PPP Poll in Maryland: Trump Up by Fourteen Points (4/15-17/16)


New Morning Call PA Poll Shows Ted Cruz Losing 10-Points to Donald Trump in One Week

Gravis/OANN New York GOP Poll: Trump Leading by 35 Points (4/13/16)

Emerson NY GOP Poll: Trump Leads Kasich by 34 points; Leads Cruz by 37 points on Eve of Primary

CBS News/YouGov Poll in California: Trump Moves out to 18-Point Lead over Cruz (4/13-15/16)

CBS News/YouGov Poll in PA: Trump Leads Cruz by Twenty Points (4/13-15/16)

CBS News/YouGov Poll in New York: Trump Holds Wide Leading as Primary Approaches

Fox News Poll on PA GOP Primary: Trump Leads by 26 Points – 4/10/16

NY1/Baruch College Poll: Trump Hits 60% in New York against Cruz, Kasich – 4/12/16

Washington Post Maryland Poll: Trump Leads Kasich by Ten; Leads Cruz by Nineteen Points

Field Poll in California Shows Donald Trump Leading Ted Cruz by Seven Points

Monmouth New York GOP Poll: Trump Leads Kasich by 27 Points; Leads Cruz by 35 Points

New Quinnipiac Pennsylvania GOP Primary Poll: Trump by Nine

Survey USA California GOP Primary Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by 8 Points


Ted Cruz Likely Headed for Major Win in Wisconsin; Five of Six Recent Polls Give Him the Lead – 4/5/16

New ARG Wisconsin GOP Primary Poll Shocker: Trump Leading Cruz by 10 Points on Eve of Voting

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