MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Obama: “He Came Amongst Us” – Video 12/5/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Why Doesn’t Everyone Love Barack Obama when “He’s Never Done Anything Wrong in His Life. . . Everything is Clean as a Whistle” – Video 6/7/13

It’s not even a surprise anymore coming from Mr. Tingles himself. Beyond laughable.

Watch Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Likens Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Speech to Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address – Video 1/21/13

The Obama Worship continues.

Chris Matthews just can’t help himself. Here he is gushing over Obama’s “smile worth a million bucks.”

Via NewsBusters

The Obama Worship Goes On: Chris Matthews Gushes over Obama’s “Smile Worth a Million Bucks” – Video 12/5/11

Even as he drives them over the cliff, Democrats stay faithful to “The One.”

Here is video of former House Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, talking up President Obama with some Obamessiah-type praise. Pelosi praised Obama for deigning to meet with and listening to Congressional Leaders on the Debt Limit, and then lauded him as being someone whom “nobody can out debate” because he “has complete knowledge.”

I think that kind of praise deserves a look at one of the best ads of the 2008 Presidential Campaign that tried to warn America about electing “The One.” If only people had listened. I think they are listening now:

Via The Blaze

Nancy Pelosi Praises “The One” – “He has Complete Knowledge; Nobody Can Out Debate Him” – Videos 7/13/11

Just when you think Chris Matthews cannot become more of an Obama sycophant – he manages to do it!

Here is video of Matthews going completely off his rocker, reacting to Gov. Mike Huckabee’s recent “Kenya” misstatement. Matthews goes on a rant, arguing that Barack Obama grew up as just a regular American kid – “playing basketball.”

Uh – yeah. Just as any regular American kid who lived four years in the most populous Muslim nation in the world – Indonesia – and went to a public school there where you had a Koran Class, learned to recite the Islamic “Call to Prayer” with a near-perfect Arabic accent, and ended up thinking the Muslim Prayer Call is one of the “prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

Right up there with Apple Pie and baseball! Obama had no choice in all of that, but it cannot be argued his worldview growing up was that of a typical American kid!

Matthews actually said about Obama, “This guy’s the dream!” He said that he has done “everything right” in his life, and described him as “perfect.”

The Obama worship goes on. Mike Huckabee is absolutely right that President Obama’s radical desire to “transform America” comes from somewhere. It comes from a worldview that does not see America as having already become the “shining city on a hill,” but a very flawed nation that needs to be remade into the far-Left, image of a European-style socialist state. He is working hard to achieve the dreams from his father, but it is not the dream that is consistent with the founding principles of this nation.

Via HotAirPundit

Chris Matthews on Obama: “This Guy’s the Dream”; He’s “Done Everything Right” in His Life – Video 3/3/11

Here is video of a group of students affirming together that they can do anything because, “I am an Obama scholar.”


Anything is Possible When “I Am an Obama Scholar” – Video

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