Crossroads GPS Ad: ObamaCare is Redefining Full-Time to Just 30 Hours a Week – Video

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Obama Presidency as “Lawless” in Interview with Rush Limbaugh; Urges Americans to Help Stop ObamaCare – Audio 8/28/13

Barack Obama Superimposes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Approval on ObamaCare – Audio 8/27/13

More ObamaCare Fallout: UPS Dropping 15,000 Employee Spouses from Health Coverage – Video 8/22/13

Report: ObamaCare Hurting the Creation of Full-Time Jobs – Video 8/21/13

Jim DeMint: Defunding ObamaCare is the “only Strategy anywhere near Practical” to Stop ObamaCare – Audio 8/20/13


Obama’s Hometown Paper Abandons ObamaCare; Calls it an “Ill-Conceived Law” that should be “Delayed and Re-Written” – 8/18/13

Democrat Dennis Kucinich: “Not Fair” to Delay ObamaCare Employer Mandate but not the Individual Mandate – Video 8/18/13

WSJ’s Steve Moore: ObamaCare is Like a Lemon “Used Car” where You Discover Some New Problem Every Day! – Video 8/15/13

NBC NEWS REPORT: ObamaCare causing Workers’ Hours to be Cut to 29-Hours All Across the Country; Obama Admin Says “No Systematic Evidence” – Video Report 8/13/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson: I was Consulted on ObamaCare but dropped for Not Supporting Obama “in the Last Election” – Video 8/13/13

Rich Lowry: Yet Another ObamaCare Delay Shows it is “Not Ready for Primetime. . . It should be Repealed” – Video 8/13/13

Rep. James Clyburn: Of Course “Democrats Will be Running on ObamaCare in 2014″ – Video 8/11/13

Rafael Cruz (Sen. Ted Cruz’s Dad) Says “ObamaCare is Going to Destroy the Elderly”; Says Obama “has Both Hands in Your Pocket” – Complete Speech Video 8/10/13


Jim DeMint Urges Americans to Support Effort to “Defund ObamaCare” – Video 8/9/13


GOP Rep. Eric Cantor Sides with those who Oppose Defunding ObamaCare – 8/9/13

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