Survey USA California GOP Primary Poll: Trump Trouncing Cruz by 34 Points (4/27-30/16)

Gravis Indiana GOP Primary Poll: Donald Trump Leading Cruz by 17 Points on Eve of Voting (4/28-29/16)

Shock Poll: NBC News/WSJ/Marist Shows Trump Leading Cruz by 15 Points in Indiana (4/26-28/16)

Indiana U. – Ft. Wayne Poll on Indiana GOP Primary: Cruz Leads Trump by 16 Points (4/13-27/16

ARG Indiana GOP Primary Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by Nine Points (4/27-28/16)

Hoffman Research Oregon GOP Primary Poll: Trump Holds Big Lead over Cruz, Kasich (4/25-27/16)

Clout Research Indiana GOP Primary Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by Two Points (4/27/16)

PPP Pennsylvania GOP Poll: Trump Doubling Cruz with 26 Point Lead (4/22-24/16)

NBC/WSJ/Marist PA GOP Poll: Trump Leads by 18 Points as Primary Nears (4/18-20/16)

Fox News California GOP Poll: Donald Trump Lapping the Field with a 27-Point Lead (4/18-21/16)

Fox News Indiana GOP Poll: Trump Leading Ted Cruz by Eight Points (4/18-21/16)

Howey Politics Indiana GOP Poll: Trump Leads Cruz by Six Points (4/18-21/16)

Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies CA GOP Primary Poll: Trump Opens Up 18 Point Lead (4/11-14/16)

Franklin & Marshall PA GOP Primary Poll: Trump Leads by 14 Points (4/11-18/16)

Gravis Delaware GOP Primary Poll: Trump Leads Kasich by 37 Points; Leads Cruz by 40 Points (4/17-18/16)

Quinnipiac GOP Primary Poll in Connecticut: Trump Leads by 20 Points (4/12-18/16)

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