A new KTSP/Survey USA Poll in Minnesota shows the race for President there much closer than anyone would have imagined. President Obama leads Mitt Romney by six-points, 46%-40%. Minnesota is a state Obama won by 10-points over John McCain in 2008, and is considered one of the deepest of the “Blue” Democratic states. Minnesota has 10 Electoral Votes.

It’s too early to tell if this is a trend, but this result is 8-points better for Romney than the previous Survey USA Poll back in May.

New Poll Shows Gov. Mitt Romney within Six-Points of Obama in very Blue State of Minnesota – Video 7/22/12

The latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll on the Presidential Election shows Gov. Mitt Romney moving out to a 4-point lead over President Barack Obama. Romney now leads the three-day tracking average 48%-44%:

RASMUSSEN: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Mitt Romney picking up 48% of the vote, while President Obama attracts 44%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

This is the first time either candidate has been ahead by more than two points since President Obama held a three-point edge on May 21. As with all such changes, it remains to be seen whether these new numbers reflect a lasting change in the race or are merely statistical noise. . . . Read More

Latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll Shows Mitt Romney Moving out to a Four-Point Lead over President Obama – 6/2/12

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Here is a video report by NBC’s Chuck Todd on new NBC/Marist Polls that show Mitt Romney and Barack Obama virtually tied in three key battleground states: Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. The report mentions the polls briefly and also reports that Obama called Romney yesterday to congratulate him on securing the GOP Presidential Nomination.

I’ll work on getting all these state polls updated this morning as well as the Electoral Vote Projection Map. It’s been a very busy week and I’m behind! This is good news for Romney because these polls are “Registered Voter” polls, which typically tilt toward the Democrat. For him to be even with Obama in the “Registered Voter” polls means it’s actually probably better than that. We’ll see if that trend continues in other polls in the weeks ahead.

New NBC/Marist Polls Show Mitt Romney Virtually Tied with Barack Obama in Key Battleground States of Iowa, Colorado, Nevada – Video Report 5/31/12

A new Survey USA Poll shows President Barack Obama only leading Gov. Mitt Romney by four-points in the very blue state of Oregon.

The new poll puts Obama ahead 47%-43% over Romney, in a state where Obama won in 2008 by 16%.

In a Survey USA Poll done in Oregon in mid-March 2012, Obama held an 11-point lead, 50%-39%.

Shock Poll: Obama only Leading Mitt Romney by 4-Points in the Very Blue State of Oregon – 5/11/12

Gov. Mitt Romney has moved out to a 7-point lead in the latest Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll.

Romney now leads President Obama 50%-43%, marking the first time Romney has reached 50% support in the poll, and becoming the largest lead he has had over Obama in the Rasmussen Tracking Poll.

It’s too early to tell if this size margin will hold, but Romney has been leading Obama all week by between three and now seven points.

New Tracking Poll Shows Romney Leading Obama by Seven Points; Hits 50% Support for the First Time – 5/11/12

The two major tracking polls today both show Mitt Romney moving out to a lead over President Obama. Rasmussen puts Romney up by five-points at 49%-44%, while Gallup has Romney leading 47%-44%. Whether this is the beginning of a trend toward Romney or a blip on the screen is yet to be seen.

Perhaps the most significant number is that Obama is only at 44% in both of the polls. As we near the November 6 Election, that’s a key number to watch. Typically, “Undecided” voters break heavily toward the challenger in Presidential Elections. Obama needs to be at 50% or above if he is going to be re-elected. He can’t count on undecided voters putting him over the top if he is well below 50%.

Two Major Tracking Polls Show Mitt Romney Moving Ahead of President Obama; Both Put Obama at Just 44% Support – 5/8/12

More from that new Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll. Mitt Romney leads among women older than 45 years old, and has a 57%-39% lead among white women. Obama leads among women younger than 45. Which age group do you think is more likely to go vote? A disturbing question for the Obama Campaign.

POLITICO: . . . A gender gap still exists, but it appears to be narrowing. Obama leads among women by 7 percentage points, while Romney has the same lead among male voters. But among women younger than 45 , Obama leads 57 percent to 39 percent. Yet Romney leads among women older than 45, 50 percent to 45 percent. The Republican also leads among white women, 57 percent to 38 percent. . . . Read More

Poll: Gender Gap? Romney Leads among Women Older than 45; Leads Obama 57%-39% with White Women Voters – 5/7/12

Mitt Romney has opened up a 10-point lead among “Independent” voters in a new Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll. The poll gives Romney a 48%-47% edge over Obama among “Likely Voters,” but a 48%-38% lead among so-called “Independent” Voters. Among those who say they are “extremely likely” to vote, Romney leads by six-points. In the last poll conducted by Politico back in February, Obama had a 9-point lead.

CBS NEWS: A new Politico-George Washington University poll shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama by one point, 48 to 47 percent.

In that poll, independent voters prefered Romney by a ten-point margin. . . . Read More

New Poll Shows Mitt Romney Leading President Obama by 10-Points among “Independent” Voters

The latest Rasmussen Tracking Poll on the 2012 Presidential Election has Gov. Mitt Romney moving out to a 5-point lead over President Barack Obama.

The tracking poll certainly moves up and down, but this makes five straight days Romney has either been tied with Obama or in the lead. Coupled with the latest Fox News Poll on the race showing Romney up by 2-points, the trend is certainly good right now for Romney.

