London Mayor Sadiq Khan is Pressed on where the 400 Islamic Jihadist Fighters are who have Returned to London – Video 6/6/17

Gun-Grabber Piers Morgan Tweets that Fort Hood Shooter “WAS a Nice Guy,” then Appears to blame Shooting on the Gun – Video 4/3/14

Piers Morgan Destroyed by Comedian During Interview: “You’re a Terrible Interviewer. . . ” – Video 3/10/14


Report: CNN “Pulls the Plug” on Piers Morgan – 2/24/14

Ann Coulter Blasts the Sleazy Cast of Democrat Characters who have Conducted a Real “War on Women” – Video 2/11/4

CNN’s Piers Morgan Gets Hit Repeatedly by Pitches Taking on the Australian Cricket Team! Suffered Crack Wrist – Videos 12/26/13

Barbara Walters on Obama: “We Thought He was Going to be the Next Messiah” – Video 12/17/13

Mike Tyson on ObamaCare: “It’s Really Bad. . . I was for it 100%, but We have to come to the Reality It Didn’t Work” – Video 11/28/13

Even Left-Wing Piers Morgan Calls ObamaCare Website “Crazy” – Video 10/18/13

Bill Kristol Destroys Liberals Piers Morgan and Dr. Mark Lamont Hill on Who is Responsible for the Government Shutdown – Video 10/1/13

Liberal Piers Morgan Predictably Pushes Gun-Grab Measures Following Navy Yard Shooting – Video 9/16/13

Conservative Larry Elder Blasts CNN’s Piers Morgan over Zimmerman Case, Rachel Jeantel: “You ought to be Ashamed of Yourself” – Video 7/17/13

Trayvon Martin Friend Rachel Jeantel Says Jury is “Old School”; Helpfully Explains to Piers Morgan “New School” Language – Videos 7/15/13

CNN’s Piers Morgan Discusses Implications of Government Collecting Phone, Internet Data on Citizens with Alan Dershowitz – Video 6/6/13

Piers Morgan: Hey, Those Gun Rights People Might Not be so Crazy Worrying about a “Tyrannical Government”! – Video 5/16/13

Two Students, Texas Lawmaker Destroy CNN’s Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment – Video 4/9/13

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