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Here is video of Rep. Peter King describing the testimony of Gen. David Petraeus today before the House Intelligence Committee on the Benghazi Terrorist Attack. King said Petraeus indicated he believed from the start it was a terrorist attack, and that the CIA’s original talking points indicated that fact. However, the version of the talking points put out by the Obama White House and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice were different, indicating that at some point along the way the references to it being a terrorist attack were edited out by someone. There was no indication who changed the talking points or why.

Rep. Peter King: Gen. David Petraeus Testified the Originial CIA Talking Points Indicated Benghazi was an Al-Qaeda Attack; Version Put Out by Obama White House Different than the Original – Video 11/16/12

Here is video of GOP Rep. Peter King calling for Barack Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to resign over her statements on five Sunday News Shows that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed for Americans, was just a spontaneous riot over a video and not a pre-planned terrorist attack. Rice made those remarks five days after the attack, and information now reveals the Obama Administration knew within 24 hours of the attack that it was a terrorist attack.

I think the higher up officials who told Susan Rice to make those false statements ought to be held accountable. The media needs to press President Obama on what he knew and when he knew it. If there’s an ounce of credibility in the Presidential Debate moderators, they will ask Obama point-blank about this matter, and follow-up on his answers.

GOP Rep. Peter King Calls for Resignation of Obama’s U.N. Ambassador over Claiming Libyan Consulate Attack was Just a Spontaneous Riot – Video 9/28/12

Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA) says the Committee hearing on Muslim radicalization in U.S. prisons “can be deemed as racist and is discriminatory.” Richardson complained that the hearings were focusing specifically on Muslim radicalization and not others like the Aryan Nation.

Rep. Peter King pointed out that the Democrats had control for four years and never once had a hearing on anything involving skinheads, Nazis, or the Aryan Nation. King said, “Suddenly this issue emerges when we start talking about Muslim radicalization…we have a judiciary committee to deal with other issues in the prison…If we find out that neo-Nazis are allied with a foreign power and are coming to this country we will investigate it.”

H/t: The Daily Caller

Peter King Destroys Democrat’s ‘Racism’ Charge Against Hearing on Muslim Radicalization in Prisons – Video 6/15/11

Here is video of GOP Rep. Peter King on Fox & Friends this morning where he said former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is “very close” to joining the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race. King said that, as of this moment,” Giuliani is “very much inclined to run.”

King said the combination of his strength in Foreign Policy and his record of tax-cutting and leadership in New York City would make him a great candidate.

King also said that he would support Giuliani if he jumps in, but that if he does not, he would not rule out running for President himself.

Rep. Peter King Says Rudy Giuliani is “Very Close” to Running for President – Video 5/26/11

Word broke yesterday that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is “very close” to announcing he will join the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race:

POLITICO: Rudy Giuliani is “very close to saying he’s going to run” in 2012, according to Rep. Peter King. “If he were to make the decision today, he would run,” said King, a friend of Giuliani and supporter of his campaign in 2008.

King’s comments came during a dinner with reporters in Washington Monday, and were reported by the Washington Examiner. . . . Read More

Report: GOP Rep. Peter King Says Rudy Giuliani is “Very Close” to Joining the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination Race

Here is video of Rep. Peter King telling Bill O’Reilly tonight that the intelligence that led the United States to find the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden came through the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Muhammed (KSM). The nickname for a courier of Bin Laden’s was obtained from KSM through waterboarding, later confirmed by another detainee that was interrogated in 2007, according to King. It took U.S. Intelligence four years to identify who the courier actually was and follow him to the compound where Bin Laden was hiding.

If this information is accurate, then understand that the very information that enabled President Obama to order the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden would not have been obtained if the policies of Barack Obama had been in place. The policy of the George W. Bush administration of using enhanced interrogation played a vital role in the killing of Osama Bin Laden yesterday.

Rep. Peter King Says Intelligence that Led U.S. to Osama Bin Laden was Obtained Through “Waterboarding” of KSM – Video 5/2/11

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Here is video of GOP Rep. Peter King on the Today Show this morning, where he said he is moving forward with hearings tomorrow because, “Al-Qaeda is now attempting to recruit and radicalize the Muslim American community.”

King was quick to say that the overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans are “outstanding Americans.” But Al-Qaeda is having results in their efforts to radicalize some Muslim Americans. His hearings are intended to bring this danger to the nation’s security to light.

King said the “hysteria” surrounding the hearing has been whipped up by “radical Muslim organizations” such as “CAIR.”

GOP Rep. Peter King Defends Hearings; Says “Al-Qaeda Attempting to Recruit and Radicalize Muslim American Community” – Video 3/9/11

New York Congressman Peter King says that President Obama had the “moral obligation to speak to the Muslim community and tell them that they should move the mosque, that they should take into account the sensitivity of feelings.” King said he was “very disappointed” when he heard that Obama had endorsed the mosque. King described the mosque’s impact on 9/11 families as “a gaping wound which is being torn open again by Muslim leadership.”

Rep. Peter King: President Obama Had the ‘Moral Obligation’ to Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (former House member) posted a series of tweets this morning cutting through all the Democrat bull regarding the 9/11 Emergency Responders Bill that Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner orchestrated to use against Republicans. Weiner has been attacking Republicans for killing the bill that would provide care for emergency responders who were made sick or were injured as a result of their work at Ground Zero. The truth, is that the Democrats could have passed the bill at any point, but chose to bring it up in a way that required a 2/3 vote.

Here are Scarborough’s tweets:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Tweets the Facts on Anthony Weiner-Peter King 9/11 Bill Debate

Here is audio of Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner on radio today with Sean Hannity and Republican Rep. Peter King where they debated the issue of approving a bill that would provide support for 9/11 Emergency Responders.

Hannity put it directly to Weiner why the Democrats won’t just pass the bill with 218 votes, instead of using it as a weapon to attack Republicans. Weiner would never answer.

Hannity also asked Weiner if he reads the bills he votes on. Weiner called it “doublespeak” to insist on reading a bill before you vote on it. Hannity asked Weiner to promise he would never again vote on a bill that he has not read. Weiner would not make that promise.

It is clear from Weiner’s behavior that Democrats are only interested in using this for cheap political points. The bill could be passed with 218 votes by Democrats, or they could strip out all the extraneous provisions – particularly those related to immigration – and gain much more GOP support. Instead, what they really wanted was a way to say Republicans voted against the 9/11 Responders.

Via The Right Scoop

Sean Hannity Confronts Anthony Weiner; Challenges Him to Never Again Vote on a Bill He has Not Read – Audio

Here is video of Rush Limbaugh today shedding more light on what happened on the House Floor last night when Democrat Anthony Weiner went ballistic against Republicans.

Rush explained that Democrats had attached an Immigration measure to the bill providing a long-term compensation fund for 9/11 emergency responders, believing Republicans would have no choice but to support the underlying bill and thereby also passing their immigration attachment.

But it did not work. Not only did most Republicans refuse to be intimidated, some Democrats also defected and would not support the bill, which was not brought up under regular order, which would only require a simple majority vote.

Limbaugh said the important thing to note here is “the crackup” of Weiner and the Democrats. Weiner’s rant shows they know their control is slipping away. The way Weiner screamed at GOP Rep. Peter King to “sit down” shows they know they are losing their grip on power.

November 2 is coming.

Rush Limbaugh Says Anthony Weiner Rant Shows Democrat “Crackup” Underway – Video

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