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Pat Buchanan Warns against the “Balkanization and Disintegration” of the United States as Possible Consequence of Immigration Reform – Audio 6/20/13

Pat Buchanan: “Marco Rubio has bet His Presidential Hopes” on Senate Immigration Bill; “There’s Going to be a War in the Republican Party” – Video 5/10/13

On the McLaughlin Group this weekend, Pat Buchanan responded to the question of what would happen if the U.S. Government moved to ban private ownership of all firearms in the United States. Buchanan said flatly that if there was an attempt to confiscate all guns, “There would be a revolution in this country.”

Pat Buchanan: “There would be a Revolution in this Country” if the Government Tries to Confiscate All Guns in America – Video 1/5/13

Oh my. THIS is what we are up against in trying to convince enough Americans to not let Barack Obama have a second term to complete his radical agenda.

“How can he be expected to memorize an hour-and-a-half debate?”

After the jump is video of Pat Buchanan watching the same thing, and reacting to it!

Obama Supporters Asked if it was Fair that Obama was not Allowed to Use His Teleprompter During the Debate with Mitt Romney: “How can He be Expected to Memorize an Hour-and-a Half Debate?” – Video 10/4/12

Here is video of Pat Buchanan on “The McLaughlin Group” this weekend where he said he does not think Sen. Marco Rubio will be Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential pick because when he is seen with Romney he looks “too young” and “too callow” to be “Vice-President of the United States.” Buchanan called Rubio a “very attractive candidate,” but does not believe it is the right time for him, believing Romney will instead go with a pick who is “perceived as heavier and older.”

In case you are wondering about Buchanan’s use of “callow”: Describes someone, especially a young person, who behaves in a way that shows they have little experience, confidence or judgment.

Rubio certainly does look young, but he has distinguished himself very well. I think he has an outstanding future, and would be a great choice as Vice-President if Romney decides to go with him.

Pat Buchanan Does Not think Marco Rubio Will be Mitt Romney’s VP Choice; Says He Looks “Too Young” and “Too Callow” Next to Romney to be VP – Video 4/28/12

Here is audio of Pat Buchanan on the Laura Ingraham Show today where he urged Republicans to pull together and defeat Barack Obama.

Via Daily Caller

Pat Buchanan: “This Election Can be Won. . . If Republicans Pull Together. . . Obama is Not Invincible. . . Watch Something besides my Old Network, MSNBC” – Audio 3/12/12

Here is video of Pat Buchanan appearing on “Hannity” tonight to talk about his being dropped by MSNBC. You have to wonder if we’ll be seeing Buchanan regularly now on the Fox News Channel? I have sometimes disagreed with Buchanan, particularly on Israel and the Iraq War, but I have always felt like he is an honest and decent guy. He has stood strong for many conservative values and principles for decades.

Pat Buchanan on “Hannity” Discusses MSNBC’s Decision to Drop Him – Video 2/17/12

Here is video of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews today ending his “Hardball” show by praising Pat Buchanan – who was let go by the network for having views contrary to their Left-wing vision of America. Matthews did not criticize his network, but he did stand up for Buchanan, saying essentially that what Buchanan has said recently is no different than what he has been saying for his entire career. He praised Buchanan’s “loyalty,” to people like Richard Nixon and to his vision of America.

Via Mediaite

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Defends the “Loyalty” of His Friend, Pat Buchanan, Let Go by the Network – Video 2/17/12

Longtime MSNBC Political Commentator Pat Buchanan has been fired, the culmination of a years-long campaign to silence him because of his controversial views on a number of issues. The most recent, his book that has a chapter that laments the “end of White America.” They make him out to be a racist because he points out the changing demographics of the United States and what that may mean for the future of the nation. Buchanan has written a column at The American Conservative that responds to his termination by MSNBC:

THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE – Pat Buchanan: My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end.

After 10 enjoyable years, I am departing, after an incessant clamor from the left that to permit me continued access to the microphones of MSNBC would be an outrage against decency, and dangerous.

The calls for my firing began almost immediately with the Oct. 18 publication of Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?? A group called Color of Change, whose mission statement says that it “exists to strengthen Black America’s political voice,” claimed that my book espouses a “white supremacist ideology.” Color of Change took particular umbrage at the title of Chapter 4, “The End of White America.”

Media Matters parroted the party line: He has blasphemed!

A Human Rights Campaign that bills itself as America’s leading voice for lesbians, bisexuals, gays, and transgendered people said that Buchanan’s “extremist ideas are incredibly harmful to millions of LBGT people around the world.” Their rage was triggered by a remark to NPR’s Diane Rehm—that I believe homosexual acts to be “unnatural and immoral.” . . . . Read More

Pat Buchanan Out at MSNBC: “Blacklisted but Not Beaten”

Here is video of Pat Buchanan – who served in the Ronald Reagan White House – discussing on “The McLaughlin Group” how Newt Gingrich was viewed during those days. Buchanan said Gingrich was viewed by the Reagan White House as “something of a political opportunist,” and that he was “not trusted.” Buchanan described Gingrich as a “Rockefeller Republican,” as opposed to coming out of the Goldwater wing of the party. He later said he believes Gingrich does not have a “fundamental, ideological political core,” instead adapting himself to the changing political times.

