Conservative Larry Elder Blasts CNN’s Piers Morgan over Zimmerman Case, Rachel Jeantel: “You ought to be Ashamed of Yourself” – Video 7/17/13

Trayvon Martin Friend Rachel Jeantel Says Jury is “Old School”; Helpfully Explains to Piers Morgan “New School” Language – Videos 7/15/13

CNN’s Piers Morgan Discusses Implications of Government Collecting Phone, Internet Data on Citizens with Alan Dershowitz – Video 6/6/13

Piers Morgan: Hey, Those Gun Rights People Might Not be so Crazy Worrying about a “Tyrannical Government”! – Video 5/16/13

Two Students, Texas Lawmaker Destroy CNN’s Piers Morgan on the 2nd Amendment – Video 4/9/13


Piers Morgan Admits Little or None of Obama’s Gun Control Agenda will Pass; Blasts Obama’s “Pay-Cut” Stunt – Video 4/3/13

Rev. Franklin Graham Tells Piers Morgan it would be a “Great Mistake” for the U.S. to Change God’s Definition of Marriage – Video 3/28/13


Former President Jimmy Carter on “How He Personally Gets On” with Obama: “We Don’t Really Have Any Relationship” – Video 2/21/13

Dick Morris: Republicans Must make Fundamental Changes or “They Will Never Win another Election” – Video 2/6/13

Dick Morris on with CNN’s Piers Morgan: “I was Wrong, and I was Wrong at the Top of My Lungs” – Video 2/6/13

Political Consultant Dick Morris Out at Fox News; Will Appear on with CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight – 2/6/13

You have to love Newt Gingrich when ho runs circles around Leftists like Piers Morgan. Here he is talking about the only subject Piers Morgan discusses these days – banning guns – and he cuts right to the heart of the matter. Gingrich challenges Morgan, who is always thinking about what he’s going to repeat next, to have hearings on Gun Control in Chicago – the murder capitol of the USA, even though it has some of the strictest Gun Control laws. Morgan did not even attempt an answer. He just kept repeating his Gun grab talking points all through the “interview.”

Newt Gingrich on Piers Morgan’s Gun Grab Talking Points: “This is Lovely Propaganda. . . . Why is it the People who are for Gun Control Don’t want to Go to Chicago to Find Out why Gun Control has Failed So Miserably?” – Video 1/25/13

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today pointing out how, “It’s comical to listen to the abject ‘proudly raise your hand high in the air ignorance’ of people like Piers Morgan.” Morgan had been discussing with a guest how Barack Obama compares to Abraham Lincoln and ending slavery with his push for Gun Control!

As only Rush can say it!

Rush Limbaugh: “It’s Comical to Listen to the Abject ‘Proudly Raise Your Hand High in the Air’ Ignorance of People like Piers Morgan!” – Audio 1/25/13

In his ongoing crusade against the 2nd Amendment, CNN’s Piers Morgan had another meltdown last night as he debated President Obama’s Gun Control proposals with Dana Loesch and Scottie Hughes. In fact, at the end, Morgan got so upset he wadded up his talking points and told the two, “It makes me sick” to hear them arguing against Obama’s proposals!

CNN’s Piers Morgan Continues Crusade against the 2nd Amendment; Tells Women Defending Gun Rights, “It Makes Me Sick” to Hear them Opposing Obama’s Proposals – Video 1/16/13

Absolutely masterful by Ben Shapiro!

Here is video from CNN’s Piers Morgan and his show last night, where conservative Ben Shapiro destroyed him on the issue of gun control. From the outset, Shapiro went after Morgan, not personally, but on issues. He pointed out to Morgan that he has been a “bully” on the issue by demonizing 2nd Amendment advocates as uncaring simply because they seek to uphold the U.S. Constitution. At one point, Morgan was so frustrated that he referred to the U.S. Constitution as, “Your little book.”

Ben Shapiro does a Masterful Job of Defending the 2nd Amendment against CNN’s Piers Morgan; Says Morgan is Using “Bullying” Tactics against Gun Owners; Morgan Refers to U.S. Constitution as “Your Little Book” – Video 1/10/13

Here is video of U.S. Marine Joshua Boston on with Piers Morgan last night to talk about Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein’s anti-2nd Amendment legislation.

Boston defended the 2nd Amendment Rights of American Citizens. He made the point that disarming law-abiding Americans is not going to prevent criminals from attacking innocent people. Rather, it will only make citizens defenseless in the face of those attacks.

U.S. Marine Joshua Boston Tells CNN’s Piers Morgan on Gun Control Push: “We Can’t Give Up our Rights because We are Afraid” – Video 1/8/13

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