CNN Guest: “White People Like Yourself” can’t Understand Jihadists because You don’t know “the Language, Culture and Religion” – Video 3/25/16

Former Asst Sec. of the U.S. Army: “The Fight against Radical Islam is the Challenge of our Time” – Video 3/22/16

Confirmed: Democrats don’t believe America is at War with “Radical Islam”; By 60%-24% Margin, Americans believe We Are – Video 11/20/15

Donald Trump Interview on “Morning Joe”; Hammers Obama, Hillary for Not being Willing to Say the Words “Radical Islam” – Video 11/16/15

Donald Trump Advocates More Surveillance of Radical Mosques; Says some may Need to be Shut Down – Video 11/16/15

Hillary Clinton Will Not say We are at War with “Radical Islam” – Video 11/14/15

Radical Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary Squares Off with Pam Geller on “Hannity”; Says Geller should Die – Video 5/6/15

Shocker: Obama State Dept. won’t Say American Blogger was Hacked to Death in Bangladesh because of Radical Islam – Video 2/27/15

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: “We Need a President with the Courage to Identify Who the Enemy Is” – Video 2/18/15

State Dept.’s Marie Harf tells Chris Matthews, We can’t Stop ISIS “by Killing Them”; They Need a Good Jobs Program!!! – Video 2/16/15

So much for Barack Obama’s Ludicrous Claim that “99.9%” of Muslims Oppose the Jihadists; Up to 47% Support in Some Islamic Nations – Video 2/6/15

Joe Scarborough Mocks Obama for His “Stupid, Left-wing Moral Equivalency” Attack on Christians at Prayer Breakfast – Video 2/6/15


Rev. Franklin Graham Lowers the Boom on Barack Obama’s “Christians have Done Bad Stuff Too” Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast – 2/5/15


Netanyahu Accepts Invitation to Speak to a Joint Session of Congress; Date Moved to March 3 – 1/22/15

Boehner’s Brilliant Move: Invites Benjamin Netanyahu to Address Joint Session of Congress Feb. 11 on the Threats of “Radical Islam” and “Iran” – Video 1/21/15

WARNING: Graphic & Disturbing Video

Horrific: ISIS Butchers issue New Video Showing a Young Boy Executing Two Men Accused of Spying – Video 1/13/15

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