Trump Picks a Surgeon, GOP Rep. Tom Price, to Head Health & Human Services Dept. – Video 11/29/16

Trump: ObamaCare is a Disaster for America; Says He Believes “We’re Winning Big” in Florida – Video 10/25/16

Liberal CBS Morning News Anchors Act Shocked at Totally Predictable, Huge ObamaCare Rates Increases – Video 10/25/16

Bill Clinton Calls ObamaCare a “Crazy System”: “Premiums Doubled and Coverage Cut in Half – That’s the Craziest Thing in the World” – Video 10/3/16

Donald Trump: “We have a Disaster Called the ‘Big Lie’ – ObamaCare” – Video 6/16/15

Josh Earnest Grilled on Harvard’s Admission that Healthcare Costs are Rising thanks to ObamaCare – Video 1/6/15


Gruber Strikes Again: Said ObamaCare would Not be “Affordable”; Would have to Tell Patients “That Surgery doesn’t do any Good. . . “

Ed Henry Confronts Obama on whether He Misled Americans on ObamaCare; Obama Says, “I Just Heard about This” (Gruber Remarks) – Video 11/16/14

ObamaCare Architect: If U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Federal Subsidies it Will “Effectively Kill” ObamaCare – Video 11/11/14

ObamaCare Architect goes on MSNBC to Say He “Regrets” Remarks Revealing the ObamaCare Deception of the America People – Video 11/11/14

Greta Van Susteren Focuses on ObamaCare Architect’s “Stupidity of the American Voter” Revelation – Video 11/10/14

Dem Sen. Jeanne Shaheen Unwittingly makes the Case for Why Every Senate Democrat Should be Defeated in 2014! – Video 10/23/14

Flashback: Five Years Since Obama’s Infamous “If You Like Your Healthcare Plan, You can Keep Your Healthcare Plan” Pledge – Video 2009

Obama Press Secretary: ObamaCare Architect’s 2012 Remarks were “a Mistake”; Subsidies Not only for Citizens with State Exchanges – Video 7/25/14

ObamaCare Architect in 2012: “If You’re a State and You don’t Set Up an Exchange, that Means Your Citizens don’t Get Tax Credits” – Video 1/18/12

Obama’s Law Professor “Wouldn’t Bet the Farm” on ObamaCare Surviving – Video 7/23/14

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