Report: Obama’s Former Campaign Arm “Demonstrating in Favor” of Pro-Amnesty House Republicans – 8/20/13

Mark Levin Asks Rep. Paul Ryan the Tough Questions on Immigration Reform in Extensive Interview – Audio 6/18/13

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Destroys Liberal Dem Rep. Jim McDermott for Dismissive Attitude toward IRS Scandal and Conservative Witnesses – Video 6/4/13

Rep. Paul Ryan Pins Down Acting IRS Commissioner to Admitting No “Progressive” Groups were Targeted – Video 5/17/13

Rep. Paul Ryan at CPAC 2013: Obama and the Democrats are “Blowing Smoke” on the Budget – Complete Video 3/15/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson: Ryan Budget moves in the Right Direction – “Taxes are Getting Flatter” – Video 3/12/13

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan on 2016 Presidential Run: “I Literally Don’t Know. . . I’m Not Foreclosing any Opportunity” – Video 2/17/13

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I don’t think this is a Shermanesque statement he won’t run for President in 2016. He said “I don’t” think about a 2016 run, but then qualified with, “I just think it’s premature. . . I’ll decide later about that. . .”

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan on Possible 2016 Presidential Run: “I Just think it’s Premature. . . I’ll Decide Later about That” – Video 1/27/13

Here is video of Paul Ryan urging the use of American Energy resources to help create 12 millions jobs and put people back to work – “Coal, Natural Gas, Oil, Renewables.”

Paul Ryan Urges Use of American Energy Resources to Help Create 12 Million Jobs in Four Years – Video 10/27/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan urging supporters to pray for fellow Americans in the path of Hurricane Sandy headed for the East Coast of the United States.

Paul Ryan Urges Prayer for Fellow Americans in the Path of Hurricane Sandy – Video 10/28/12

Paul Ryan Campaigned in Colorado Springs, Colorado yesterday, where he said about President Obama: “If he can’t change Washington, then I say we change Presidents.”

Paul Ryan on Obama: “If He Can’t Change Washington, then I Say We Change Presidents” – Video 10/21/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan campaigning just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today where he hammered Barack Obama’s disastrous energy policies – including his War on Coal.

Paul Ryan Campaigns in Pennsylvania; Hammers Obama’s Disastrous Energy Policies – Video 10/20/12

Here is video of GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan talking about the massive debt Barack Obama is piling up, a debt that will result in a “diminished future” for the next generation. Ryan pledged:

“It takes leadership to confront this. That’s what Mitt Romney and I are offering. We are not going to run away from these problems. We are going to run AT these problems, to solve these problems before they get out of our control. That’s what leaders do.”

Paul Ryan on Obama’s Debt: “It Takes Leadership to Confront this. . . We are Not Going to Run Away from these Problems. We are Going to Run AT these Problems, to Solve these Problems. . .” – Video 10/15/12

Here’s a report on the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan rally held in Lancaster, Ohio yesterday, where they were met by thousands of enthusiastic supporters.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Greeted by Thousands at Lancaster, Ohio Rally – Video Report 10/12/12

Here is Gov. Mitt Romney speaking at a rally in Virginia today where he said in last night’s Vice-Presidential Debate “there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady and poised, the kind of person you would want to turn to in a crisis – and that was the next Vice-President of the United States, Paul Ryan.”

As for Joe Biden, Romney said he “just attacked.”

Mitt Romney Says Joe Biden “Just Attacked” in VP Debate, while Paul Ryan was “Thoughtful and Respectful, Steady and Poised, the Kind of Person You Would want to Turn to in a Crisis” – Video 10/12/12

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Here is complete video of tonight’s only 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and GOP Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan. The debat took place in Danville, Kentucky. ABC News’ Martha Raddatz was the Debate Moderator.

Review of the Debate/Reaction to the Debate

Complete Video of the 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate between VP Joe Biden and GOP VP Nominee Paul Ryan – 10/11/12

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