Krauthammer: House Republicans should Continue Working on ObamaCare Replacement that can Pass – Video 3/29/17

John Kasich Illustrates the Republican Mess Trump has to Deal with; Wants Trump to Compromise with Dems on ObamaCare – Video 3/17/17

House Ways and Means Committee Votes to Pass GOP ObamaCare Replacement Bill – Video 3/9/17

Key House Committee Chairs Unveil GOP ObamaCare Replacement Plan: “American Health Care Act” – Video 3/6/17


Trump says He is Finalizing ObamaCare Replacement; Vows to take on Big Pharma to Reduce HealthCare Costs – 1/16/17

“60 Minutes” Clip: Trump Willing to Keep Pre-Existing Condition Protection and Extending Insurance on Parents’ Plan in Replacement to ObamaCare; Already in Ryan’s Plan – Video 11/12/16

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