Pat Buchanan Says Reagan White House Viewed Newt Gingrich as “Something of a Political Opportunist”; Says Gingrich was a “Rockefeller Republican” – Video 1/28/12

Here is video of Liz Trotta on Fox News yesterday where she discussed the exiling of Pat Buchanan by MSNBC over his new book, “Suicide of a Superpower.”

Trotta said Buchanan is being victimized because of his views on how the United States is being fundamentally changed by the influx of illegals from Mexico into the United States. Trotta at one point said MSNBC “has become close to being a Communist Channel.” Trotta pointed out that MSNBC tolerates and encourages the far-Left rants of people like the Rev. Al Sharpton – much of it race-based – but is totally intolerant of conservatives like Pat Buchanan.

Liz Trotta on Fox News Slams MSNBC for Exiling Pat Buchanan: “MSNBC has become Close to being a Communist Channel” – Video 1/14/12



Here is video of Pat Buchanan talking with Sean Hannity about his controversial new book, “Suicide of a Superpower.” Buchanan believes America has some problems that can be fixed if the right solutions are used. But he believes the breakdown of the family and other crises are so endemic and so deep that they very possibly cannot be solved.

Listen to a clip from Buchanan’s audiobook of “Suicide of a Superpower.”

Pat Buchanan Talks with Sean Hannity about his New Book, “Suicide of a Superpower” – Video

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Here is video of Pat Buchanan on Morning Joe today where he said it would be “suicidal” for Republicans to give ground to Obama and the Democrats and agree to tax increases as part of a deal to raise the Debt Ceiling. Buchanan took on the entire panel who kept pleading with him that Republicans had to give ground and agree to some kind of “revenue enhancements” – code for raising taxes – in exchange for spending cuts. But Buchanan said it is not going to happen. He said he believes, in the end, “Obama will fold. . . . He will fold,” because he is “staring down the gun barrel of default.”

Buchanan said Republicans won’t agree to tax increases not only because of politics, but because of “principle”:

“Philosophically, they don’t believe you raise taxes when you got 9% unemployment. It’s not only politics, it is principle and philosophy. They think it’s the wrong way to go.”

Pat Buchanan: “Suicidal” for Republicans to Agree to Tax Increases in Debt-Ceiling Negotiations; Says “Obama Will Fold. . . He Will Fold” – Video 7/6/11

Here is audio from Sean Hannity’s Radio Program where Hannity started an interview with Pat Buchanan by asking him what has happened to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. Buchanan appears regularly on Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” program.

Hannity pointed out that Scarborough has changed: “He’s become a big lib.” Hannity advised, “Stop sucking up to the media. . . . They are never going to like you.”

Via Fox Nation

Hannity Advises MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “Stop Sucking Up to the Media. . . They’re Never Going to Like You” – Audio 6/10/11

Here is video of conservative Pat Buchanan on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today saying that Newt Gingirch has placed himself out on the “Left-Wing of the Republican Party on the most crucial, I think, economic issue besides the economy itself.”

Buchanan was referring to Gingrich’s attack on GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s Plan for Medicare yesterday during an appearance on Meet the Press. Buchanan said Gingrich had “repudiated almost entirely” Ryan’s approach.

Via NewsBusters

Pat Buchanan on Newt Gingrich Attacking Ryan Plan: He’s “on the Left-Wing of the Republican Party” – Video 5/16/11

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Here is video of Pat Buchanan last night on Hardball, with Chris Matthews, where he took Matthews and the National Press Corps to task for treating every question about Barack Obama as “illegitimate.” Buchanan repeatedly asked Matthews why he did not want to know answers to how Obama was able to get into Harvard Law School and become editor of the Harvard Law Review – questions also being raised by Donald Trump. Buchanan asked why the national press corps is defending “Obama’s right to conceal” while Trump is promoting the “people’s right to know.” At one point, Buchanan also chided Matthews, “You’re supposed to be a journalist,” even as Matthews kept blathering on in defense of Obama.

Buchanan hit on the key point. Matthews is truly not a “journalist.” He is an apologist for Barack Obama and the Democrats – and most of the members of the national media fall into that same category. That’s how Obama was able to get elected – with the media helping him to conceal who he really is and what his intentions were for the country. But now, after 2+ years of Obama, Americans know enough about Obama and his radical agenda that all the efforts of the media cannot conceal what another four years of Obama will do to this country. It won’t be so easy for Obama this time.

Pat Buchanan Confronts Obama Apologist Chris Matthews: “You’re Supposed to be a Journalist” – Video 4/26/11

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