Politico: Democrats “Increasingly Anxious” that Iowa “is Slipping Away” – 10/31/14

Dick and Lynne Cheney Laugh Off “War Criminal” Protester at Politico Event – Video 7/14/14

Politico’s Glenn Thrush on Obama Presser: “I was Flabbergasted by the Extent to which (Obama) just wants to Get out of Town” – Video 12/20/13

Here is video of Politico’s John Harris after the third 2012 Presidential Debate saying President Obama “diminished himself as Commander-in-Chief” with his demeanor in sniping and nit-picking at Mitt Romney throughout the debate.

Politico’s John Harris: Obama Diminished Himself as Commander-in-Chief with Sniping Attacks on Mitt Romney in Debate – Video 10/22/12

Ya think?

A moment of candor from Politico’s Jim VandeHei, who said last night that the “Mainstream Media tends to be quite smitten with the Obamas.”

Via Townhall

Politico’s Jim VandeHei on Media’s Gushing Praise for the Obamas: “The Mainstream Media Tends to be Quite Smitten with the Obamas” – Video 9/4/12

Here is video of Gov. Mitt Romney being interviewed in New Hampshire by Politico’s Mike Allen. Mitt Romney says flatly that he is “not worried about losing the Nomination to Speaker Gingrich.” Romney said he believes voters will take a close look at the two candidates and that they will decide he has the better record and experience to be President.

Romney took a very “take it or leave it attitude” about winning or losing the nomination race. When asked if it was “white knuckle time” for him, Romney said, “Not at all,” adding that he will make his case to the voters that he should be the next President, but “if people don’t want me to do that – that’s fine.”

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Mitt Romney Says He’s “Not Worried about losing the Nomination to Newt Gingrich”; But Says If Voters Don’t Want Him as Nominee, “That’s Fine” – Video 12/12/11

Here is video of Howard Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources asking tough questions of Politico’s Jonathan Martin about their decision to publish the Herman Cain harassment story even tough they did not have specifics about what he is alleged to have done.

Martin was really not able to answer why they should not have waited until they could name the women accusing Cain, or at least detail what it is he is alleged to have done. At one point, he gets frustrated with Kurtz and said their story is “bullet-proof,” and that he frankly does not understand “what the issue is now.”

Politico’s Jonathan Martin Asked by CNN’s Howard Kurtz why they Did not Wait for Specifics to Run with the Herman Cain Harassment Story – Video 11/6/11

Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block accuses Rick Perry of being behind the sexual harassment leak. Block said Perry owes Cain an apology and called the Perry campaign’s actions “despicable.”

(Fox News) – Herman Cain’s top aide accused Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s camp of leaking stories to the media about sexual harassment allegations from the 1990s that have rocked the former pizza company executive’s presidential campaign.

“This is one of the actions in America that is the reason why people don’t get involved in politics,” Mark Block, chief of staff to Cain’s campaign, said in an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Special Report. “The actions of the Perry campaign are despicable.”

“Rick Perry and his campaign owe Herman Cain and his family an apology,” Block added.

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Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff Accuses Perry Campaign of Leaking Sexual Harassment Story – Video 11/2/11

Here is audio of Herman Cain on Laura Ingraham’s Radio Show this morning, where he responded to questions about the Politico story containing allegations he engaged in sexual harassment against two women in the 1990’s. Cain says he never harassed anyone, although he was falsely accused.

Ingraham asked Cain why his story seemed to change through the day yesterday, from he didn’t remember any settlement with his accusers, in the morning, to he remembered a small settlement by evening. Cain explained he did not initially remember a settlement, but as he thought about it all through the day, he did recollect a settlement.

Cain pointed to his long record in business and the fact this is the only incident he was ever accused of. Cain said there is nothing else “to get out there.” Cain said he “does not recall” at all a second person ever accusing him.

Cain said he had one of his biggest fundraising days online yesterday – possibly meaning Cain supporters are not being fazed by the allegations.

Herman Cain Interviewed on Politico Allegations by Laura Ingraham; Says His Campaign Had “One of Our Biggest Fundraising Days” Yesterday Despite the Firestorm – Audio 11/1/11

Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today calling the Politico story on sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain a “hitjob.” Limbaugh said the story “is a joke,” and that Bill Clinton must be “laughing his head off.”

Limbaugh said Politico has “launched an unconscionable racially stereotypical Attack on an independent self-reliant Conservative Black.” He called it “gutter partisan politics – the politics of minority conservative personal destruction.”

Rush Limbaugh Says Politico has “Launched an Unconscionable Racially Stereotypical Attack” Against Herman Cain; It’s “Gutter Partisan Politics” – Audio 10/31/11

Here is video from this morning of Politico’s Jonathan Martin being asked to be more specific about exactly what Politico is saying Herman Cain did in the 1990’s that was “inappropriate behavior.” Politico has run with a story about two women who supposedly said Cain engaged in “inappropriate behavior” toward them while he was head of the National Restaurant Association over a decade ago.

