Editor Fired for Headline, “Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It, Mr. President,” Says Media has “Cult”-Like Allegiance to Obama – Video 8/4/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Why Doesn’t Everyone Love Barack Obama when “He’s Never Done Anything Wrong in His Life. . . Everything is Clean as a Whistle” – Video 6/7/13

There just are not words. Caution: Liberal Media “Obama Swoon Alert.”

Via Daily Caller

Reporter Says Media “Swoons” in the Presence of Obama; Driven to “Juvenile and Amateurish” Behavior! – Video 1/24/13

It’s not even a surprise anymore coming from Mr. Tingles himself. Beyond laughable.

Watch Obama’s Second Inaugural Address

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Likens Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Speech to Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address – Video 1/21/13

The latest Newsweek “cover” continues the media’s messianic support for Barack Obama.

Via The Blaze

Obamessiah: Latest Newsweek “Cover” Features “The Second Coming” of Obama – Photo 1/18/13

Uhhh, no, he definitely is not.

To those who have thought that conservatives are imagining the whole “Obamessiah” thing, here is video of Actor Jamie Foxx at the recent “Soul Train Awards” blatantly calling Obama “our lord and savior Barack Obama.”

Via NewsBuster

Obama Called “Our Lord and Savior” During Recent Awards Show – Video 11/25/12

More singing for Obama. We saw it repeatedly in 2008, and now we are being warned that the whole world will fall apart if “The One” is not re-elected.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s perhaps the most famous of them all:

Four years later, we know “the rest of the story.”

Via SF Politics Blog

Children Singing to Warn that the World Will Fall Apart if Obama is Not Re-Elected – Video 10/26/12

Here’s a great new RNC ad that begins with the mindless “Obama, Obama” chants from 2008, and proceeds to list what Barack Obama chose to do with the “power” given him. It then reminds voters that they now have the “power to make a change.”

New RNC Ad: Voters have the “Power to make a Change” in November – Video 8/14/12

Even as he drives them over the cliff, Democrats stay faithful to “The One.”

Here is video of former House Speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, talking up President Obama with some Obamessiah-type praise. Pelosi praised Obama for deigning to meet with and listening to Congressional Leaders on the Debt Limit, and then lauded him as being someone whom “nobody can out debate” because he “has complete knowledge.”

I think that kind of praise deserves a look at one of the best ads of the 2008 Presidential Campaign that tried to warn America about electing “The One.” If only people had listened. I think they are listening now:

Via The Blaze

Nancy Pelosi Praises “The One” – “He has Complete Knowledge; Nobody Can Out Debate Him” – Videos 7/13/11

Here is conservative columnist Cal Thomas asking liberal Alan Colmes when the media is going to come to their senses and say, “You know, we were wrong about this guy?” He was speaking of President Obama, whom Thomas said the media has treated as if he has “messiah-like” powers. Colmes actually said the question assumes the media favors Obama!

Of course they do! No one with an ounce of objectivity can look at the media and say they have not favored and protected Barack Obama. A President with this dismal a record in office is usually already a target of the media. Not so with this President. They are still offering explanations for him and trying to cover for him again and again. They are so invested in Obama, having played a key role in helping him defeat first Hillary Clinton, and then John McCain, that they will never cover him fairly. If he goes down in defeat, they will have been defeated themselves – and they know it.

Via NewsBusters

Cal Thomas Asks Liberal Alan Colmes when the Press will Admit about Obama: “You Know, We Were Wrong About this Guy” – Video 6/26/11

Just when you thought Chris Matthews couldn’t get any crazier he goes and says this:

“Maybe the President today is our Batman, trying to do good, a bit mysterious, a bit cool and technocratic, a bit removed from the world of emotions, but right, right there on the side of good, always using his brains and wit to look out for the people in trouble.”

“Newt Gingrich is a far better Joker than Barack Obama is our Batman, that wide demonic smile of his, too much smile, not even a twitch of heart behind it, all guile, all dark delight in the menace he can dredge from the afternoon newspaper, the fears of people on the street, the midnight dread of what might be coming in an uncertain world and time.”

Read More: Newsbusters

Ridiculous: Chris Matthews Compares Gingrich to the “Joker” & Obama to “Our Hero” Batman – Video 5/18/11

As much as we’ve heard this gushing drivel from the media about Obama, it is still shocking.

Here is video of Chris Matthews and panel today on MSNBC just gushing about Barack Obama and how he looked during his photo-op stop in Alabama today to tour some of the Tornado devastation.

Matthews just goes on and on, saying:

“If you think about him as a guy (closes his eyes) out there in the sun, with the sun in his face, walking around looking like a cowboy – sleeves rolled up – he wins. . . . Here he is out in the sun, shirtsleeves – he’s always been fit – looking like a million bucks, looking like a guy.”

Simply unbelievable.

Exit Question: Do you think Obama looks like “a cowboy” here?

Via Weasel Zippers YouTube

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Gushes about Obama in Alabama: He’s “Walking around Looking Like a Cowboy. . . Like a Million Bucks. . . Like a Guy” – Video 4/29/11

Here is video of President Obama at a San Francisco fundraiser this morning where he told the crowd he now has 19 million Facebook “friends,” which he said only puts him “half-a-million behind SpongeBob SquarePants.” An adoring supporter then shouted, “We love you,” at Obama, and he responded with “I love you back. I do.”

Obama is never happier than when he is before his adoring fans.

Obama Tells Adoring SF Supporter, “I Love You Back. . . I Do” – Video 4/21/11

After playing a clip of President Obama smiling at Friday’s bill signing, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews can’t help but comment on “that cute smile we all love in that guy.”

That smile, that cute smile we all love in that guy. That wonderful, boyish smile of his he gave us there after he made his little crack about the holiday spirit. I haven’t seen that in months.

Read more: Newsbusters

Chris Matthews On Obama’s Smile: ‘Cute, Wonderful, Boyish Smile We All Love’ – Video

This is “Dear Leader” stuff.

Here is video from Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s goodbye today at the White House as he leaves the job to return to Chicago in order to run for Mayor.

Emanuel actually called Obama the “toughest Leader” any country could have, and then added that Obama has led in “the toughest times any President ever faced.”

You’re kidding. No, they are not.

I guess Abraham Lincoln facing the dissolution of the Union and a long Civil War that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans was just chicken-feed compared to what our Dear Leader has dealt with.

I guess Franklin Roosevelt leading the nation through World War II that killed more than 400,000 Americans was a mere annoyance compared to what Obama has faced.

I guess Harry Truman facing the decision on using the Atomic Bomb to save the lives of a million Americans who would have otherwise had to invade Japan was just a minor decision.

We could go on and on. Obama is clearly Rahm Emanuel’s good friend and his hero. But no rationale person believes Barack Obama is the “toughest Leader” in the “toughest times any President ever faced.”

Rahm Emanuel Calls Obama “Toughest Leader” in “Toughest Times any President ever Faced” – Video

Just when you think the media can’t possibly get more nauseating in their worship of Barack Obama, Chris Matthews shows they can. Here he is describing Obama as “almost pluperfect,” yet – Matthews despairs, “they don’t like him.”

Uh, Chris, that’s because he’s not “almost pluperfect.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Describes Obama as “Almost Pluperfect” – Video

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