would “bankrupt” them. Just another of the many things people tried to tell voters Obama intended to do that no one listened to in the frenzy of 2008’s “historic” “Hope and Change” nonsense:

CEO of Closing Ohio Coal Plant Tells CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Barack Obama is “Making Good” on His Promise to Destroy the U.S. Coal Industry and It’s Thousands of Jobs – Video 8/3/12

Via Sen. James Inhofe

If there was any doubt about the Barack Obama Administration’s War on Coal – there should not be after this video of a top EPA Official praising the EPA’s decision to essentially destroy the Coal Industry in America.

In fact, it’s clear they realize it means many coal communities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania will “just go away” as a result of their policies. But in their warped minds, that’s just what has to happen – all in the name of their radical Global Warming ideology. It’s what the “long policy” demands.

Obama’s War on Coal should play really well in Pennsylvania and Ohio especially this Fall.

Via Hot Air

EPA Official Says Obama’s War on Coal Tough because it’s Hard to Tell PA, WV Coal Communities “We Think those Communities should Just Go Away – We Can’t Do That” – Video

Here’s another nice ad from the Republican National Committee (RNC), this time aimed at Vice-President Joe Biden and the Obama Administration’s “War on Coal.” It shows Biden saying in 2008 that there would be no more coal plants in the U.S. But then, it shows Biden in 2012 saying “we need coal.” The punchline of the ad is, “You’re not fooling coal country.”

This could be a huge issue in the crucial state of Ohio, where most of the electricity of the state is generated by coal plants. The Obama/Biden “War on Coal” means higher electric bills for every citizen there – and across the country.

New RNC Ad Hits Obama / Biden for their “War on Coal” – Video 5/18/12

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is out with a new ad that highlights Barack Obama / Joe Biden’s War on the American Coal Industry. Good ad. They need to keep highlighting the extreme ideology driving this Leftist Administration.

New RNC Ad Highlights the Obama / Biden War on the American Coal Industry – Video 5/17/12

Here is video of Mitt Romney speaking today where he described the “very different path” he represents for the country compared to Barack Obama. Romney went after Obama for his cronyism, and mocked his “all of the above” energy policy as meaning only for what is “above ground – wind and solar,” but not for coal, oil, and natural gas. Romney said he is genuinely for “all of the above” to make America energy independent.

Mitt Romney Mocks Obama’s “All of the Above” Energy Policy as Meaning only what is “Above Ground” – Video 4/17/12

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