But Martin refused to give any specific details, instead saying they have to be “very careful” to protect their sourcing.

Via NewsBusters

Politico Reporter Hesitant to Get Specific about Allegations Against Herman Cain – Video 10/31/11

Here is video of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews running into a journalist who won’t toe his line of playing the race card against Newt Gingrich. Politico’s Jeanne Cummings refused to agree with Matthews that Gingrich is racist against Barack Obama. Matthews tried again and again to get her to agree with him. Instead, Cummings said she has known Gingrich for a long time, and what Gingrich does is draw the parallel between “liberal” and “conservative.” Matthews was particularly upset that Gingrich dared to say that Barack Obama’s policies will turn America into “Detroit” – which has collapsed after decades of liberal Democrat leadership – while he wants to turn America economically into “Texas” – where free market principles, and lower taxes have created an economic powerhouse.

Bravo to Jeanne Cummings! I guess Chris does not know that there are Blacks and Hispanics in Texas too! It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with political philosophy and principles. Texas has chosen not to run itself into the ground with high taxes and other far-Left Democrat policies. The “Detroit” vs. “Texas” analogy is a spectacular one for Newt Gingrich. He should keep hammering on it, because it does encapsulate the stark choice Americans will face in the next election. Which future do we want?

Via NewsBusters

Politico’s Jeanne Cummings Refuses to Agree with Chris Matthews that Newt Gingrich’s “Detroit” or “Texas” Analogy is Racist – Video 5/12/11

Hugh Hewitt Confronts Politico Editor Over Left-Wing Biased Tucson Coverage from Breitbart on Vimeo.

Here is audio of conservative Hugh Hewitt taking Politico.com editor John Harris to task over what he calls their biased coverage in the aftermath of the Tucson Mass Shooting. Hewitt pointed specifically to a column by Joe Scarborough that was run by Politico which seemed to draw linkage between “hateful rhetoric” and the shooting – for which, of course, there is no evidence whatsoever! Hewitt believes Politico has “fallen in the ditch” by choosing Scarborough to represent the conservative side, when he really does not represent the views of conservatives.

Via Breitbart.tv

Hugh Hewitt Takes “Politico” Editor to Task over Bias Against Conservatives – Audio 1/17/11

Get ready! Former First Lady Nancy Reagan announced today that the first 2012 GOP Presidential Debate will be held at the Ronald Reagan Library in the Spring of 2011 – and will be co-sponsored by Politico and NBC:

POLITICO: Former first lady Nancy Reagan announced plans Thursday to invite the leading Republican contenders to the first debate of the presidential primary season, to be held at her late husband’s presidential library and co-hosted by POLITICO and NBC News.

The debate, sponsored by the Reagan Presidential Foundation, will be held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, Calif., during the spring of 2011. NBC News will serve as the television partner for the debate while POLITICO is the online content partner.

The debate will be moderated by POLITICO and NBC News.

The foundation plans to sponsor a second debate on the eve of Super Tuesday during the height of the primary campaign. Media partnership for that event will be announced sometime in 2011.

“Ronnie would be thrilled that the road to the White House will begin at his presidential library,” the former first lady said in a statement. “I look forward to welcoming and watching the top candidates debate the issues next spring.” . . . . . Read More

That means that within five months, we will be in the full swing of the 2012 GOP battle for the nomination. I would guess that most of the major candidates are not going to want to miss out on this debate hosted by Nancy Reagan, and held at President Reagan’s Library. I would suspect we will begin to see candidates announcing their candidacy in January and February 2011 – if not before. We’re barely past the Midterms, and the wheels are already turning on the 2012 Nomination race!

EXIT QUESTION: Does “NBC News” include MSNBC “talent” like Chris Matthews, who moderated a debate back in 2007 that included this cheap shot gotcha question to Sen. Fred Thompson, hoping he would not know who the Prime Minster of Canada was (He knew!):

Nancy Reagan Announces Plans for First GOP Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library in the “Spring of 2011”

Here is audio of Politico’s Mike Allen on with Laura Ingraham this morning, where he defended an un-sourced hitpiece he helped to write about Sarah Palin that was full of rumors.

Ingraham pointed out that “nobody’s quoted” in the article, so the whole thing is based on un-sourced material. Allen defended the article as representing the “changing” face of new media, to which Ingraham said, “without sources or quotes.” Ingraham characterized the article as filled with “whispers” and “gossip” designed to bring Palin down – which Allen did not agree with. Ingraham also pointed out she has not seen similar pieces written about key figures on the Left.

Via Breitbart.tv

Laura Ingraham Calls Politico’s Mike Allen on the Carpet for Un-Sourced Palin “Whisper” Article – Audio

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