Thin-Skinned Obama Gets Testy when Pushed on Foreign Policy Failures – Video 6/27/14

No way to say it better!

Charles Krauthammer on President Obama “Whining” about “Talk Radio and Fox News”: “I Think We Ought to be Proud of the Fact We Annoy Him So Much” – Video 1/28/13

Here is video of GOP Strategist Mary Matalin commenting on President Obama’s complaint yesterday that his critics “talk to me like a dog.” Matalin said that kind of attitude is not what Americans “want to see in their President.”

“He’s whining – ‘call me a dog,’ ‘talk to me like a dog’ – People want a winner. They don’t want a whiner like that.”

Mary Matalin on Obama “dog” complaint: “People Want a Winner, Not a Whiner Like That” – Video 9/7/10

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