Via The Rightnewz, here is video from CNN pointing out the hundreds of millions of dollars of Pork Barrel Spending hidden in the “Fiscal Cliff” Deal that just passed Congress.

“Fiscal Cliff” Deal has Millions of Dollars of Pork Barrel Spending in It – Video Report 1/2/13

Here is video of Sen. John McCain on the Senate Floor yesterday where he blasted Democrats for putting foward a 1924-page Omibus Spending Bill that is full of wasteful government spending.

McCain said Democrats are ignoring the clear message of the 2010 Midterm Elections – “Enough is enough.” McCain then held up the 1924-page bill that would total $1.1 Trillion. He said it is full of more than 39,000 earmarks totaling over $130 Billion. McCain pointed citizens to, where you can actually browse all the earmarks in the 2011 bill to fund the U.S. Government.

Sen. John McCain Blasts Democrats for Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill with “39,000 Earmarks” – Video 12/14/10

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