MSNBC Off-Camera Voice Whispers “Oh My God” when Terror Expert says Words “Islamic Jihad Unit” in possible Connection to Chechen Terrorists – Video 4/19/13

Dr. Benjamin Carson at National Prayer Breakfast Explains “Political Correctness is Dangerous” in Front of Barack Obama – Video 2/7/13

Here is video of Conservative comedian Brad Stine going after political correctness in its many forms at CPAC 2012.

Conservative Comedian Brad Stine Brings Down the House at CPAC 2012 – Video 2/9/12

Here is Rick Perry’s latest ad, this time casting him as the “outsider who will overhaul Washington, and tell you the truth.” It begins with Perry stating, “Washington is the Capital of Political Correctness.”

New Rick Perry Ad Casts Him as the “Outsider” Ready to Overhaul the “Capital of Political Correctness” – Video 12/13/11

Here is video of National Public Radio’s Nina Totenberg actually apologizing for saying “Christmas Party” on air. She apologized ahead of using the term, as if it is wrong to say the word “Christmas” on television at the Christmas Season! Political-correctness run amok.

Via NewsBusters

NPR’s Nina Totenberg Apologizes before Using the Words “Christmas Party” On Air – Video

Here is video of conservative Ann Coulter on with John Stossel where she took audience questions on her commitment to speak out on conservative issues on University campuses. Coulter said she goes out of her way NOT to be “politically correct” in the things she says, because she is trying to shake people up and get them to think about another point of view. Coulter said she is often the only conservative voice some students with be confronted with during their entire college career.

“I’m going out of the way to avoid being PC,” Coulter said.

Ann Coulter Tells John Stossel, “I’m Going Out of the Way to Avoid being PC” – Video

Bill O’Reilly responds to the firing of Juan Williams by NPR and calls for “the immediate suspension of every taxpayer dollar going into the National Public Radio outfit…this is outrageous.”

O’Reilly Calls for Suspension of Taxpayer Funding to NPR – Video

A Rush Limbaugh caller says she can not believe Rush is defending Juan Williams. She tells Rush that Williams is being “forced to suffer the consequences of his Progressive agenda,” which he has pushed for years. Limbaugh responded, “I’m not showing any pity for Juan Williams, don’t misunderstand me. I’m using him to illustrate a very teachable moment.” He also agreed that Williams has been “hoisted on his own petard.”

Rush Caller: Juan Williams ‘Forced to Suffer the Consequences of His Progressive Agenda’ – Audio

Juan Williams explains how he was fired by NPR for saying he has a “moment of fear” when seeing Muslims in Muslim garb on air planes. Williams said he received a call and was asked to explain what he “meant to say,” he did not back down and replied, “I said what I meant to say.” He was then told his comments “cross the line” and were “bigoted statements.”

Willliams was upset, rightfully so, that after more than 10 years at NPR they fired him over the phone and would not let him come in and “do this eyeball to eyeball.”

Juan Williams Responds to Being Fired By NPR for Comments Made On FOX – Video

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell says that “majority Americans” need to be more sensitive to “minority communities.” Mitchell questioned why Imam Rauf should be “obligated” to be sensitive to the majority because he is a member of a “minority community.” She asked, “Why is the burden on him?”

Read more: Newsbusters

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: ‘Majority Americans’ Need to Be ‘More Sensitive to Minority Communities’

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