Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker Supports a “Pathway to Citizenship” in Immigration Reform – Video 2/25/13

Here is video of Sen. Marco Rubio talking with Lou Dobbs last night about his plan for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” specifically answering a question about fellow-GOP Sen. Ted Cruz’s reservations about the “path to citizenship” part of the plan. Rubio explained that he in no way wants to disadvantage people who have obeyed the law. The plan will not allow those here illegally to “leap-frog” those already “in line” for citizenship. Rubio said it will only give “legal status” to those here illegally, allowing them to work and if they meet all requirements over a lengthy period of time, will allow them to go to the back of the line and apply like they should have done to begin with. Rubio stressed that enforcement mechanisms and securing the border are key components of the plan that must be met.

Sen. Marco Rubio Responds to Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of “Proposed Path to Citizenship” in Immigration Reform Plan – Video 1/28/13

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