Peggy Noonan Previews President Obama’s Oval Office Speech on Syria – 9/10/13

Peggy Noonan on Lib Media Pro-Abortion Filibuster Darling: She is “Speaking for and Standing for. . . the Taking of a Little Child’s Life” – Video 6/30/13

Here is video of Peggy Noonan on “This Week” hitting the nail exactly on the head when it comes to why so many Americans are buying guns today:

“People are buying guns like crazy now, not because they’re nutty, not because they’re angry, but because they fear their country is falling apart.”

She’s right. She also went on to say that President Obama should “leave gun control and gun reform issues in the Congress of the United States. The President should not be issuing Executive Orders in this area. It would really be unwise, and it will cause great problems, I would think.”

Peggy Noonan: President Obama should “Leave Gun Control Issues in the Congress. . . The President should Not be Issuing Executive Orders in this Area. It would Really be Unwise” – Video 1/13/13

Peggy Noonan could not be more right. The way the media overlooks the things Joe Biden has said over the years is irrefutable proof of the bias shown by the mainstream media in favor of Democrats and against Republicans.

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Peggy Noonan on “Meet the Press”: “If it (Biden) had been a Republican VP Candidate who had made those Gaffes One after Another . . . the Subject would be ‘How Stupid is this Person'” – Video 8/19/12

Here is video from ABC News’ “This Week” today where conservative Peggy Noonan told Keith Olbermann – yes, THAT Keith Olbermann – that “there are a lot of people who think businessmen create businesses which create jobs,” rather than Government. Olbermann suggested it would not be good to have “two businessmen” on the GOP Ticket this Fall – Romney with someone like Ohio’s Rob Portman.

I have to say I don’t think Portman would be the best VP choice for Romney, but he would not be terrible either. But Romney’s got the “businessman” angle nailed down himself. He could broaden his appeal by choosing someone else – like Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio.

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Peggy Noonan Tells Keith Olbermann: “There are a Lot of People who think Businessmen create Businesses which create Jobs” – Video 4/22/12

I guess you have to give them credit for trying.

Here is video from Meet the Press yesterday where a roundtable of guests discussed the “Reagan Legacy.” In this clip, liberals Willie Brown and Andrea Mitchell try to paint Reagan as a “pragmatist,” who was not an ideological conservative. Brown even said Reagan learned to be a conservative AFTER his time as Governor of California. Mitchell said that Republicans today are trying to “appropriate” Reagan for themselves when he was actually a “reach-across-the-aisle” pragmatist.

Whoa! Peggy Noonan stopped the discussion before it moved on to correct both Brown and Mitchell. She pointed out that Reagan had set forth his clear conservative vision in 1964 with his “A Time for Choosing” speech. He also instructed Mitchell that Republicans and Conservatives today are not trying to “appropriate” Reagan – Reagan WAS a Republican and a Conservative!

The lengths to which liberals will go to try and rewrite history is astounding.

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Peggy Noonan Reminds Liberals on “Meet the Press” that Ronald Reagan “Was a Republican” – Video 2/6/11

In a new column by Peggy Noonan, she quotes a prominent member of the Left who suggests that President Obama is already using language in his speeches that seeks to set up a narrative for who is to blame for the disastrous Midterm Election results that are ahead for Democrats:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: . . . . But are you looking at what’s happening with the Democrats? Tensions between President Obama and his supporters tore into the open this week as never before, signifying a real and developing fracturing of his party. Mr. Obama, in an interview in Rolling Stone, aimed fire at those abandoning him: “It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election.” The Democratic base “sitting on their hands complaining” is “just irresponsible. . . . We have to get folks off the sidelines. People need to shake off this lethargy, people need to buck up. Bringing about change is hard—that’s what I said during the campaign. . . . But if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

At first I thought this was another example of the president’s now-habitual political ineptness, his off-key-ness. You don’t diss people into voting for you, you can’t lecture them into love. The response from the left was fierce, unapologetic—and accusatory. Mr. Obama had let them down, he’d taken half measures. “Stop living in that bubble,” shot back an activist on cable. But Jane Hamsher of the leftist blog Firedoglake saw method, not madness. She described the president’s remarks as “hippie punching” and laid them to cynical strategy: “It’s about setting up a narrative for who will take the blame for a disastrous election.” She said Mr. Obama’s comments themselves could “depress turnout.”

Take the blame? Disastrous? Setting up a narrative? . . . . Read More

Obama Already Moving on Who to Blame for Disastrous Election?

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