It will be interesting to see what other media polls in the next week show on the race. People are just now settling in to Romney as the GOP Nominee-to-be. So far, that seems to be moving him up.

New Tracking Polls Shows Mitt Romney Moving Out to a Five-Point Lead over Barack Obama – 4/14/12

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Pennsylvania shows Gov. Mitt Romney taking a 5-point lead over Sen. Rick Santorum in Santorum’s home state. According to the new poll, Romney leads Santorum 42%-37%. Santorum still leads our 21-day polling average by one-point, 36%-35%.

Pennsylvania will hold its GOP Primary on April 24. Santorum has publicly staked a great deal on winning there to kickoff what he is calling the “second half” of the GOP Nomination race. A Romney victory there would be a real embarrassment for Santorum, and some are speculating he will end his Presidential bid before April 24 if he believes he may lose to Romney in his home state.

This is just one poll. At this point, I would say Santorum would still defeat Romney in Pennsylvania. But we’ll have to see if the trend in other polls keeps moving Romney’s way.

New Poll Shows Mitt Romney Leading Santorum in Pennsylvania

Illinois GOP Primary Polling Average

Updated 3/20/12, 11:00 AM ET


Primary Date




Romney +11.0









A 7-Day Polling Average is shown. Click state name to see polling data.


Here are the polling averages heading into today’s Illinois GOP Presidential Primary.

Mitt Romney leads by double-digits, and looks poised to win. But, he looked ready to win in Mississippi last week. Santorum has frequently outperformed his poll numbers. Illinois will be a tougher place to do so. We’ll see how it turns out.

Polling Average for Illinois GOP Primary Puts Romney Up by Double-Digits – 3/20/12

Two new polls in Illinois give Mitt Romney a lead over Rick Santorum in the GOP Primary to be held Tuesday, March 20.

We Ask America puts Romney up by 6-points, 37%-31% over Santorum. Rasmussen has Romney up by a larger margin of 9-points, 41%-32%. Our Average of Polls for Illinois has Romney leading Santorum by 6.4 points.

But is has to be remembered how wrong the polls were in Mississippi this past week, where Rick Santorum won despite trailing by at least five points in all the polls. Santorum has consistently outperformed his poll numbers throughout this campaign.

Two New Polls Show Mitt Romney Leading Rick Santorum Ahead of Tuesday’s Illinois GOP Primary – 3/16/12

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Alabama, Mississippi Primary Polling Averages

Updated: 3/13/12, 3:50 PM ET


Primary Date






Gingrich +0.8

Romney +2.6













Note: A 7-Day Average of Polls is used for both Alabama and Mississippi.  Click on the state names above for polling data.


The 7-Day Polling Averages for the Alabama and Mississippi Primaries, to be held today, March 13, 2012, show a very close race shaping up. You can click on the state names above to see the actual polling data. If Romney wins in either of these Southern States, it will fuel his already growing momentum. If Gingrich wins one or both states, it will give him legitimacy to stay in the race. Santorum has to be hoping he can pull out wins in both states to force Gingrich out of the race, giving him a chance at Romney one-on-one the rest of the way.

Polling Averages for Alabama, Mississippi GOP Presidential Primaries

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Key “Super Tuesday” Polling Averages

Updated: 3/6/12, 8:30 AM ET


Primary Date


















Gingrich +17.4



























Note: In Ohio and Tennessee a 3-Day Average of Polls is shown. In Oklahoma and Georgia a 7-Day Average of Polls is Shown. In Virginia an Average of all Polls is Shown.  Click on the state names above for polling data.


*In Virginia, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich failed to qualify for the ballot.


Here are polling averages for some of the key “Super Tuesday” contests to be held March 6, 2012. We’ll keep these updated as we head into the voting tomorrow.

Check Polling Averages and Results for all 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination contests.

Polling Averages for Key GOP “Super Tuesday” States

Two new polls show both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich surging in Tennessee, just one day before the Tennessee GOP Presidential Primary.

Rick Santorum still leads – but barely. He had enjoyed a 10-20 point lead just a week ago. He now leads in our 3-Day Average of Polls by 2.6 points.

A new Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey gives Santorum a five-point lead over Mitt Romney, 34%-29%, with Newt Gingrich surging up to 27%, within striking distance.

A We Ask America Poll just released makes it a virtual 3-way tie in Tennessee: Santorum 30%, Romney 29%, Gingrich 29%. A Romney victory in Tennessee would be huge for him, showing he can win in the South. But a victory for Newt Gingrich to go along with a win in Georgia would enable him to stay in the race and claim he can be a viable alternative to Romney. Right now, it’s just too close to call, but Gingrich certainly appears to have the biggest surge going on in Tennessee.

Check out all the latest poll averages for the “Super Tuesday” States, March 6.

New Polls Show Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney Surging in Tennessee Just Ahead of “Super Tuesday”; Virtual 3-Way Tie

Heading into today’s Washington GOP Caucuses, two polls give Gov. Mitt Romney the edge.

A recent Public Policy Polling survey gives Romney the momentum, and a 5-point lead over Rick Santorum, 37%-32%. But a Survey USA Poll just out gives Romney a larger 14-point advantage over Santorum, 38%-24%.

The outcome today in Washington should give the winner some positive buzz heading into “Super Tuesday,” March 6, when 10 States will hold Primaries and Caucuses. A total of 43 delegates are up for grabs in Washington.

Recent Polling Gives Mitt Romney the Advantage Going into Today’s Washington GOP Caucuses – 3/3/12

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