Paul Ryan on Meeting with Trump: “Very Encouraged with what I Heard from Donald Trump Today” – Video 5/12/16

Paul Ryan Says His Differences with Trump on Policy should not Keep the Party from coming together Behind Trump as Nominee – Video 5/11/16

CBS News’ Major Garrett: “It is a Surprise to Me” that Trump already Running Close to Hillary Clinton in Key Swing States – Video 5/10/16

Lou Dobbs on Paul Ryan’s Attitude towards Trump: “Who the Hell does He Think He Is?” – Video 5/6/16

Gov. Sarah Palin Tells CNN She will Oppose Paul Ryan’s Re-election for His Unwillingness to Support Donald Trump – Video 5/8/16

Donald Trump to Meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday in Washington – Video Report 5/7/16

Flashback: Paul Ryan said He Would Support Trump as Nominee Despite Differences – Video 1/13/16


Trump Response to Paul Ryan: “I am not Ready to Support Speaker Ryan’s Agenda” – 5/5/16

Hannity on Paul Ryan Breaking His Word: “I’m not Ready to Support Speaker Ryan anymore. . . Maybe We need a New Speaker” – Video 5/5/16

Arrogant Paul Ryan won’t Support Donald Trump for President; “Not Ready Yet” – Video 5/5/16

Great News: Paul Ryan Says He won’t Accept 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination – if Offered – Video 4/12/16

So You Think Paul Ryan isn’t Angling to be Drafted as the GOP Nominee at the Convention. . . . Video 4/7/16

The 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket - Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan

Is Paul Ryan Already Positioning Himself for a 2020 Presidential Run?

Maria Bartiromo Grills Paul Ryan on Why He won’t Support a Lower Cap on Green Cards for Immigrants to take U.S. Jobs – Video 2/15/16

Paul Ryan Takes Oath of Office as Speaker of the House; Speaks to House of Representatives – Video 10/29/15

Paul Ryan Elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives – Video 10/29/15

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